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  1. Bravo ! For a first attempt this is really coming along. I will steal a quote from a movie that I have been trying to apply to my own painting. "Aim small, miss small" I have found the more details I try for the better I have gotten (still need to try for a lot more). Looking forward to seeing how things progress.
  2. A few that come to mind are Lone Star Comics in Arlington, near Houston is NASA which has public areas, DFW has all kinds of museums.
  3. This is something that I think every GM needs to decide for themselves. I know my limit is very different than what others can do. I struggled for a long time trying to become even a decent GM. Eventually I started to learn my style, which is great for some things, bad for others. In general, for me the best size group is 3 or 4 PCs. Smaller groups seem to work best for me. This lets me control the chaos and give the attention that I would like to give each player. With that said it can be a challenge for parties since they will have more skill gaps than larger parties. In addition, wh
  4. I almost always paint everything unassembled. Mostly because this makes it easier for me to reach everything. As stated above, I do make sure to check the fits first. It is in the dry fit stage that I determine if I should put anything together first. Since most of my painting has been GW products it is usually vehicles that end up with the most assemble before paint.
  5. Love the change from summer to fall. Wish I could make it this year. DFW is one of my favorite vacation spots, but alas work already has plans for my October.
  6. A good teacher can help get past the horrid portion of learning an instrument fairly quickly. With my many years in the industry and seeing musicians of various levels, almost any instrument can become a WMD.
  7. Some spray primers that I have worked with seem to be more influenced by the weather than others. Here is south Louisiana it is almost always 100% + humidity . I know of quite a few people that do not use GW primers when the humidity is on the high side. Army painters spray seems to not care about the weather at all. Spray technique can also play a big role in your results. I tend to be rather close (less than 12 inches) and use short spurts. If it is not a base coat color I do not even worry about complete coverage.
  8. I have had quite a few over the years, some are more prevalent than others now. I was a professional musician for almost 20 years (double bass), but now I that I have changed careers I have not played in a while. Almost all types of gaming interest me, board, card, video, rpg. I dabble with cooking, both in the kitchen and outside with a smoker. Making cars faster and driving them is something that I would like to do more, but real life has gotten in the way lately.
  9. Since I still play salamanders when I get the chance to play I really enjoy seeing such excellently done figures. I am particular impressed with the heavy bolter model. Bravo !
  10. For my small collection of dropper paints I have painted a portion of the cap so that I can see the dried color.
  11. Once when I kicked off a campaign I cooked a nice meal for everyone. I could see something similar working for a ending.
  12. Love this game, it is one of my groups favorite games to play and waste time with, shame I already have all of the expansions and extra cards. I would like to back, but I don't really need just another copy of the game.
  13. Sorry bad wording, that is what I meant ub3r_n3rd. Something that helped me get a bit better was realizing paint was not as permanent as I thought.
  14. I would also suggest, if you have the option start with a model you like, but not your favorite. I usually try to experiment on Models that I am less attached to. However, I do like to try and stretch myself and learn/discover some new technique as often as I can. Very few mistakes are unrecoverable.
  15. I have a set of full sized metal dice. They were a bit pricey (around $40), but they do roll with authority. I do worry about marking up surfaces. In general I really do like them.
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