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  1. Oh, you sweet summer child......He really has you bamboozled, doesn't he?
  2. The name is The Fighting Flumphs, of course (3rd picture from the left). The sport is contact interpretive dance.
  3. Thank you, that answered all my questions. For now, I'll go with the status quo: hope for the best, prepare for the worst, blame Buglips.
  4. Good to know. Did Reaper state why they're sending each Canadian order individually instead of bundling them up and shipping them over? We never had to worry about extra fees before this, and it seems unusual to send so many packages by courier considering how heavy the shipping traffic is.
  5. II'm in Saskatchewan, so I don't have HST. But if it's going to cost me a hell of a lot more than I expect, then I'm afraid this will be the last Bones I'll be able to go in on.
  6. Does this mean we're going to have to pay import fees on top of everything else?
  7. You can never go wrong with the classic Singing Sword. Fun fact: Pezler does carry around the Rubber Chicken O' Death, a magical artifact of his own making that has enough death magics to choke a dragon, if need be.
  8. Too........many? I don't understand the question. I've looked for some rare minis in my life, and I'm either still searching for them or I've managed to snag a few. Still always hunting for more, though.
  9. Why do people keep saying that like it's a bad thing!?!?
  10. On any given day, I probably have access to more wishes than the genie does. Perks of being an epic-level wild mage.
  11. As a farmboy, auctions were a constant thing when I was growing up. Every Wednesday was the livestock auction at the stockyards (and still is), and farm auctions were a good place to find cheap equipment and parts for our Super 92 combines.
  12. First things first......but not necessarily in that order.
  13. All variants of kobolds exist in the multiverse, and all are equally valid.
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