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  1. Stop making me want to sculpt more! My minis are on the other side of the country D: so I can't! Soon though. I'm looking forward to trying all these bits and bats out when I next have the chance - so far, I've only done milliputt scultping, but ahhh... the possibilities! Ventilation though, that's one I always keep in mind. I've done a fair amount of large-scale (like... full size halberds and longswords and stuff) with the aim of learning LARP building, and the amount of contact adhesive.... Some pretty intense fumes, right there. Only took a couple of headaches for me to learn that lesson very thoroughly indeed.
  2. I've found a UK supplier that carries some Bones minis without too horrible a shipping cost, so hopefully I can get some to me soon (working an order out with a friend atm) and I can try the tube paint methods out.... Hrmm =] Enamels frighten me dimly, lol. Tried using a gold enamel paint on a different figure and I just found it super stressful to use ^^;
  3. Ahh I didn't mean to come across as chiding you :O I'm grateful for the reminder, regardless, to tell the truth - knowing my luck, it'd slip my mind and I'd end up in quite the situation, lol. In theory, I know well enough not to try and do anything with oils without proper cleanup stuff - in practice, I've a mind a bit like a sieve, lol.
  4. Nifty... And now I shalt plan, and plan a colour scheme, and then I shall have numerous new shiny things to flaunt =D
  5. I'll have a dig - cheers again And oh, of course =] I may not own any oils myself, but I've spent enough time around them to know that one.
  6. You can do this with artists oil paint from a tube to make cloth. Worked on a dancing girl figure for my wife that she used in a Pathfinder Society game... That tip came from an old Dragon magazine from the late 70s early 80s! Nice o_O I've not a single oil paint to my name, so I ended up milliputting mine, then smoothed it down and put in edges with my pencil, lol. Seeing as I wanted to give her a platemail chest piece and some pauldrons, oil might be a touch too fluid. I'll keep that in mind though when I need to do cloth =D thanks x
  7. They are a tad - I'll try and get better photos of her, I think, but I may also tweak her paintjob a little.... Drybrush a tiny bit of bone onto the horns, perhaps o_O I dunno, I'll take a look at her next time I've got her around =] Majorly went in on the Bones 3 KS ^^; so I've got a bajillion Bones heading my way next year, lol. This Aries came in with my first ever few minis, some of which were Bones, and yeah, I noticed they were a hell of a lot easier to work with, so I'll definitely be leaning more towards them in future =] Always paladins, lol - my other two minis are both for my paladin. Given her a halberd in both instances, and in one instance, armoured her, as I actually picked up a Seoni figure for her. Planning a centaur build too atm, but I'm getting a bit more practice in before I go for that one. Fair enough I'd like to try my hand at monster conversions at some point... I'll have a mull, see if I can think of anything fun to do.
  8. Thanks Hopefully, I'll get a bit better at them and I can do even bigger, shinier things - though all three of my figures I've been doing for our Pathfinder game have at least a little bit of conversion going on with them, be it a weapon swap, a major rebase, or the patching of nekkid bits to make armour, or whether it's stuff like this one. Alas, I miss my minis now xD they're all on the other side of the country atm and I want to work on them.
  9. So many minis, so little time

  10. <=D This sounds actually amazing and I'm rather partial to the Silver Dragon figure, though I don't yet have one myself. Can't wait to see how this shapes up
  11. You said you weren't sure where they were! I feel mean making you look for stuff when you're already teaching me to paint and shiz =P
  12. Fair enough - cheers Like I said... Super new to everything, so still finding so much =]
  13. As I'm crazy new to minis, I've not actually heard of those... Time to do some noseying >=] though I've a sneaking suspicion I'll be outpriced - so many minis for me are just not justifiable in price ^^; not until I get a better job, at least. Just alas, no Reaper Con for me - and currently, a weaker exchange rate than I'd hoped for Bones III. Both sides of the pond have their advantages, in the end.
  14. Thank you Ahhh if only =P I'm based over in the UK and my pennies are scarce. One day, maybe =]
  15. Thank you ^^ Thanks and heh, I can't abide seeing things go to waste. She is a little on the dark side overall tbh ^^; but otherwise, I am indeed inclined to blame my lighting a little bit. I'm hoping to get a few of them set up on some terrain and get some nifty photos, but time will tell. These ones were kind of rushed photos - realised my train was in like an hour and I had no photos at all, lol. Some nicer sculpting tools would be lovely - as it looks like this may well become a major habit of mine, I'll likely pick some up when my wallet's recovered from Bones III. Cheers =D and they're... Interesting. They're essentially 7" boots, with a peculiar support instead of a heel. They're a bit nasty going down flights of stairs, but otherwise surprisingly wearable ^^ mine are built using long-strand fibreglass for strength, then painted in acrylic and sealed with car lacquer. Thank you <3
  16. No problem, this is a very friendly place. Very active and there's a lot of great artists/hobbyists here. Awesome AM NOT Ok maybe. I mostly just feel guilty about modding minis ^^; they're so pretty and it feels mean to chop them up. Went on an epic rescue campaign with all our mods (though none of the others are finished yet) and reassembled them so that there's nothing wasted. Aries' top half is on a set of GW beastman legs now, though I had to sculpt a new stomach and some hips for her, so she's super curvy.
  17. Thank you Won't lie, I always get super nervous about joining new communities - so thank you all for making me feel so welcome x
  18. Thank you =] Cheers for the tip - this one was shot against a bit of plasticard while standing on a sketchbook, lol, so the white is legit. It's been a while since I've even faux-studio shot anything though, and good lawd a 50mm 1.8 lens isn't the best in the world for this (curse my lack of macro!) - next round of photos will definitely be better =] and I'll rig up a grey background somehow. No doubt I've got some card around somewhere I can use to build a neutral environment for them.
  19. Thank you ^^ I found the horns mega fiddly, but I otherwise quite enjoyed the sculpting =] so I do plan to do a bit more of it. Fingers crossed with some practice I'll get a bit less hit and miss with drybrushing and I've had an idea or two for tackling faces when I next reach that point, so hopefully I'll have a bit of an upgrade to show on that next time round =]
  20. Cheers <3 Hopefully I'll have some more to pop up fairly soon - my minis aren't living with me at the moment, so I have limited paint time.
  21. *squeak* <3! Thank you so much =] I managed to find an edge-and-a-half blade in a weapon sprue that I plan to paint up at some point and pop onto her belt or something, as well as build a new real-world weapon for her.
  22. Thank you <3 I got kind of carried away with getting her as accurate as I could - I've cosplayed her also, though I need to build myself new weapons for her. I've also cosplayed her - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206191311839930&set=t.523853450&type=3&theater =]
  23. H'okay, hopefully I've done all this right *worry worry* I'm new to Reaper and to minis in general, and I ended up here on a mission to put together a figure for my Pathfinder character (also super new to Pathfinder). So here's what I've got for her =] I used the legs from the Aries figure as my starting point, then fished out an elven torso and pair of arms from a box of bits my friend has from Games Workshop. Her head is a leftover from an Avatars of War figure he got for his Pathfinder character. Her tail is an offcut from a Games Workshop banner thing. Her lower torso is sculpted in my me, using milliputt and a mechanical pencil, as are her horns and neck (because her head didn't sit right on her shoulders). So yeah, she's my first humanoid paint (prior to her, I've painted all of one warg) =] and while I know she's not perfect, I'm still kind of hugely proud of her, even though I do still need to finish up her base a bit more. Meep *hides*
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