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  1. I am sorry I forgot to post a depart notification. It left here on the third. The good news is NomadZeke should be getting the package today.
  2. Here is my haul!! (from the Rob Dean box) Nice!! Theese were free I kind of feel bad about taking both, but... I did. (Reaper Bones: Jabberwoki, Minator) The bone pile: Bugbear Warrior, Peryton, Medusa, Ticks, Wererat Matriarch, Mangus Timur, Lizard Bowman, Chthon, Old west drunk It's not all Reaper Bones. Ral Partha Lumbering Hulk and Anti-Hero, Unknown woman with staff. I plan to mail the box out as soon as I can. I just moved to a new place. No internet yet. Please don't feel disapointed if I can't reply that much.
  3. I have narrowed my likes to a handfull+ (trying not to be greedy), there is so much I want from the box. And the Kickstarter started. I have not gone through what I plan to put in the box in place of what I take, but I think I am excited about that too. Unless I can get someone else to mail off the box, it wont be mailed till Monday. Sorry for the delay, but work what can a person do? Pictures tomorrow or the following day. #miniseverywhere
  4. I have been waiting for this. Texas I can do international Not a box starter
  5. I think I was the one who put in the Griffon. I know I was the one who put the Egg Nest in. Also, what is the Mini in the middle? White on white does not show up. GF I think it is 77153 snakeman warrior.
  6. The group paint mini was from round 3. With the option to add more to it this round. I agree with you about takeing too much. I think espicallly later in the exchange people such as yourself should be encouraged to do so though. Take more, I have only seen three of the things I put in get taken out so far.
  7. Yes, I read them. My notes were not much better...I thought that was just the way this round was suppose to run. Maybe IzzyLobo can set a better example than ours.
  8. First box pick pic!! BIG!! picture warning. I like my haul! Slotted bases 3 square, 2 round, 2 round with raised egdes Bombshell: Nature woman ???: Intersting monster guy Reaper: Not Iromman Ral Partha: Warrior woman Reaper: Female student Reaper: Teacher Reaper: Steampunk guys (2) Reaper Bones: Witch CounterBlast: Not R2D2 with arms
  9. I am making final dissicions tonight, I should be ready to send the box and post pictures tomorrow.
  10. I have a suggestion that would add more work to you Choaswolf, but hopefully it would be managable and worth the trouble. I suggest that on the arivals and departures thread that you also post what page the pictures of the loot taken can be found by each person for round 4.
  11. I said I would sit out this round, but I can't resist. Texas International shipping is fine Can not start a box I was on the Dsmiles to Oneboot box last round, I am torn between wanting to see what that box looks like now and wanting to see what is in a new box.
  12. Being that I will be sitting out round 4 (and 5,if Bones III has not landed by then) I probably should not state an opinion on the frequency. Avoiding the holiday season sounds like a good idea, regaurdless of the amount of rounds per year. I do not have much basing other than some cool bases I got out of the DSMiles box in round 3. I fall under the would not join a basing box, but like neat basing stuff when I see it. Thanks Ub3r! Excited about round 5...ok, round four if you all need one more guy.
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