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  1. There's a few Twitch channels that I subscribed to when Reaper did a raid, but they never hold my interest for long.
  2. Don't worry, soon he'll start eating more. And then exercising more. And then start hitting the gym. Your son will be beefcake.
  3. The snow has gotten heavier, though it's still large fluffy flakes. As expected, it's gotten pretty slippery out there and even with my caution I found myself going in directions I didn't want to go. Over a dozen accidents in regina right now because people can't transition from summer driving. The weather is supposed to get significantly warmer for Hallowe'en though, so there might be some hope.
  4. Currently holed up in Castle Polychromatic for the next little bit. Brain swab happens in the morning, if they can catch it.
  5. Probably haven't had any since last winter, though it seems like time to stock up again.
  6. Buglips? Which one? There's clones of him all over the place. No worries here, I have counter-enchantments on everything I own. I'll just follow the screams of agony when whatever he's stolen transmutes into soap.
  7. Had way more driving over the last two days than is recommended, and mayyyyyyybe 3 hours of sleep last night. Caffeine has kept me alive long enough to get home now.
  8. This is painted by our very own Professor @OneBoot, a tiny version of the Hangouts-famous Marmalade (and podcast-famous). After my cat passed away, OneBoot surprised me in her sneaky way by sending me this in memory of her. I love her to pieces for it and it's one of my most treasured things.
  9. You see a 10' x 10' room, with an orc guarding a chest.
  10. *grumbles* Had to catch up with this again. For some reason, several of the threads remove people following them.
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