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  1. On a related note, you should look up a Youtuber named Shamook. When you-know-who showed up de-aged at the end of Mandalorian Season 2 (trying not to give spoilers here), a lot of people kept pointing out how it didn't look right because of the Uncanny Valley effect. Shamook managed to do a deepfake to fix it in 4 days, and he did an amazing job (go check out his channel, he's fixed several other movies and has done face swaps to put original actors' faces onto their replacements). He recently announced that 3 months ago Lucasfilm was so impressed by his work that they hired him as Senior Faci
  2. My computer is unadorned, and I only upgrade it enough to be able to use the games that I really want to play. Not really big on screensavers anymore, I prefer the screen to be dark because it's less distracting.
  3. *frowns slightly, adds Mad Jack's name to the other The ListTM *
  4. Oh I'm aware, but now I have to keep track of another splinter group in order to keep the balance between all factions. It's a hard job doing this behind the scenes, you know.
  5. There's something about the simplicity of Wacky Wally Wallwalker that you find in the cereal boxes:
  6. I tend to handle most things myself, never had to call my landlord over to fix anything.
  7. I managed to snag a few things from the garden centres this year, last year had been a wash. I think my strawberries have all petered out, but my tomatoes and peppers are growing fine. They had them 8 years ago, things may have changed since then.
  8. I was unaware that the masts of the pirate ship attach magnetically. I consider this to be brilliant addition.
  9. Oh blip, I totally forgot about the rays at West Edmonton Mall.
  10. Unfortunately for me, UPS hands off the packages to a local courier who don;'t have tracking, and has a reputation of burning me in the past. However, my friend down the street called them and they told her that her package is on the truck, which means mine should be as well. Should be here by 7, only 5 hours and 18 minutes to go.
  11. Since my friend started breeding geckos, it's become a normal thing to handle them. This one is Lindt, an African fat-tailed gecko, and she is one of the most chill creatures out there.
  12. I don't bake unless I'm making my maple-espresso glazed bacon. As for speed painting, it's taken me nearly 3 months to paint this one figure. Speed painting is good for getting you faster at techniques, but I want to take my time to get my figures to look good for the tabletop.
  13. Not watching it this year, it's been a debacle from the start and that's all I'll say about it. I do like watching all of the events, though.
  14. I've used greenstuff to sculpt flames onto a boney hand, but that's about it.
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