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  1. Pay with cash, it's easier to see how much money you have left than checking online banking. Also writing stories on paper, and reading actual books. On a tablet, the light assaults my face with words.
  2. Yes, Mordenkainen's Third Principle of Transmogrification, as Applied to Mass Transmutative Effects. A lot of people have no problem with individual targets, but can't seem to wrap their heads around how to stretch the dweomer to encompass multiple organisms.
  3. Go on a real roller coaster. I had always wanted to try it, but now I know for sure that me and G-forces aren't friends. My wife, on the other hand, went back on 2 more times. (Mind you, this is the same person that had once gone on a roller coaster the day before she gave birth)
  4. Creative taxidermy in order to pass off as a newly discovered animal or legendary creature has been common for centuries. See: Jenny Haniver.
  5. It was about getting around one of those restrictions about eating red meat during lent. The first Bishop of Quebec posed the question to the theologians of Sorbonne, and they replied that beavrs lived in water and were thus fish, which meant it wasn't a sin to eat them. Weird yes, but Quebec did invent poutine afterwards, so they more than made up for it.
  6. If I call correctly, in the 1700's the Catholic church declared beavers (as well as capybaras and hippos, come to think of it) to be fish, which allowed people to eat them during Lent.
  7. Do you use the diesel and fertilizer trick on the dams and lodges?
  8. My church might keep track of it, but it has never been a big day.
  9. Going out to the Big CityTM with my friend to go see new movies and try out the new restaurants.
  10. To be fair, we can be pretty oblivious to subtlety. @PaganMegan knows to work your strengths and........not-strengths.
  11. Ice cream is a perennial favourite. But also Mojitos, made with home-grown mint and booze pilfered from @Chaoswolf's secret stock.
  12. I wasn't aware that those had come into (temporary) existence, otherwise I would have made a run for one of them.
  13. Wisconsin is the Land of Cheese, how could it possibly be wrong?
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