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  1. bandit86

    Your impression of space mouslings ?

    I did this a while ago, They are cute and fun to paint
  2. Why are reaper Paints $1 more on the Reaper site than if you buy them from retailers?
  3. bandit86

    Some frostgrave henchmen

    Thanks They were both made with the same figure with some GW heads and some green stuff. I did a lot of figures using that guy as seen here http://bandit86.blogspot.com/search/label/Frostgrave
  4. bandit86

    Heroquest Chaos Warrior

    Thats nice old school miniature. Kickstater did an update of theses not sure if you seen it https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zealotminiatures/twisting-catacombs-litchmyre-dungeon it has ended but i am sure they will be selling them after
  5. bandit86

    Some frostgrave henchmen

    Couple of henchmen for frostgrave converted from Reaper miniature with added bits
  6. bandit86

    arctic explorer

    Pillpeddler I did not think of that, great idea I might make a companion for him :)
  7. bandit86

    arctic explorer

    I did this guy a few weeks ago and really liked painting him Added a few pictures above as well
  8. bandit86

    arctic explorer

    I just bought a bunch of the Arctic explorer bone figures. I paint one and it was fun but as I was doing it I was thinking of converting them and the movie "The Thing" so I am cutting some of them up for head swaps and arm re positioning. I thought about some face coverings so they all don't look too alike. I also thought about using one for a Frostgrave figure, I cut off the gun removed a hand and added a pole arm, the arm on the left side I think I might add another arm with a shield. What else do you think should be changed on the figure so it wont be modern. WIP on the conversion form frostgrave
  9. Bone 3 Heroes#2 set the elf/human figure. can someone point me in the direction of some concept art for this figure. bones, lacking some detail can be a challenge sometimes I cannot see what the leg are suppose to be, is it all one boot is there armor, looks as though there are some straps and buckles but really the details are soft
  10. bandit86

    50212: Incredible Woman height?

    Have not been in the forum for a while, but check out my blog half way down I have her in a set with another reaper and a crossover miniature for comparison http://bandit86.blogspot.com/search/label/Supers
  11. bandit86

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    I am so crazy, I just love to paint this stuff and set it up, Hardly every play games but I am now in for $1400 I still have not got to painting my Ice caverns yet arrrrrrg
  12. bandit86

    Superhero Minis

    Mix of Reaper and Crossover super heroes, they have a lot. http://bandit86.blogspot.com/search/label/Supers
  13. bandit86

    The Commander and Jetstream

    The Commander and Jetstream from Sky high. Love this movie Still need a bit of paint touch up but pretty much done
  14. bandit86

    Sparrow paints some Frost Giants (Bones 3)

    Nice job on those
  15. bandit86

    Goremaw any art work

    Thanks everyone