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  1. The previous government had decided that it was more economical to change from to door-to-door deliver to community mailboxes, so that I can walk to the end of the block in all manner of weather to get it instead of it being conveniently by my front door. A few weeks after I got switched over, a new government came in and immediately cancelled the change to community mailboxes. Unfortunately, they didn't both to switch anybody back to the the old way.
  2. Doing figures in sub-assemblies makes painting it far easier.
  3. Yes, I prime all of them. For my GW figures I usually use Leadbelcher spray, though if need be I can use Grey Seer, Corax White or Wraithbone as appropriate. Never use spray primers on Bones, that leads to disaster. I've used brown liner for that ever since we were shown the way by Saint @buglips*the*goblin, blessed be his name. And yes, I'm aware that casually blessing him may cause him pain and possible spontaneous combustion. It's the goblin way.
  4. Same, though I'd also like to see some Mesoamerican mythology as well. Perhaps some hussars also, just for some Polish representation.
  5. There's a bakery along one of my routes that has salted caramel Boston creme doughnuts. And for you apple fritter fans, Tim Horton's has an Apple Fritter ice cream that's actually decent.
  6. Ah yes, the ones with the ergonomic metal bucket seats. Reminds me of the Allis Chalmers I used to drive when I was growing up.
  7. Along my routes I routinely see pairs of Canadian cobra chickens on the side of the road. Mostly they mind their own business and stay in place when you go by, but occasionally they get it into their thick boneheads to try to fly across when they see you coming and I'd rather not hit a 20 lb. bird at speed. Haven't had a close call yet, but man can they be dumb sometimes.
  8. I'd put together a game show about contestants putting together a better game show, with the winner getting the money while I get the rights to the new shows. Low effort and high reward on my part.
  9. I hope I like driving, it's a large part of my job.
  10. Notice that we're twice as terrifying as Florida Man. Let that sink in for a moment.
  11. I got a metallic black (perhaps an early Adamantine?) that had a hint of red in it. It made a wonderful colour for black insect carapace.
  12. Just because Princess Bride is campy doesn't make it terrible!
  13. Neither a participant nor spectator, I was working at the Exhibition when the truck and tractor pulls were going going. Lots of fun to see, and a good time all around.
  14. Be sure you leave early to avoid those long lineups.
  15. Still working on my Indomitus Captain. Started on him last summer, but it's hard to stay motivated since the FLGS closed and there haven't been any games going. Also, characters tend to be more difficult for me but I don't want to start something new because I know I'd never get back to this one.
  16. Burritos are just the wormholes of tacos, with space/time folding in on itself. That's why you can get from one end to the other in faster time that you could with a taco of similar size.
  17. *looks back and forth quickly * Flumph!??! Where?! FLUMPH!!!!!!!!!!
  18. There once was a time when the taco place had a Super Taco, which was a hard shell taco wrapped in a soft shell taco with refried beans between them. Delicious.
  19. I follow the time-honoured tradition of making Magic: The Gathering decks and having a mountain of chaff left over from creating them.
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