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  1. That star pattern on the base makes a great mini into a work of art. Thumbs up...
  2. Ok, first excellent work on everything. The details are so spot on. I hope you get paid well for such above and beyond work. However I have to ask about the back of the wings... what made you decide to go with those colors I mean the blending (like every other detail) great, but I just wonder about the purple?
  3. I have to go get my sox, you blew them off. I love the scroll in the second one. They do feel like red wizards, although I agree tattoos would complete the look, I don't think they need them.
  4. Those wraiths are awesome. The Fog wraith especially though, I love the blending of the colors.
  5. I have been painting since bones 1 started, it got me into this habit and now I think I have gotten better (still not good). I am very proud of my goblin attack force. SO for my first showing here, I hope you guys like them...
  6. That looks great for a first attempt. You should be proud. I hope you enjoy painting millions more...
  7. Very nice. I like the shading/shadowing on the scroll, very nice.
  8. Very nice, I especially like the way the wings look on the first one, did you do a wash or is that just a very good dry brush?
  9. I would like to see generic soldiers, and town guard that can be dropped onto a D&D table... or my idea form bones 3 a legion of hobgoblins (like based loosely off of a roman legion.)
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