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  1. Garlok

    First time painter

    Nice ones. What directions did you follow ?
  2. Link seems to be dead, does anyone has a valid one?
  3. Yup that elemental is really nice. With the giants it's the one i regret not taking as add-on in bones 2!
  4. Garlok

    First piece in a long time... And my first Bones!

    Very nice, getting back into the hobby today as well but don't have your level ;)
  5. Garlok

    77012 Gnoll Warrior Test figure

    Yup, It needs more constrast.
  6. Garlok

    C'thulhu in Two'thulhu - Buglips is phnw'agh fht'ramw 2!

    Damn after reading all this I was hoping for a final picture! Nice work anyway but you gotta face your fear and beat terminate Cthulu ! ;)