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  1. I am just surprised we haven't seen some awesome cross overs yet. I for one really wanted to see Wolverine vs Jafar. Realistically, Jafar would only have a chance against Wolverine if he had an army of owlbears. Oh and the owlbears could be ridden by stormtroopers, possibly In a digitally remastered version of Star Wars.
  2. I really like the corgi base. Very life like.
  3. Wow some great suggestions. Thanks guys! Dsmiles - So I looked at the chair that you recommended and I was inspired! The Ghoul Queen lounging on a comfortable but slightly decaying throne gesturing lazily with one hand with a chalice of questionable red liquid in the other. Her throne will be carried by skeletons and I was thinking that the Wargames Factory skeletons could be posed to carry the throne. I would have an armored champion standing before her and skeleton servants surrounding the throne ready to attend their master. Scorpio - I'm curious about learning more about glue ghosts but I wasn't able to find any examples. Do you know of any examples. Mad Jack - Adding some Skeleton Cavalry sounds like a great idea. I missed out on Bones 2 but I did paint up some of the skeletons from Bones 2 for a client. I really enjoyed painting them but since they are not poseable I don't think they'd have enough variety. Magnus Mercury - The multi basing idea sounds like a lot of fun, especially the mini dioramas. My GW skeletons are very orderly and rank and file and it would be nice to incorporate some lesser organized looking swarms of Mantic Skeletons. Chaoswolf - I browse the Reaper miniature finder quite frequently and there's a bunch of models I intend to add. Regretfully, my digital camera is broken so I cannot show off the models I already have painted until I can replace it. Lt. Coldfire - Now that you mention it, the Bones 3 Graveyard Expansion comes with some pumpkin minions. Gauntfield would look really good with them.
  4. Are you sure you labelled this topic correctly? These dank critters are wonderfully colorful.
  5. So I am super excited about the graveyard expansion for Bones 3 and it has inspired me to expand my undead horde. I'm looking for more interesting miniatures to paint and display. I currently own a small Vampire Counts army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle but I really don't play games with them and prefer collecting and painting. I have about 40 skeletons, 20 zombies, 10 grave guard, some zombie wolves, a corpse cart, a couple vampires, a varghulf, and Nagash. (Nagash requires assembly and painting but I have him anyway!) I want to assemble a graveyard scene where an undead army is massing for impending undeathly mischief. I am interested in adding more skeletons, armored skeletons (both regiments and characters like death knights), necromancers, and interesting undead monstrosities. A smattering of more incorporeal undead would be great too but I mostly want to focus on a core of skeletons with some larger undead beasties. My current miniatures have a predominatly Gothic theme, though some of those Egyptian undead do really tempt me. If I could find a way to visually unify the gothic and egyptian elements... Some of the Reaper Minis I intend to add are Ghoul Queen, Malek the Necromancer, Nethyrmaul, some of the Barrow Wights, and Captain Razig and some of his cronies and undead crab! I would love hear any suggestions on other models you guys would recommend to add to my horde. I love bones and things covered in bones but I'm a little picky when it comes to anatomy. For example: GW Vampire Counts Skeletons are great but GW Tomb King Skeletons are wonky. Also I would be interested in suggestions for mounts that might work well with some of the characters. For example: The Ghoul Queen deserves mount worthy of her royal status, maybe something along the lines of an ornate palanquin carried by armed skeletal minions. Maybe I'll just buy her a Coven Throne. Thanks!
  6. You know I had a similar thought when I saw that character. I really liked the way he looked Like YronimosW previously mentioned, he immediately reminded me of the Warhammer Fantasy Night Goblins. These Nasty Skulkers might be a good start. http://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Orcs-Goblins-Nasty-Skulkers As a side note, I've been curious about the game. Would you recommend it?
  7. Those crates and barrels look like they would actually give me splinters. Impressive.
  8. Thanks all. I am glad to know there are no issues.
  9. Hello all. I just recently finished painting some of the reaper bones miniatures and some of my paint jobs have turned out a little too shiny. On normal metal or plastic models I would just use Testors Dullcote matte finish to eliminate it. However when reading some of the guides for how to paint bones I read something about not using Testors Dullcote for a painting primer on bones because of painting and cracking. Does anyone know if I can safely use Testors Dullcote to finish a model without any negative side affects to remove shine? If anyone also has other suggestions on how to remove shininess I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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