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  1. I had a quick look on ebay, and I don't know if it helps, but I think these daemonettes are Juan Diaz sculpts, and I have found a listing that appears to be them. They're being sold from London though, so shipping could be an issue for you and stuff. They're definitely out there though =]
  2. I'm terrible at actually remembering to use youtube for tutorials. Like, I know it's an amazing resource, I just... Forget, when I'm actually doing stuff, haha. I have a brush I've named Sad Albert, which... Yeah. It's had an unfortunate and short life xD but it should be fairly suited to this.
  3. Aye, that could work =] Ahh, thank you for explaining - I wouldn't have known where to even begin with such an effect. I may give it a punt when I'm next tackling something with a bit of nice smooth surface area, because it honestly looks amazeballs.
  4. I think they are possibly a little older... Pretty much 100% I've found matching minis on google, and when I follow the page back, it does say they're GW - just not their age.
  5. Wow! I've done a little bit of freehand here and there, but... Wow. Those colours in your galaxy are gorgeous. The trim... Hrmm, I automatically lean towards some kind of gold, because purple/yellow are nicely contrasty... But with the stars and all, maybe something a bit softer would be appropriate. A blue-ish silver, perhaps.
  6. That is one shiny army... Egads! The ladies in the foreground though... I'm no expert, not by a long shot, but they may be GW Daemonettes of Slaanesh? Definitely Slaanesh of some variety, just a matter of whether I've hit the right unit.
  7. =P I'll shove my backdrops and camera in my bag too when I come up to yours m'dear. So Nethyrmaul news... Ughhhh. He's finally got the vast majority of his base coat on. I'm horrendous at spraying minis, so he's still got a couple of patches I've somehow managed to miss, but I'm getting there... I've been using Army Painter (Black), and mostly, it's been fine. It's dried maybe a little slowly, but nothing horrifying, and it's not gone tacky or anything, so that's a relief. However, Nethyrmaul no longer fits together properly, so he needs filing and trimming again before I can part assemble him, and then finally start properly painting. Also unfortunately, I've had the paint screw up on one of his wings, and to a lesser degree on his terrain (I think)... In that it's gone almost gritty looking, it's weird. I think what it is, however, is that it's where I've put heavier coats on (like I said, bad sprayer here), and dust has settled onto him as he's dried. As I don't have a dedicated paint space, at all (I paint sitting on my couch with my paints and minis on a dinner tray in front of me) I sprayed him in my shed, which is kind of... Grotty. The alternative is my garden, which at 1am is a no-no. I also just generally don't like working outside much, or at least not with spray. Last time I sprayed stuff outside, I got a bit carried away and accidentally sprayed a big chunk of my garden wall silver. Gonna take an emery board to Nethyrmaul's wing, try and take the worst of the grittiness off, and then Imma glue parts of him together and do (hopefully) a final pass on the spray. Then the handpainting begins, which I am very much looking forward to... Just a bit frustrated with all this priming shenanigans. Basecoating Ebonwrath by hand made me want to blow my own brains out, so... Yar. That was not happening again, not on a mini that is more complicated. *sigh* I did try and get a photo of the weird gritty issue on his wing, but my phone's not playing ball and just... Bahhh.
  8. I'm quietly fascinated by KD:Monster =] so I'll definitely be watching this. The minis are quite lovely =] I'm especially fond of Survivors C and D, they're fabulously posed and arghhh, I wish I could get my hands on them, haha.
  9. Update... Yay, my bases arrived =] My Minotaur and Whispering Tyrant now both have nice big bases to sit on, and I finished painting one of my skeletons. Nethyrmaul is currently in my shed, in the process of being sprayed black for a basecoat. Not the best photos ever, and yes, that is the box that he in fact arrived in that he is standing upon, haha. Beware, my nighttime photo setup! Yes, that is a little USB LED lamp sticking out of the side of my laptop. It cost me all of £1, haha, and it's surprisingly useful. I may pick up another at some point and get some less sharply directional lighting going on.
  10. I'm fairly new to mini-painting myself, and I too at first was like: omg, so tiny! However, you get the hang of it pretty quickly really =] just make sure you're not loading up your brush too heavily with paint, and you'll be fine. And as for videos that achieve crazy detail... All in good time
  11. Thank you Thanks <3 Cheers! I'm waiting for new bases to arrive at the moment, as several of these guys are too big for my current ones... So for the time being, I'm cleaning stuff up and I've stuck a couple of my skeletons to bases, and I'll be painting them today... Not too strenuous, haha.
  12. *is lost in a sea of miniature politics, ahhh* Update though =] Took proper photos of the mimic and everybody else smells faintly of tea tree oil and thyme from my washing session. I won't pop the mimic in Show Off until his base is finished up though.
  13. Thanks! Its an old Ral Partha model, I think Iron Winds bought all the old RP molds and still makes them. I hope you never have a shelf of shame either my firiend. Mine just kind of snuck up on me before I knew it over the last year or two..... Fair enough =] I shall have a nosey after I get paid - I'm trying not to tempt myself too much right now, haha. I suspect mine will get me when the Bones 3 stuff gets to me... Until then, I fear I'm merely delaying the inevitable, haha.
  14. I... All I can do is offer congratulations there for spectacular glitter attackage xD Vegascat, I've never seen a barrel mimic before o_O that's really cool =] you'll get round to the others eventually, I'm sure. *is fighting to never have a shelf of shame, but will no doubt lose this battle spectacularly*
  15. You guys aren't fooling anyone you know.... Putting bomb making ammunition for your anarchic schemes on the grocery / shopping lists.... 8) George Thanks Mimics are always plotting, best you keep an eye on your trio - might find they eat all your things *shakes fist in the direction of that one mimic in Hordes of the Underdark* Teehee though, glitter bombs xD I've threatened friends with similar things before.
  16. I can't wait to get home so I can see better pictures of him. Um...what's the glitter thing you're talking about? Hopefully I can get some decent ones, haha. The glitter thing! Using flat round glitter for gold coins instead of painting it on =] as described here: https://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/33 I didn't use the hot glue heap thing, because I didn't need a huge scale pile of treasure - just wanted to fill his mouth up with it a bit and put some spilling out here and there on his base ^^ Man, you just made my day! Thanks! ::adds round glitter to next shopping list:: I ended up buying mine on eBay, after my local hobby shop failed to carry it *facepalm* but eee, glad you like how it came out ^^ Thank you Haha, I'm glad my glitter test is being well received... I used 1mm round glitter. I found some 3mm and stuff too, but that would be like... dinner plates for 28mm, lol. - Today, I washed the rest of my Bones, including Nethyrmaul. I boiled and adjusted a couple of them too, but now everything smells nicely of flowery handwash. I shall endeavour to take good photos of my mimic today, and maybe basecoat Nethyrmaul *is slightly intimidated by him now that I have him, coz arghh most complicated mini I've tackled to date and my Ebonwrath wasn't incredible*
  17. I can't wait to get home so I can see better pictures of him. Um...what's the glitter thing you're talking about? Hopefully I can get some decent ones, haha. The glitter thing! Using flat round glitter for gold coins instead of painting it on =] as described here: https://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/33 I didn't use the hot glue heap thing, because I didn't need a huge scale pile of treasure - just wanted to fill his mouth up with it a bit and put some spilling out here and there on his base ^^
  18. Update time! It is just past 11pm here, and my mocking beast is pretty much done I started out by painting him in Ulthuan Grey and washing him in Nuln Oil, so I could see what I was doing with him. And then over the following couple of hours, I painted him. I also tried out a thing with glitter that I saw on here somewhere =D rather than painting the inside of his mouth. I messed it up a bit, coz I only had super glue to hand and that's just... Messy, but erh. Overall, I'm really pleased with the effect =] He's not perfect, but he's fun enough for games =] so I'm happy. His paintjob may get touched up over time, and I'll finish off his base and take proper photos tomorrow or something
  19. Good idea I find WIP threads help me stay motivated with stuff, because I can keep posting and it's nice to see things develop. I'll be modding a couple of skeles a little bit, I think, and Alistrilee may get some adustments, but I'm not entirely sure. But ech =] we all work at our own pace. Best of luck with your minis too x
  20. =P Yush Yay for... Practical Bones purchases? xD Oh? Fair =P In that case then, he's offered the role of leader of my skeles whenever he's visitng, haha. >=]
  21. Hopefully I can make some good progress on him in a relatively sensible time frame, haha =] Ta =P I've been eyeing the mocking beast for ages, so I'm deeply pleased to finally have him. I'm a huge Dark Souls fan, and Mimics.... Oh Mimics xD I couldn't resist. I shall try I'm just admiring him sitting beside me on the couch at the moment, lol.
  22. These are made of win =] I've not got anything hugely helpful to say, so just know that I've dropped into this thread repeatedly to admire these. Congrats on finding such a nicely matching bundle =]
  23. I've decided to take a leaf out of Drifter's book, and do a WIP thread for my Reaper order that finally made it home to me (after sitting in my local post office for over a week, due to an oversight related to import duty) =] My hoard isn't quite as impressive as his, as my order contained four minis for somebody else (postage to the UK is frightening, so we always do big orders, and club together to make it work out if we can't afford enough individually) and therefore those aren't here =P I've got the following.... 77190: Nethyrmaul the Undying 77240: Ingrid, Female Viking 89031: Whispering Tyrant 77251: Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian 77205: Alistrilee 77048: Mocking Beast 77240: Skeleton Guardian Sword 77241: Skeleton Guardian Axeman =] Now, Imma be swapping a couple of my skeletons with Drifter, so that we've both got more variety going on and while he's got Dragoth, I've got the Whispering Tyrant for the leader of mine. Nethyrmaul though, is the pride of this order. I'm delighted to finally have him sitting in front of me, and I've assembled him dry for the time being, just so I can admire his ridiculously tall splendour. He needs a bit of filing here and there to make his pegs sit better, as he's a bit of a pain to pop together for me, but I'm super happy with him and can't wait to get on with painting him. Not sure where Imma keep him, but y'know, what do. However, much as I wanna paint him, Imma start by cleaning him up, and then I'll try and paint I think the Mocking Beast tonight, coz it's just a delightful little thing, haha. Nethyrmaul may, however, get his base coat on tonight.
  24. My local sorting office isn't incompetent :P Least you'll have yours tomorrow, and Im fairly sure RM owe you delay compensation too But yeah, itll be fun. A significant amount of this will come with me to yours to be painted :P And yeah, skele exchange bftw. Ill show you the ones I got properly on Skype later hun Mine thought my fees weren't paid, I don't even. Hur dur dur but yes, agreed. Yaaay minis party! And I can return your Steel Legion Drab to you =P Awesomesauce, I look forward to seeing them =]
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