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  1. Either that, or someone else didn't make the cut. Good luck explaining that one at home.
  2. New song released for your dose of bardcore, House of the Rising Sun. https://youtu.be/emyE_GQNFW4
  3. Probably be blind, considering that light would be passing through the retina rather than bouncing off it. If you subscribe to that method of invisibility rather than the illusion version, that is.
  4. My problem is that I forgot what I was going to get exactly, so what I just chose in the PM doesn't line up with my actual pledge. Looks like I'm going to add more as time goes on.
  5. Reasonable shipping. More if you're not expecting it to be crumpled and mangled. Be aware of the chance of paper pirates intercepting shipment.
  6. Need something printed? I'm your guy. Reasonable rates.
  7. You know it's a good day when you get a free laserjet printer and about $2000 worth of toner with it.
  8. Today I received my free miniature and limited edition pin from Games Workshop, give or take $80 and 9 months: Also acquired today: one free laserjet printer and about $2000 worth of toner, but the miniature is the more interesting thing.
  9. Under my generous rule, there would be no OOP paints.
  10. I would go back to meet a young Ed and Dave Pugh, where together we would create the nascent Reaper Miniatures. This is probably the easiest way to eventually become @Reaper Ron's boss.
  11. I think I stunned everyone with the potato on a bike.
  12. Yes, this is indeed a children's book. It's been very popular lately among the library branches when I've been sorting books, and it has a whimsy to it that makes me happy. But yes, more work was put into drawing the potato than the bike.
  13. The largest that I have is the pirate and, barring that, probably Ma'al Drakar. I think the smallest is the Marmalade angel cat that @OneBoot painted for me.
  14. I've known several World War II veterans, but I'm not sure if they were directly involved in Normandy or not.
  15. It appears that the W.O.O.F. Weather Control MachineTM has not yet been perfected. *scribbles down notes*
  16. Defragging my bank account by tossing money at Horus Heresy.
  17. Glad you survived it all, OneBoot. I have no doubt you reclaimed your territory with all the cleaning supplies you have.
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