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  1. Had a pretty intense week, so the weekend was spent recharging. Got to check out some new paint, though.
  2. Always carry an Apocalypse Preparation Kit. Just to be clear, you're not preparing for one in case it happens, it's for making an apocalypse happen on your own terms. Plan it so that you become the stern but benevolent ruler in the aftermath.
  3. Reinforcements have arrived: My Horus Heresy Box came in today, has a lot of goodies, like metal tokens with cards: A sheet of 806 transfers for my wonderful Ultramarines: Now for the big boy Horus Heresy Age of Darkness box, it's extra thicc with 40 MkVI space marines, 10 cataphractii terminators, 2 praetors, the new contemptor dreadnought and new spartan tank, as well as core rulebook: Whippy sticks make proper whippy sound. That's a good sign. Finally, I grabbed the new Kratos Battle tank, because OOPS! ALL Volkites needs to happen:
  4. I have my own organizational system which, like my mind, is quite unfathomable to those that are not part of it.
  5. I feel like it's @Froggy the Great patiently suffering to explain things to his son.
  6. As someone who works at a Regional Library HQ, I come across many interesting books:
  7. Lilacs, because they remind me of home. And bacon, because its the fundamental basis of reality across all planes of existence.
  8. I collect a lot of weird friends, fortunately there's a forum that I can store them all.
  9. I was busy closing my eyes last night, then before I knew it, it was suddenly morning.
  10. Not sure if I have a favourite. I eat PB&J every day but that doesn't make it the best, just the most economical. Having cucumber sandwiches fresh from the garden with a little salt is pretty good.
  11. Coffee stimulates the body, tea stimulates the intellect.
  12. I got an Iwata for a project, and I still use it occasionally. Great for calling cats, because it goes pshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshp.
  13. Used to be on Hangouts all the time, have dabbled on the Facebook group and Discord. Time and energy is at a premium nowadays.
  14. Peanut butter and jam sandwich, deconstructed. Make your own dinner, you spoiled rich people.
  15. Clearly an indicator that you should keep feeding her chocolate.
  16. GASP! *faints at the mere notion that any colour could be bad*
  17. My wife would have been first choice, I figure. The rest of you are a close second.
  18. You see, when people are continuing to try to one-up each other it makes me even more afraid. And I've got the feeling that you're never going to give this up.
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