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  1. I can't believe your order got to you ahead of mine xD like damnit, what the hell. Oh well, should have mine tomorrow to play with. Looking forward to watching you paint this lot though - and indeed to our little skele exchange, haha.
  2. That is seriously awesome - curses, I want one of my own now! I think I may have to give this a punt myself - love your colour choices so far too ^^
  3. Aye, I've got quite a fondness for Capricorn too =] Virgo is pretty too... Ahhh, curses, my last order still hasn't arrived (problem with UK postal service, grr), and I'm already compiling a new order, haha.
  4. Thanks! And that sounds actually awesome - got any photos? :O Working on it. Not finished painting it because reasons, but I'll post it in Show Off tomorrow or so. Fair enough =] I shall keep an eye out ^^
  5. Thanks =] I may, at some point, pick up some more of the Zodiac models =] I'm quite fond of them. Whether or not I'll convert others or just keep them though, I don't know.
  6. I cannot get over this thing at all xD It did look like a kind of bland tree man on-sprue though... What the hell, ExIllis.
  7. Thank you ^^ Cheers ^^ the pebble got attacked with lots of Nuln Oil and a little bit of Bone, just to make it pop a little more and look more interesting. Thank you =]
  8. Do it! I'm finding mine surprisingly... Different to paint? It's hard to describe. I've got a bunch more lined up waiting for me - though they're at Drifter's atm. I feel kinda bad, every time I collect minis from him and free him of the curse of having my stuff everywhere, we buy more and he ends up with more minis that I need to collect xD I would love to, but options are limited at this moment. If I had a store near me then I would definitely have an impulse buy, but the nearest is 2 hours away. Might order online, but then I second-guess myself when I do that. Plus the Kickstarter hit my wallet pretty hard. Still, I think I might go to the store next month to see their ( limited) stock. I strongly recommend ebay =] that way you can just pick up one or two, rather than having to commit to large groups or anything like that. The shockwaves of Bones 3 are still very much being felt in my wallet too >.< As I have very limited options locally though, I do extremely large amounts of ordering online - I won't lie, it can be quite addictive ^^;
  9. Do it! I'm finding mine surprisingly... Different to paint? It's hard to describe. I've got a bunch more lined up waiting for me - though they're at Drifter's atm. I feel kinda bad, every time I collect minis from him and free him of the curse of having my stuff everywhere, we buy more and he ends up with more minis that I need to collect xD
  10. Odd Understatement of the year right there I need my figure for Simone to arrive... But yars, she came out really well hun. Her sword is much improved from its bizzarely bent state originally too, and the stone is a nice touch. Part of my garden :P Simone would be proud Yes, your Simone needs to arrive so Shana can stalk her awkwardly around your shelves and such >=D Shana is pleased with this =P (as am I, so ta ^^) Thank you ^^
  11. Fair enough =] Pure white, of actual white as opposed to grey, horses are pretty thin on the ground, because the vast majority of horses have black skin, so they're considered grey anyway. This guy's got a /lot/ of detailing to go on him yet, but he'll be getting darker knees, a nice dark nose, and possibly a little bit of an eel stripe, as well as sorting out his eyelids a bit =] I've just had a bit of a block with painting him the last couple of days, and I'm considering trying to smoosh out a little more detail in green stuff on his trappings when my modelling tools arrive.
  12. Indeedee - if a horse is rolling its eyes so much you can see the whites, tis not a happy beast at all =[ But ta ^^
  13. H'okay, update time, though the weird blue cast on photos persists, which makes my horse look perpetually greenish There are many coats of Citadel Zamesi Desert on there, to cover the original brown basecoat, which was then covered in Lamenter's Yellow Glaze to brighten it up. This got fought with for a long elf time, before I finally caved and started pitching Yriel Yellow onto it, and then then Seraphim Sepia happened. The mane and tail were brown and going to be drybrushed, but I found I didn't like that, so the arduous task of coating them in P3's Menoth White Highlight began, after which they were eventually washed in Sepia, and then drybrushed in Citadel White Scar. He's also got some Auric Armour gold in his coat and dotted onto bits of his bridle and harness. His saddle cloth is Caledor Sky and Temple Guard Blue, with Auric Armour smooshed over the top to make it pop. His eyes are Caledor Sky too, seeing as horses have such big dark liquid eyes, with a dot of black in the middle. I figured I'd get more the look I was after this way, as opposed to painting in the whites. Started trying to get the trappings and saddle shaded up with P3's Bloodtracker Brown and Umbral Umber, combined with Citadel Nuln Oil and Seraphim Sepia... It's a bit hit and miss for me, but I think he's getting there.
  14. Thank you <3 The dreamy expression was a bit of a happy accident in truth, haha. And eee, I'm rather proud to have offered some inspiration ^^ thank you ever so much x
  15. Thank you Drifter still has the dragon head - managed to remove it pretty much entirely intact.
  16. So I bought minis for characters I have in a written rp that has literally zero use for minis. I bought them though, simply because I like to have little representations of my characters. This is one of said characters, and her name is Shana Holt. She is hopelessly in love with a guard captain, who belongs to Rob, called Simone, and she aspires to be noticed by her, to the point of a little bit odd. Janan, of course, is stood on a dragon head, but Shana is no dragon slayer, she's just a city guard - so Drifter helped me out by trimming the dragon head away from her foot, and then she got rebased. She's got a nice genuine pebble there to rest her foot upon, and her sword has resisted my numerous attempts to sort it the hell out and still has a little bend in it, but murgh. And here's a bonus Instagrammed photo. Yar. So her base is a pebble and some green stuff, savaged with the rear end of one of my paintbrushes. Her paints... Oh gawd. Citadel: -Khorne Red -Evil Sunz Scarlet -Bloodletter Glaze -Kislev Flesh -Flayed One Flesh -Runelord Brass -Nuln Oil -Seraphim Sepia -Loren Forest -Elysian Green -Ushabti Bone P3: -Menoth White Highlight -Thamar Black -Bloodtracker Brown -Umbral Umber -Cold Steel
  17. Thank you I ran into a bit of a roadblock with painting, but hopefully I'll have some updates shortly.
  18. That's why I imagine every single one of them doing the slo-mo hair flip. Oh my xD Cannot unsee. My paladin is gonna get so bored of her hair flipping horse, haha.
  19. That's really cool =] I will definitely give it a try when I'm more finished with this chap thanks for the tip!
  20. I would legit never have thought of that - I may give that one a punt when I'm a bit more done with paint =D Woulda thought it'd be very fragile, but masking tape can be weird, lol.
  21. <3 thank you! Unicorns have just... Such dramatic hair xD s'what made this appeal to me so much, I thinkest. Let's face it, unicorns are the Fabio of the equine family. They truly are xD S'why we love them though, no?
  22. <3 thank you! Unicorns have just... Such dramatic hair xD s'what made this appeal to me so much, I thinkest.
  23. A pencil eraser might be useful too... Perhaps =P Awaiting my tools atm - cheap amazon order, ftw! - Update time! Today, I went and bought new paints, because good lawd I had like no yellows, at all, and I wanted this wee bugger to be a palomino. He now looks like this. I finished coating him in the P3 bloodtracker brown, got really annoyed, then dumped a load of Menoth White Highlight all over his mane and tail, and I gave him socks too. Originally, these were brown too, and I was gonna drybrush them back up, but... Nah. It wasn't working out for me, so now they're just super Menothy and I'll tackle them properly a bit later. I picked up a whole bundle of Citadel paints today, including Zamesi Desert, which is the main colour on him now, and I also grabbed a couple of glazes, including Lamenter's Yellow. The side of his neck has been warmed up with said glaze, and I really like the result, but I need to go over him a bunch more with Zamesi to get more even coverage before I go too cray cray with the glaze, because otherwise... Erh. I'm liking him a lot better now that he's even remotely close to the colour I was hoping he'd be. I have a super cheap posable USB LED light also which is what is lighting him enough to be photographed, and that I will admit is giving the photographs a really odd cast. My phone is just like: White balance?! WHITE BALANCE?!?! Heh.
  24. All my hobby knives are dull, haha - but yeah, I ordered a couple of shaper tools, only cheap so no big deal =] I'll neaten up some wire and see how that feels when I can be bothered to find the coil of the stuff I have lurking around here. As far as keeping tools lubricated, I'm a chronic licker of tools ^^; Thank you
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