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  1. Going out to the Big CityTM with my friend to go see new movies and try out the new restaurants.
  2. To be fair, we can be pretty oblivious to subtlety. @PaganMegan knows to work your strengths and........not-strengths.
  3. Ice cream is a perennial favourite. But also Mojitos, made with home-grown mint and booze pilfered from @Chaoswolf's secret stock.
  4. I wasn't aware that those had come into (temporary) existence, otherwise I would have made a run for one of them.
  5. Wisconsin is the Land of Cheese, how could it possibly be wrong?
  6. So many good memories, considering that I worked for a major thrift store chain where Hallowe'en was our biggest season. The memory I have is where we always did a Costume Catwalk to showcase the products we sell. My wife was a front end manager, so she specifically chose a knight costume for me and put some extra oomph in her description when I walked up. Sounded like a regular thing to customers, but our co-workers giggled because they knew exactly what she meant. Another time was when I went full costume as Drizz't Do'Urden to a bar, and won first place for best male costume. EDIT: I should mention that I won despite nobody in the bar knowing who the hell I was cosplaying.
  7. Considering how many Getting To Know you threads, you'd think that there's little that people don't know about us. Well, I'll tell you: I've Liked every single Getting To Know You post ever since I came to the forums.
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