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    I am a painter and a lover of reaper miniatures! I was involved in the recent BONE 3 kickstarter and want to use this account to support and reach out to the people I met there!

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  1. im here to request the miniature HASTUR THE UNSPEAKABLE!!!! I would like izzy and reaper to summon him for Bones 5! either king in yellow or another version! he waits on carcosa! the time is nigh!
  2. thank you im a fan of trauk zul sculpt from bones 3 for a red but I didn't know if size was comparable
  3. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knew the size difference here or I traukzul would work as a colossal great wyrm for dnd
  4. I absolutely love verything about these sculpts the poses to the fins to the scales just awesome
  5. I know you guys always include a Cthulhu beastie I would like narlyathotep the crawling chaos please for bones 4
  6. Need to finish bone parts highlight scales dear god and base and paint ruins. This is my first attempt ever at a figure on this scale kindness and comments appreciated love you guys!
  7. always a pleasure to see your work I love the mini and I love this especially beautiful work!
  8. ah I guess I should've read forum yes it was crystal brush you are a true professional always loved this piece!
  9. wonderful! especially the lava effect
  10. I made the dwarfs sword its made of space metail in the game (why its rough)
  11. painted for my little brother yestarday
  12. thank you thes hunter appreciate the encouragement wasn't feeling good about this one :)
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