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  1. Kally's not my first rodeo in terms of Bones - just his overly squishy bits were a bit of a curveball to me. Your mileage may vary, but I've honestly had no issue with Army Painter on any Bones that aren't obviously rubbery. Kally's a little quirky, but the paint is still adhering fine to even his gently sticky bits. However, as I've said, I'll grab some liner for next time if I get another with squishy bits. The only time I've had issues with paint coming off is when I've overhandled anyway (I have quite acidic skin apparently, lol) and the use of primers of any variety seem to be irrelev
  2. Thank you <3 Fair enough - did not realise this. It's a little late for Kally, of course, but if I ever get another with the notably squishier bits, I'll order some ^^ thanks for the tip.
  3. ^^ Ta - grisly's my thing, haha. My Nethyrmaul is alarmingly slimey, for instance. Heh xD Thanks =] hoping I manage to see him through to the end without losing momentum. That's fair - I unfortunately live in the UK, and without doing another full sized order, brown liner isn't too easily aquired over here (I don't think, at least). I also hate hand priming with the fires of thousand suns ^^; I did wonder if his softer were bits were made softer for that reason, it's not too big a deal, just surprised me a bit. I used Army Painter because I use it on all my Bones with n
  4. Thank you I seem to favour gory minis, haha, so going for a freshly reanimated with newly made shreds of flesh sort of look, rather than old rotten flesh. Figure it should keep him nice and bright
  5. As the title says, two of my dear friends chipped in to buy Kaladrax for me for my birthday this year, and in preparation for the Bones 3 KS delivery, I'm trying to get my painting game sorted out again. Interestingly, his body and limbs and tail were all nice and solid, but his head and tail tip were incredibly rubbery and soft, and quite shiny. Annoyingly, both have also reacted to the spray I used (Army Painter) to prime, whereas the rest of him did not. They're just sort of dimly sticky and tend to pick up fluff like crazy. However, I'm hoping that as they get properly covered in acryl
  6. Another thought - a mythological hippocampus would be awesome! The fish-horse type creature =] maybe one sitting up on a rock like it's just got out of the sea and one swimming, for people with more underwater-y campaigns and stuff.
  7. The various hounds =] 02897: Hellhounds 02522: Hell Hounds 14215: Hound Of Judgement,Crusaders Solo 03432: DHL Classics: Undead Hounds Especially the Hound of Judgement, I only discovered him recently and he's lovely =] And moar! 14376: Nalada, Sister of the Blade Warrior 14204: Acacia,Crusaders Sergeant 03746: Ava Justinia, Female Templar - this one especially, she'd be a lovely match for the Crusaders and <33333! 03521: Naline, Evil Female Knight 03520: Elise, Good Female Knight 03403: Na'Kaat, Female Half Dragon Paladin - by extension, moar dragon people 03331: Bettina
  8. I have a very similar WIP on this guy - yours looks great =] The sculpt, as soon as I saw it, screamed blue to me, haha, even though I know the artwork he's based on and use the book. The bone/blue complement each other fantastically. Your basing is gorgeous too.
  9. I just saw your post of one of these chaps in the Hobby Report thread and spent ages trying to work out where this guy was from... Did think Warmachine, and so began aggressively clicking through the entire range on a not-at-all-local-gaming-store's website and eventually found them. I now see, of course, I could just have backed up into Show Off and all would have been revealed =P They are gorgeous and the colour scheme is really striking =] You make me want to get Warmachine minis, curses! I'll have no pennies left and I only just got paid D: But nah seriously, those are some stunn
  10. I've been painting for about a year and haven't really completed very many... I am much more confident in what I do though, even if what I do isn't that great. It's certainly quicker than it was, at least xD First mini was a fairly heavy conversion, and I learned a huge amount from her. I'm still very fond of her, even though I am quite tempted to either make another version of her or perhaps repaint bits of her. Narthrax, however, is my current project, and he's close enough to finished that in all honesty, I might cave and call him finished xD just need to get some neater
  11. This is what I figured, haha =] thanks! Thank you <3
  12. Thank you I do have a Sir Forscale, but he's up in my case atm... Perhaps I'll retrieve him later and take a couple of extra photos, haha.
  13. Yup, certainly know that feeling well.... I'd honestly mind less if I didn't photograph most minis while laying on my stomach xD it's kind of uncomfortable. If I had a decent table setup to shoot on, I'd probably take a lot more photos because it would be easier to steady my camera, etc. No tripod here >.<
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