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  1. *looks back and forth quickly * Flumph!??! Where?! FLUMPH!!!!!!!!!!
  2. There once was a time when the taco place had a Super Taco, which was a hard shell taco wrapped in a soft shell taco with refried beans between them. Delicious.
  3. I follow the time-honoured tradition of making Magic: The Gathering decks and having a mountain of chaff left over from creating them.
  4. Monstrum came out with a video that was made for @TGP: https://youtu.be/-5RuMoVfIec
  5. There's a book for the old Star Wars Saga Edition RPG called The unknown regions, it's the last one printed in the series and the last that I need to complete my collection. Kicking myself for not buying it when it was available way back when, and now the price for it is ludicrous.
  6. Made it back from the Saskatoon Expo, as per tradition I got more badges to put on The ShirtTM: Besides the smiley face, we have Deadpool cosplaying as Pikachu and Pikachu cosplaying as Thor (not the other way around, that's very important to note). Found a place called Amazing Stories that's right down the alley from where my friend lives, got a good selection of paint: Wanted to try out the new speedpaints to see how they compare with GW contrast paints, will be experimenting with them to see how they work out. Another tool in the toolbox. Also, I got airbrush cleaner to use with a Q-tip for cleaning off layers of paint, in case of any errors that need to be erased.
  7. I usually listen to YouTube 40K news and battle reports, and also the deep dives into the Marvel and Star Wars shows.
  8. The true cost is for adding the void between the stars.
  9. Since everyone here keeps throwing pictures of food here, take some of what we had on Friday at the Korean restaurant: Bibimbap and tteokbokki, with some absolutely delicious sides. We didn't gorge ourselves like last time, but it was an excellent supper.
  10. I'd have to agree wit hthis, I know that the streams are put on youtube but they're rather long to have to watch. I would suggest that there be a bit of a news report, updating us on everything that was shown and snippets of what was discussed. No more than 10-15 minutes, maybe 20 on a busy day. Makes it more digestible for people.
  11. Tossing in an extra $100. We need those flumphs!
  12. I'm sure that this is the standard American celebration:
  13. I remember when the FLGS was open, we bought a toy tank to convert into a Baneblade for 40K. We didn't gt around to finishing it, but we gave it to someone who's big on conversions like that and would see the project through. Boy, I'm sure glad I was wearing my anti-W.O.O.F. reflective lenses that blocks mind control and the power of suggestion this entire month.
  14. If you give them angry eyebrows, it becomes their battle face.
  15. If the flumph makes it to retail, I will have to purchase several to kitbash into flumph adventurers. And @Reaper Ron's heart truly wanted flumphs, I just had to give him a little nudge. It's just like suggesting to him to have tequila at the countdown party. Nothing wrong can ever happen from this.
  16. He had a chance when I offered to give 10 gift subscriptions on Twitch if he would confirm flumphs and flumph adventurers during the first stream. He didn't bite, and he let the opportunity slip away through his fingers. If Ron thinks that this quietens me down, he's sorely mistaken. The Flumph Revolution is in full force! Hurray for Reaper!
  17. FLUMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Speaking of which, I was supposed to see Cary Elwes at the Saskatoon Fan Expo this weekend but a couple of days ago he had to be airlifted to the hospital because he got bitten by a rattlesnake, no word as to whether or not he'll still be attending.
  19. This looks neat, even if it IS distinctly unflumphlike.
  20. Indeed they are, in fact in the AD&D 1st Edition Fiend Folio they were the only Lawful Good creatures in the entire book. to quote 1D4chan, "Pathfinder may have started it, with its "Misfit Monsters Redeemed" splat, where it answered the question "why are Flumphs Lawful Good" by making them a race of world-travelling crusaders against evil aberrations and cosmic horrors. Yeah, that's right, the goofy space-jellyfish is basically a star-faring Paladin that wants to defeat Cthulhu, and just has to recruit adventurers for the job because it's still... well, hilariously weak by comparison." They hold a special place in my heart because they're very selfless creatures, who sacrifice their own gains so that others may live safer lives.
  21. Rosemary and Co. Series 33 size zero brush, it has good snap and a decent body. Might go with size 1 next time. I also have a Iwata Neo Core airbrush because it was the cheapest good one at the time. Also, pshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpshpsh.
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