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  1. Thats a good looking Krampus figure. Its how he feeds his phylactery.
  2. Ill add my opinion. Both times I've partaken in the exchange, I've grabbed at least one or two 3d printed minis from the box. So I guess that means I'm in favor of it. 🙂 But i can see both sides of the issue. To me at least these exchanges are more about removing the pile of never gonna paint these, out of my house. As long as the entire box isn't 3d printed pieces, I think its ok.
  3. @Guindyloo box sent out this morning. @nkingsto sent you the tracking info.
  4. Ok, ive made my selections, will be mailing tomorrow(post office might be closed though) or Sat
  5. @Guindyloo Box arrived this weekend, was out of town. Going to look through it this week. @nkingsto Need your address.
  6. Im in Ravena NY US only Cant start the box.
  7. Thanks everyone. Every so often i get a better then tabletop, and i think this is one of them.
  8. Here is my attempt at the Bones 5 Demonic Lasher. It feels like im missing something, but i dont want to ruin it, so i stopped here.
  9. Im in for the next round as well. Cant wait. Still have a whole half a box of stuff im not gonna use.
  10. picked up the Shadows of Sullenhall as the last 'Big' ticket item. Now to pick up all the extras and the paint that i have on my list.
  11. So ive added Charandaar the Cruel to my bought column. I think next paycheck ill hit the big ticket item (Shadows of Sullenhall) then i can do the rest like the paints and what not a little slower.
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