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  1. Last one from me before a week holiday and then back to work, so possibly very little painting time agan This one is slightly older, but still one of my favourites. Also one of the favourites at my local gaming store. My Yu Jing HVT, the Dragon Lady, Imperial Service Judge I wanted her to stand out a little from the actual troops, so I spent a while doing freehand work on her, Nothing fancy, but I think it works I also tried to paint a scene on her parasol Now to finish the rest of my Yu Jing.... you can sort of see the one and only other painted model from my force so far just off to the side in the photos ^^;
  2. Thanks ^^ Thanks you ^^ And yeah, she was definitely one of my favourites I've painted so far, which says a lot seeing as I've been painting for nearly fifteen years xD I just loved everything about her Thanks you Thanks ^^ And the barbaric horde is one the way. I craftily painted her to go with the Shield Maidens kickstarter stuff when it arrives :P Thank you ^^ Thankyou ^^ I'll admit I'm not great at faces, so it's pretty simple, but she is at least one of my better attempts I think I hadn't considered the inspiration gallery, but I'll add her now ^^ Edit - Have submitted her now ^^ Thanks ^^
  3. Thanks ^^ I have a tendency to pain5 in brighter colours so i figured I should try something different Thankyou ^^ Thanks ^^ Thankyou Thanks ^^ The arrow is a sewing pin with the head snipped off. I tend to do it for most of my archers now
  4. Thanks ^^ Interestingly... the brown is all the same base colour, just with different degrees of bone mixed in xD Made it slightly more challenging lol
  5. Thanks ^^ And I did, but my friend like it more :P Thank you ^^
  6. Thanks ^^ Nice to be back, even if its taking me a while to get back in to the swing of posting ^^; And thankyou
  7. Managed to sneak in a bit more painting When Adowyn was first shown off pre release, I knew I had to have her, and conviniently, one of my friends wanted a 28mm wolf, so we split the blister between us I opted for mostly natural and earthy tones, with a splash of colour in the form of her brighter hair, and the blue streak of warpaint on her cheek. I think the hardest thing was making all the brown tones seperate, but also work together well . Really, really happy with her though
  8. Thanks ^^ And yeah xD Wasnt my intention, but its how she came out and I'm really pleased with it xD Thanks I think basing minis is the thing I'm most confident with to be honest. I'd already settled on how I wanted to do it about halfway through, whereas the rest I was making up as I went Thanks ^^ For guess work, they came out well xD Thanks Really pleased with them too ^^
  9. Thanks ^^ And yeah, I had heard about that, but only after I'd ordered her She has a bit of a mold line/slip on her leg, but its not major, and I carefully hid it in the angle of the photo xD
  10. Thanks ^^ It took two of us decide on her hair colour lol
  11. I'm back! I had a long time of not being able to paint owing to being extremely busy, but after months, I've finally found the time to paint again So, on to the mini ^^ I felt quite rusty painting Sophie, but I think she came out well in the end. I'm particularly pleased with the colour on her wings Getting an angle on her face was hard... Photos arent amazing quality as I have a new phone that I'm still getting used to ^^;
  12. That's incredibly pretty Can't wait to see some more ^^
  13. Thank you ^^ Now I need to match all the colours for the rest of the units >.< Thanks ^^ And hell yeah. May be a while though, still learning to play the actual game ^^;
  14. Thanks ^^ Thank you ^^ I tend to aim to always have at least one nicely contrasting area on a mini when I can. Seems to work for the most part
  15. Thanks ^^ Now I need to match those colours on everything else >.< Haha, thanks ^^
  16. Thanks ^^ Cheers ^^ Thanks ^^ I feel like I'm slwly getting better at doing eyes finally xD Thank you ^^
  17. For now... but by the time you hit 1000 posts and become eligible to join a house, if you find you: A. Have had to upgrade your mini storage more than twice to fit more B. Can reasonably refer to your mini collection as a hoard C. Feel the slightest bit ashamed to tell people how many minis you own D. Laugh after saying "I don't need more minis" and then buy more minis E. All of the above You might belong in Figmentius. ...done all of that many times over xD All I need is the 1000 posts lol
  18. Thanks dude ^^ Thanks I'm so happy I finally have her xD And thank you Thanks I wanted to keep it simple but... striking I guess, so the two blue tones with the white happened and it worked for what I wanted, so i stuck with it And thanks ^^ The others have the mud too, just... not as strongly (first time experimenting more with chalk dust for weathering) so it doesn't show up in photos as much Thanks ^^ And nice, make sure to post her when she's done ^^
  19. Thank you ^^ And yeah, but so much so that I went out and bought more to paint than I have time to >.< House Figmentius is calling to you. We are well versed in buying more minis than we will ever have time to paint. I'm not sure I'm qualified enough. I only have half a case of unpainted minis :P
  20. As promised in my other thread, my Pan Oceania ^^ Starting with my favourite from the group, not least because she was... both difficult to get hold off, and then she turned up right under my nose Jeanne D'Arc Special Edition Initially I think she came as a bonus on a how to paint book I spent a fair while looking for this mini, for a reasonable price. I found several on eBay, for £50+ each, or for even higher with the book, which... was just too expensive to justify. I offhandedly mentioned this in conversation with the manager at my local store, and for whatever reason, he had one out the back and sold me her for the price of a regular mini Neoterra Bolts Military Order Father Knight ORC Trooper All the bases were made by Micro Arts Studio, with the exception of the ones being used by Jeanna and one of the Neoterra Bolts, who are on base toppers made by Anvil Industries There are more photos here http://imgur.com/a/J6yVf Which also includes Nisses, Fusiliers, a doctor, HEXAS and a couple of others
  21. Thank you ^^ And yeah, but so much so that I went out and bought more to paint than I have time to >.< It's annoying isn't it? >.< I spent more time staring at models over winter than I did painting But thankyou ^^ Won't lie, I'm really pleased with them too seeing it was mostly guesswork Thank you Thanks ^^
  22. Thanks ^^ Im really pleased with that bluey grey colour ^^
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