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  1. To reach your destination, turn left at the rock and then keep going until you turn right at the not-rock.
  2. It was about 1993 when my best friend moved away an impossible distance away (which I now drive to weekly along one of my routes). He invited me to an RP chatroom where he and his then-girlfriend hung out all the time, so that we could stay in touch. And that is where Pezler the Polychromatic was born.
  3. Free 40K miniature ordered. Now we play............the waiting game.
  4. It sounds like you need me to make a pocket dimension for your place. Also, museum wax might work for keeping things from being jostled.
  5. You know, with the right prosthetics and a maximized Enlarge spell, we could get people thinking that there's a Godzilla on the loose......... Only lizards are the ones in my friend's basement. (she's a gecko breeder and also has a couple of bearded dragons)
  6. Don't forget the Moustache of Magnificence.
  7. How else do you get flumph adventurers? Or more importantly, Dapper Gentleman Flumph.
  8. Not sure, how big does a rock have to be before it becomes a boulder? Because probably that.
  9. Sooooooo.........................what is everyone going to kitbash their flumph into?
  10. One problem at a time. After doing a deep dive into 40K, it's guaranteed that the space worm won't be attracted to me.
  11. Start talking about all my geeky hobbies, then go into all the Warhammer 40K lore.
  12. Turns out we were in the wrong multiverse. Fortunately, we brought along @buglips*the*goblin to blame everything on him.
  13. First step to having a moat, every homeowner's dream.
  14. In Bones 7 the core set will have to be all dragons. All of them.
  15. Time to go with the Spaceballs crew, I need to be amused. Need to get pizza balls.
  16. I see this as Snapping Turtle in Tanooki Suit.
  17. Twinsies! It's already partially melted. It's alright, it's Saskatchewan.
  18. Not really, they spout things that are eminently forgettable. I think the grads were more concerned with getting the the wet grad party afterwards.
  19. So apparently this was announced as an upcoming release by WizKids:
  20. A flumph, of course. As per usual, it's actually super friendly but it's just misunderstood, and naturally the unreasoning fear of humans causes them to attack pre-emptively.
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