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  1. Currently holed up in Castle Polychromatic for the next little bit. Brain swab happens in the morning, if they can catch it.
  2. Probably haven't had any since last winter, though it seems like time to stock up again.
  3. Buglips? Which one? There's clones of him all over the place. No worries here, I have counter-enchantments on everything I own. I'll just follow the screams of agony when whatever he's stolen transmutes into soap.
  4. Had way more driving over the last two days than is recommended, and mayyyyyyybe 3 hours of sleep last night. Caffeine has kept me alive long enough to get home now.
  5. This is painted by our very own Professor @OneBoot, a tiny version of the Hangouts-famous Marmalade (and podcast-famous). After my cat passed away, OneBoot surprised me in her sneaky way by sending me this in memory of her. I love her to pieces for it and it's one of my most treasured things.
  6. You see a 10' x 10' room, with an orc guarding a chest.
  7. *grumbles* Had to catch up with this again. For some reason, several of the threads remove people following them.
  8. Don't compare your first work to professional artists; you don't even start at level 4 or 5, you start at Level 1. Also, you're not trying to paint a miniature, what you're doing is practicing painting and learning what works and what doesn't; sometimes it's good just to play in the mud.
  9. I have a pen given to me for exemplary customer service when I was working for AT&T Wireless. It's metal and solid, and I appreciate the heft. Ink ran out and I couldn't get any replacement, but 15 years later the internet has become a thing and I've been made aware that it's easy to get replacement ink for it now. Also, when I was in school I always loved getting the 4-colour pens every year.
  10. Just got a new folding chair for my hobby table. My butt is now 9% more comfortable.
  11. A1: I honestly haven't considered that you ever stop drinking coffee. A2: Mayor Brawley As a bonus, he gets his own theme song: https://youtu.be/H9K8-3PHZOU
  12. My province's nickname is the Land of Living Skies (it's on the license plate and everything). If you've ever experienced our thunderstorms, then you know how apropos it is.
  13. I think it's only fair for you to get a morkanaut and Mek with Shokk Attack Gun, just to even the playing field.Also keep in mind that according to the new rules, necrons reanimate only in the shooting and fight phase from attacks in those phases. Mortal Wound spam is your friend.
  14. Now considering converting the catapult and trebuchet to be able to fire Buglips-sized projectiles.
  15. Just trying to get my Infiltrators done right now, I'm stocked up for awhile. I have a couple more projects I can do after this, though the new GW releases might change what I do next.
  16. Considering the plans I've had in life, I'm practically a jester to deities.
  17. Threw myself at the ground, missed. I am now flying.
  18. Parallel play is an option. It lets you two do your own things while being in the same room together. My wife and I used to always do separate things together.
  19. I do enjoy black cherry ice cream, and maple walnut reminds me of my dad. Wish they still made Reese's Magic Shell to use on vanilla ice cream, though.
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