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  1. That's right, change it up by dressing as a mime once in awhile.
  2. Yes, and listen to my gramophone as I read about these new-fangled 'horseless carriages'. *puffs on pipe*
  3. Even after moving, everyone needs a connection back to home. Or free food. Probably the free food.
  4. Considering my line of work, the Highway Hotline app gets increasing amounts of use. Besides that, the IMDB app is essential for getting answers/settling disputes/proving others wrong.
  5. Alright, did the water test and didn't find any leaks, I didn't like how there was still resin underneath. When I get time I'm going to have to replace it as a precaution.
  6. My future wife called my name when I was walking through the parking lot, which I ignored. It must have worked, because she ran after me in the parking lot calling my name again until I had no choice but to turn my attention to her.
  7. Urgh, just did a print and just found out that there's a small leak in the nFEP somewhere. Doing the water test to confirm.
  8. The griffons look spectacular, going to have to think very hard about whether I can afford that for the month.
  9. Marja is now safe from being abducted by garden pirates.
  10. I think I recall us having a goldfish back when I was 3. It's probably dead now.
  11. I grew up with both DC Who's Who comics and the 70's Spiderman cartoon, so both for me. For movies, MCU is far more organized and developed than DC is, though DC does have Colonel Sanders as canon so there's a plus for them.
  12. I thought you were banned from Costco because of.......The IncidentTM .
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