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  1. It's far away, but I still get to participate a little bit. And it lets me bug Ron for flumphs, and engage in counter-trolling to keep him in check. I think it's safe to say that here.
  2. While I wish RVE all the best and that it's just as successful as the previous one, right now it would distract me from the space marine that I'm painting for March For Macragge. Though any of you letting me know of flumphs being there will bring me back in a heartbeat.
  3. She has things to explain to you that might have gone over your head.
  4. Don't really have an exact count, probably around half a dozen sculpts. She's totes adorbz.
  5. That catchy background music you hear when a certain commercial comes on, but it's gone by the time you realize that it was playing.
  6. ALL THINGS BARBECUE!!!!!! Ah, I see that @buglips*the*goblin is displaying his vaunted negotiating skills.
  7. I used to read prolifically as a child, books were my only friend. Nowadays I still collect books, but I have more interests in my life so I don't have time to read them.
  8. Thank you very much, there hadn't been a good description from the listing. The beard makes him look like an ancestor of @Reaper_Jon.
  9. Rescued him from eBay, not sure what mini this is but it might be a Ral Partha. He's been rebased, but I can make out '1991' on the bottom.
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