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  1. Thank you I'm on a mission to learn how to do interesting whites, heh. Thank you Base is first covered in sand, then Army Painter grass and tufts =]
  2. From my drop in on London, I also bought a unicorn. Hell yeah. I decided to do a classical pretty unicorn paint, and I had all these grand ideas of soft blue hued whites and stuff... And it all went horribly wrong because I drybrush a lot and am less than amazing at blends. Partly white blends. I actually ended up just outright covering up all the Vallejo paint on here (on the mane, tail, and legs) and just going to town instead with my usual GW paints, and then tried out my new Soulstone blue over all that. I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up putting in loads of shade on him which I then tried to drybrush back out, but didn't get the gradual change I wanted overall. He's very tabletop, but... To be honest, girly stuff isn't my thing, haha. I like monsters way more. Perhaps I'll buy another and then try and paint that one as the evil twin =P So yeah... Unicorn! My photos are grossly inconsistent atm :S Paints used... Citadel: -Whie Scar -Fenrisian Grey -Drakenhof Nightshade -Ulthuan Grey -Soulstone Blue -Gehenna's Gold -Auric Armor Gold -Abaddon Black -Pink Terror -Seraphim Sepia -Temple Guard Blue And some Vallejo Sky Blue. Urk.
  3. Thanks ^^ Thank you <3 No problem =P and thanke kindly! - Update time =D I popped some basing stuff on the shiny one today, because he was bugging me and it's mighty hot here at the moment. So he's got a nice little collection of bits of vegetation going on there. I may yet also give him a little gold pile, I'm not sure. However, his paintjob... I used some Agrax Earthshade on the topsides of his wings to tone them down a little, then brushed a tiny bit of Auric Armor back on to stop them being too dull. He's getting there though ^^
  4. Thank you Cheers I own four dragons now, and this is the first one I've wholly completed - got a fair few more coming in Bones 3, so I'm trying to get better at them >.< White was something I'd not really tried properly before, and this seemed like a good time to do it =]
  5. Cheers =] Hoping I can maintain my momentum over summer... Winter thoroughly ended me, because by the time I felt like painting, I generally only had like half an hour's decent light left *facepalm* Trying to get my groove back on for when Bones III arrives, heh.
  6. Thanks I'd heard as much, and I figured I'd give it a punt... He doesn't read quite as white as I'd like, I probably should've primed him in grey rather than black, but I'm quite pleased overall =]
  7. My July goals are to finish Narthrax and maybe Nethyrmaul. We'll see how we go. As they're both pretty big, I feel like reaching for anything else may just make me panic, but I do have other minis I really should paint... That said, I also have non-mini things I have to finish. Imma stick with the two dragons as my targets for this month Hopefully, in the non-mini side of stuff, I'll make general progress... Though most specifically, I'm hoping to start scaling my dragon puppet.
  8. I started painting Narthrax the other day, and I've worked on him a little more today... So the bulk is done, I'm mostly at details and basing and stuff atm. However, to try and make sure I stick with this, I've decided to pop up a WIP thread. So this is where I'm at =] Yep, I'm still painting on a tray, on a teatowel, on my couch =P
  9. Thanks Not gonna lie, big brush and lots of drybrushing, haha. He'll serve plenty well for a tabletop piece, even if he won't win any prizes for being super stunningly meticulously painted =] My previous dragons (Ebonwrath and Nethyrmaul) both stalled quite badly, so I sort of just motored on with this one. I am trying xD while I'm in the mood, I'm trying to finish off Narthrax... That, and before the light goes. Thanks hun =]
  10. Thank you I'm kinda proud of him, as he's only a quick little project - he got washed and boiled yesterday, primed and painted today.
  11. Okay so my attempt at coming back a little while ago kind of fell flat on its face, and my attempts to return to painting have gone terribly. However, I visited Drifter the other day and we stopped off in London on the way to his, and we dropped into a shop which carried Reaper Bones I was so pleased I bought a new dragon and a unicorn. Hadn't been intending to buy minis at all, just to browse, but nevermind. I decided to paint the dragon today, and he's the Fire Dragon... However, I decided to try and paint him up as a white dragon, coz he's little, and for some reason I just didn't fancy painting him as a red. I'll do a red another time =P However, in painting my whites, I ended up going more frosty, and he's got notes of silver and all sorts in him. Wow my photo game is off at the moment :S but yeah, there he be. You can see in the last photo the shimmer on his wings Paints used: Citadel -Fenrisian Grey -Ulthuan Grey -White Scar -Runefang Steel -Guilliman Blue -Screaming Skull -Drakenhof Nightshade -Gehenna's Gold -Dawnstone -Mechanicus Standard Grey -Steel Legion Drab -Agrax Earthshade Primed with black Army Painter Spray. He's been popped on a 7.5cm MDF oval and based with sand, tea, and Army Painter tufts. Narthrax is sitting on the bookshelf next to me being annoyed that I started a new dragon in the middle of painting him. Nethyrmaul is staring resentfully up from the bottom shelf, loathing me for my terrible efforts at finishing his goopiness.
  12. I started painting Narthrax today =] Yours has turned out gorgeous - that mouth glow really is awesome, and the shading on the wings is beautiful <3
  13. I will have to drop into my local model shop and see if they have any =] not sure when I'll next make it up there (they're a couple of towns across), but they're incredibly helpful and I've gotten a fair number of my paints from there due to their extremely competitive pricing, plus some more obtuse materials (like EZ-Kote resin)... Odds are, they'll have it, if it's to be found over here.
  14. @knarthex ^^ Heh, Nethyrmaul's been beaming such thoughts at me fiercely from the bookshelf beside my couch for yonks now - he's been so very disgruntled about being ignored and quite literally gathering dust. @vegascat ^^ I've read the stuff about DullCote, I just don't own any ^^; and I'm always reluctant to buy extra things, as storage is a bit of premium for me. I do have two bottles of varnish (one matt, one gloss) kicking around, which are some variety of artist's varnish, but I'm gently concerned they'd be on the distinctly think thick side and that they might react somehow and get worse in the sticky department. I was previously fairly confident on my Bones/primer/paint combos, but I read somewhere on here that somebody was having tacky issues with Army Painter sprays, which I'd previously read to be fine, and I've found myself all a bit in the overcautious department again ^^; I may just bite the bullet and see if I can track down some DullCote.
  15. I leave my tv with well trodden ground comedy on. Mostly Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, etc. 9/10 it's episodes I've seen before anyway (if not even more than that tbh), so they just make for reasonable background chatter. I'm also often on skype, so I have vague microphone hum in one ear.
  16. *le gasp* The thread is resurrected! And holy hell all my hosting appears to have died, despite the fact the links should still be good. Wat. Anyway, after a complete paint failure over winter, I'm painting again, and trying to stay firmly in the habit of it. Nethyrmaul is now in one piece, has a little bit of a lean going on partly because my living room (where he mostly lives) has a woodburner in it and is therefore pretty warm. Having some tackiness issues with him, unfortunately, in that the blood god paint I'm using on him just stays a tiny bit gross and he therefore hogs dust like a total sod. I'm hoping if I can get him cleaned off properly and varnish him, I can banish that issue, but obviously, need to finish painting him first. He's so close now! So close >.<
  17. I prime with Army Painter spray at the moment, and so far, I've not had issues. At worst, the black is particularly slow drying (I get bored and tend to leave it overnight, but it really doesn't need that long). However, as I've not varnished any of my finished minis, I'm unsure if there's a reaction that's going to spawn at that point that'll sway me to different behaviours. For now, it's how I roll. Weather/climate/humidity/etc have an effect of course also, though the finer points are lost on me. I live in the UK and I spray in the lean to against my house, which isn't particularly warm but is at least dry, without an extreme of humidity going on. (I've primed with Army Painter Grey and Black so far)
  18. Thank you Given time, I'm sure I'll end up fleshing out their personalities - one of them, though I'm not entirely sure which, is story-destined to become a cyberwolf, but alas, I'm awaiting the right mini there. Mebbe the white, I'm not sure *ponder ponder* Thank you so much <3
  19. I know the feeling! I finally got Takhisis off my back.... Ahh, I must find your threads and look at her! I have so many paints I was following to catch up with and stuff. Congrats though Thank you <3 =] I can definitely live with that, haha.
  20. <3! Thank you so much - ahh, you make me blush, haha. Thanks =] I did try to make sure they didn't just turn into colour smudges, lol, that black wolf especially. Thank you And indeed... Now, to try and keep on top of painting minis for a bit longer this time xD Nethyrmaul's sulking at me for leaving him half finished for several months now.
  21. Thank you <3 Now to finish my daft elemental pack, and everything else I have sitting in my 'to do' corners, haha.
  22. I thought you might be pleased to see these, haha Russet's painted with the same paints as the brown one (Ushabti Bone, Steel Legion Drab... And two P3 paints I'd forgotten about, actually, Umbral Umber and Bloodtracker Brown), just with a huuuge amount of Citadel's Bloodletter glaze over the top, lol. He and the black wolf were by far the most awkward to get looking right, so I'm glad you're so fond of him <3
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