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  1. ANIMALS: Wildlife, Farm Creatures, and Prehistoric Beasts. Where is Medieval fantasy without the noble hunt for the Stag or Boar?! (Or simply a hunt for Deer by heroes in the wild?) And one of the greatest historical hunting challenges, the great wild ox Aurochs, doesn't seem to exist in gaming scale from any manufacturer. Livestock wander all over the rural village & countryside. Various animals would be useful, particularly those which no one seems to make: fattened geese, medieval White Park-style cattle (or even attractively primitive-looking Highland-style), 4-horned Manx-type sheep. PCs buy animals because they can; a precious hen needs to be protected until returned to its owner; sheep swamp the heroes, with wolves close on their heels; the village is destitute if the young heroes can't stop the Kobolds from running off with the season's lambs! Animals are atmospheric, and provide additional victory objects, obstacles, bait, and comic relief! Aside from dinosaurs, the mammals & birds of Prehistory are badly under represented. Assorted Terror Birds; other-than-woolly Mammoths; most massive mammal Indricotheres; gigantic mammal predator Andrewsarchus; sabre-thoothed Cats...Wonderfully evocative beasts can menace heroes from the lost time between civilization & the dinosaurs!
  2. PEOPLE: Ordinary Townsfolk, Rural Peasants, & the well-do-do. Walking or standing about, not doing anything or equipped with anything, so that they can be used for whatever NPC is needed. Preferably in more or less authentic historical dress. Folk dressed for varied time periods or cultures: Toga-clad Romans, sackcloth-clad Dark Age peasants, attractively-attired folk of the Arabian Nights, pointy-hatted Medieval ladies, and bare-skinned tribesmen, Tribesmen, TRIBESMEN! Screaming bystanders during the attack on the village; dancers at the duke's assassin-tempting ball; customers crowding the market during the big chase scene; the bossy princess rescued by the heroes; unequipped nobodies chained in the dungeon; human shields used by the villain's thugs: normal folk have endless uses as obstacles, challenges, & victory conditions!
  3. As an adult, I no longer have time paint, so LE are a god-send. My preferences: 1) Normal Folks: ordinary town & country folk in medieval dress (or any period dress). No other pre-painted line is making these (although Pathfinder Battles plans a couple), and these are generally less than exciting to paint. I need these for crowd obstacles, hostages/captives/human shields, rescue objectives, and non-combatant NPCs. How can marauders burst into a tavern without patrons to menace? (Nobles would also be handy, but Pathfinder Battles is slowly providing options.) 2) Familiars & Animals: tiny critters are a pain to paint, and many standard adventuresome animals are rare or unavailable: dangerous aurochs, vicious boar, noble stag! 3) Horde Monsters: the original LE Rats, Skeletons, & humanoids were sensible choices. The Bones lizardmen would be excellent. 4) Over-priced Monsters: the original Bathalian, Dragon, & Spider were appropriate, much too expensive in other lines. 5) Terrain/Dungeon Dressing: ordinary objects like plank tables & benches, things that stand out or provide combat options, but are common enough to be used over & over in different locales.
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