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  1. It's hard to choose, there's a lot of them in my head. Might need @Cyradis to identify them all.
  2. Getting my Primaris Captain finished. Finding it hard to get motiation to continue, and I have a lot of things that distract me from it. Sometimes I just push myself and touch things up to get some progress on it.
  3. Change the gravity filter. Usually when you lose balance, it's because it's clogged.
  4. Hot weather, ice cream place opens, ticks, people out doing activities, mosquitoes, haying season, grasshoppers, harvest. Pretty typical over here (minus the tentworm caterpillars this year).
  5. 1) None. Are you really expecting a wild mage to be predictable? 2) Yarrrrrrrrrr.
  6. You have my deepest sympathies, @redambrosia. I had to go through the same thing last year.
  7. I was hoping that someone would show the Eagle. My wife loved Space:1999.
  8. Reading through the new Grey Knights codex for 40K, which I finally got after a bit of a roller coaster. Because of a bit of a kerfuffel with their website, last month GW had sent me the French version and by the time they could get back to me the English version was out of stock so I had to take the refund. Just recently I managed to find a game store in London, Ontario that carried both the book and are the only place in Canada that's not selling Stynylrez metal primer for an exhorbitant amount of money, which is extremely difficult to find in the first place.
  9. I really do love the design of the Executor, though the Eclipse is a close second.
  10. I wish I could say that I didn't use that very same pun today, on a completely different topic.....
  11. While this is true, GW did try to copyright the term 'space marine' and the courts shut them down. That is why things have been renamed Adeptus Astartes, Astra Miltarum, Drukhari, etc., so that they can hold those as unique IP. Gadzooks! What kind of dire straits is the business in if they have the barbarian doing IT?!?!!
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