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  1. Water to keep me hydrated, and caffeine to keep me from dying on the road. *also looks at pile of smuggled American soft drinks that I just bought*
  2. Stiletto with the Cockney accent, or Stiletto with the original Italian accent?
  3. Something for all you Spelljamma-llamas here (Archvillain Games):
  4. Yes, strange how holidays are created during an election year. Coincidence, I'm sure of it.
  5. I'm still surprised that you've never made a character named Pete Boggs.
  6. I use a nice set of clippers for plastic, and it does make a difference. Of course, you always need the right tool for the job so I also use files, mouldline removers, and X-acto knives as needed. For 3D prints I use hot water to remove the supports, they come off nicely and it's very therapeutic.
  7. Since purple is the prevalent colour in all of this, having some yellow or gold would be a good complementary colour.
  8. You have the right of it, dreadnought lore has changed very little since you last played. Dreadnoughts do slowly take their toll on the warriors within, so generally they're kept in stasis until needed. Bjorn the Fell-Handed is the oldest by far, he was part of Leman Russ' entourage ten thousand years before and is awakened once per century for the Space Wolves to hear the wisdom of the ancients, though he's also awakened in time of great need. The story of Rylanor the Ancient of Rites is a sad and heroic one, you should read on it sometime. The only real new lore on dreadnoughts is that the new redemptor-style bodies have much more power but burn through their pilots at a much greater rate, their sarcophagi are designed to be able to be switched out easily in order to continue the fight with a new marine inside.
  9. There aren't nearly enough models of younger clean-shaven male wizards, barely any really. Having every wizard being old and long-bearded has long ago gone from 'iconic' to 'tiresome and uninspired'. As an epic-level wild mage, I can tell you this: we're not all Gandalf. Reaper, I'd be happy to negotiate getting a Pezler the Polychromatic figure in the hands of the people!
  10. At least one of them doesn't give you a choice in the matter.
  11. The one I'd especially recommend is Rattlebones, for me it has a lot of sentimental value that I won't discuss here.
  12. WestJet or Air Canada? (please don't be the other one)
  13. *whispers in the background* When has it ever been about NEEDING another army?................... I'm helping!
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