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  1. Phone numbers tend to get saved on the phone, passwords are remembered to keep the mind sharp.
  2. Not really, I haven't even been able to use up the 2 weeks of vacation carryover from last year yet. Due to CircumstancesTM , this week I have to use Time in Lieu instead of vacation time. I don't even know where to book an extra 2 or 3 weeks when we've become shorthanded recently.
  3. Too far inland and too far north to be hit by hurricanes, though tornadoes are a thing here. There's been forest fires up north but nothing that gets here, we've had wet years that have resulted in flooded basements. Don't have an emergency plan per se, but help is always close by if needed.
  4. Speaking of Lord of the Print, there's a sale for the next 48 hours where everything in the store is 50% off.
  5. Since there aren't any Pathfinder games with my friends anymore, I've shifted away from Reaper fantasy miniatures. Now I play Warhammer 40k and that holds my interests. As for painting style, ever since I started using contrast paints, I've found that I really like how simple they are to use and I get great results (though they do have a learning curve).
  6. I do like quizzes when I"m able to see them. As for game shows, a lot of them nowadays seem a bit too........pre-screened rather than having actual random contestants, a lot of realism is gone from it.
  7. Vacation next week, but June is also in the thick of collective bargaining negotiations. But near the end of it will be the launch date of the 40k's 10th Edition boxed set, so I'm hoping to get a box of that.
  8. More forest fires than normal up north, it's been a bad year. Thunderstorms are rolling through the province all week, so it's giving a bit of relief. Current status: https://www.saskpublicsafety.ca/emergencies-and-response/wildfire-status
  9. May 26th: I just finished a 10 hour drive today, I would consider that long. A 2 hour drive here is normal, since it's the nearest big city. It's a 4 hour drive to the next biggest one, so that's a bit of a longer drive. May 27th: I still have t he scar on my ribs from the first and only time I drove on a motorcycle. May 28th: I have been to neither, nor do I have an interest to be.
  10. Arthritis tends to find new and inventive places with me nowadays. I take painkillers only if they're needed to limp through the rest of the day, but otherwise I keep working.
  11. Currently the PC game Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader, which is the same style of game as Pathfinder:Kingmaker.
  12. *looks up from checking 40k models that came in the mail*....Huh? Did somebody say something?
  13. Indeed, it is Victoria Day in Canada. Once again, our holidays happen before the U.S..
  14. None, I use silver for my space marines. In the rare instances where I'm not using metallics, I use a white or light primer since that's what works with my contrast paints.
  15. The movie camera was only a secondary reason why Edison made Hollywood come into being. He started up his movie studios in New Jersey and he tried stifling all competition, he alternated between suing his competitors and sending goons to wreck their equipment. His competitors were fed up and moved to the west coast to make it far more difficult for Edison to send lawyers after them. As far as I'm aware this is true, though I'd have to look into the details.
  16. Same thing I do every day, Jasper: try to take over the world!
  17. Without Edison, Hollywood would never have been created. Sobering thought.
  18. I always make sure that I have a place for it beforehand, it prevents problems later.
  19. When I snack, it's usually to maintain my blood sugar during work. Otherwise, it helps to pass the time when I'm driving.
  20. That's why you get a large dog bed, the cats will sleep on it while the dog is forced to be in the smaller bed. It happens.
  21. I'm a driver, so that's not an option. Nor would I want to, my home is my sanctum and I don't need work invading that.
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