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  1. I ended up at the $547 for this one. I like a few things, but I too was generally underwhelmed and disappointed this time. CORE & EXPANSIONS Core Set: Not really disappointed in this but not really excited either, a few things I like, Werebear is cool, ethnic adventures, Catalina and Hugo the dog, I was always a fan of the old 3 stage characters so the barbarians look ok, most of the other adventures are cool enough but just what reaper does they are nothing special (but I like some) I was surprised how much the Gnomes have grew on me and I think they will be fun to paint. The rest of the core set is Ok Green Griffin: Got it, because I like Taverns have a bunch already. This set was pretty average I was hoping they would have done something different or something that every other set has not done already, but nope just a run of the mill Tavern. Missed an opportunity and the mark on this Sullenhall: I got it for the terrain pieces and the giant skeleton. The rest are ok can always use skeleton knights and the rest (not so much vampires) and I wish they would not sculpt things onto the base like with Claudia. Is the set exciting…no, can it be used…for the most part, yes Briarwood: Got it. Little fairies are cute not really useful but cute. The big fairy dragon should be fun to paint. Bee people are at least different they rest…meh Denizens: Got it. Like the filth beast, yeti, trolls the rest are just normal dungeon fodder again nothing really exciting. Hakir: Got it. I have lots of Egyptian figure from another company so I wanted tis for the scenery and its ok, some nice monsters and adventures. The scarab folk are different can’t really tell from the drawing OPTIONS Blackmane Gnolls: nope Men-at-arms: Nope Orcs: Nope Chaarondar: Got it to add to my dragons. Owlbears: Love the owlbears, Dwarf and the baby ones. This was a easy one for me Hellborn: Nope Bugbears: Don’t have many of these so yes got this. Anniversary Dragon: yep love my dragons Phoenix Egg: Yes thought it was interesting Lizardfolk: Nope Lighthouse: Only got it because everyone was clamoring for it, not really a lighthouse more of a beacon but it seemed nice enough. I liked the walrus Storm Giant: nope Rotstump: I really just want the fallen hero piece, so not sure that came up after the end so I have timr to ponder. Any chibis: Not really interested. Any paints: can always use paint EXTRAS Extra Ants: No Extra Townguard: No Extra Mudmen: No Extra Wolves: No Extra Lancers: No Extra Newts: No
  2. I think they are waiting to long on releasing things another $100.000+ till the completion of the next set with 13 days left the way it is going the next release might leave 8 days left. Show us what is coming up and the pledge will go up. As it is I have no real interest in Briarwood vale expansion so I have to sit around waiting for something , anything of interest.
  3. I would love to see an expansion set of Winter themed figures. there are a lot of winter game and setting but not lots of figures. Expansion 1 winter adventures Expansion 2 winter civilians and set pieces Expansion 3 beasties (big yetis, wolves and other frozen type things) then you can do Winter add on's encounter type things. Contact me if you need ideas 🙂
  4. looking forward to this as always Due to the name are we going to see Tavern piece? if so try not to do what everyone else is doing, thanks.
  5. Excellent job everyone!!!! congrats to the winners well done
  6. Thanks for the reply's a bit smaller than I thought but I will give it a try, already have my design plan done just waiting on it to get here
  7. What I would like in the Next Bones Kickstarter, would be an expansion set of all winter themed stuff, Adventures in snow gear, Snow beast/monsters, terrain. like Dreadmere but in Winter. There should be tons to do with it and something different
  8. I did this a while ago, They are cute and fun to paint
  9. Why are reaper Paints $1 more on the Reaper site than if you buy them from retailers?
  10. Thanks They were both made with the same figure with some GW heads and some green stuff. I did a lot of figures using that guy as seen here http://bandit86.blogspot.com/search/label/Frostgrave
  11. Thats nice old school miniature. Kickstater did an update of theses not sure if you seen it https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zealotminiatures/twisting-catacombs-litchmyre-dungeon it has ended but i am sure they will be selling them after
  12. Couple of henchmen for frostgrave converted from Reaper miniature with added bits
  13. Pillpeddler I did not think of that, great idea I might make a companion for him :)
  14. I did this guy a few weeks ago and really liked painting him Added a few pictures above as well
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