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  1. Added BT-1 and 0-0-0, who I had forgotten about.
  2. So, as it turns out, I...uhhh...misspoke...when I said Jabba's Realm was complete. Well, I mean it was/is but I forgot to include a couple minis: BT-1 and 0-0-0. Two droids of ill intent. Basically, they boil down to a trigger happy astromech and a sadistic protocol droid. Mostly black with some accents. The "glowing" spot on 0-0-0's hand is meant to represent its electric shock attack. On to Coruscant! Clawdite Shifters. First one up is modeled after The Punisher. That's supposed to be a mythosaur skull on it's chest. It almost resembles it. Not a bad attempt, I guess, but it misses the mark. He was for funsies: the boxed set gives you four minis, but only three cards...so one of the Shifters is a "bonus" that you really can't use in the game. I had a relaxed attitude toward the rest, no real plan. And Maul. Yes, that Maul (it's all explained in the Clone Wars tv show). No longer a Sith, he's no longer referred to as "Darth." This is, I believe, his look from Rebels. On to the heros: Drokkatta, the trigger-happiest wookkiee you'll ever meet! She's a blast to play. I figured that she needed to be a redhead, for no reason whatsoever. She bears no similarity of temperament to any redhead I've ever known. Not a one. Jarrod Kelvin. He's cool, I guess. I mean, he's got knives like Wolverine! Ko-Tun Feralo, is a Cerean Rebel quartermaster. She brings the goodies to the fight. Last, but not least, Ahsoka Tano! I wish I'd seen her in Rebels before I started painting this figure. I liked her costume from that show better than her Clone Wars one (which this more closely resembles). Those facial tattoos are not great. Tiny work, and I figured it was better to do what I did and not louse it up further. The markings on her crest aren't great either, but like Maul's tattoos they get the job done. I tried to pattern them off the Black Series action figure. On to the home team (Boooo!): Elite Sentry Droids. Regular Sentry Droids. Regular Riot Troopers. Elite Riot Troopers. Emperor Palpatine. AT-DP. I am not happy with this one. But as it won't see much play time, it's not really worth the effort to properly fix. The blue is mostly "ok," but the round pods on the side of the cockpit were supposed to be another shade or two darker than the rest of the walker. The base color (Rainy Grey) wasn't covering well, and was taking forever. I didn't like the look of it afterwards (thought it was too light), and figured a black wash would get the recesses done right...It didn't quite work out that way. Still, it's done. I also need to remember not to use a white background. It's washing out the photos. I am at 97% for the sets we regularly use! I have seven Rebels (including Han Solo and Chewbacca) and an AT-ST to complete for the Core set...and the Nexu need some finishing work, but they could go as is. Then on to Twin Shadows (Tuskens and Boba Fett)!
  3. I hate to ask this, but what is going on with the giantess' legs? Her right foot is pointing straight, and her left is pointing in about 45 degrees, all while her torso is about -45 degrees. It looks a bit on the awkward side to my eyes.
  4. Alaska's different than Outside. In other news, it appears that the curfew is expiring and not being renewed. That is good news.
  5. Watching the coverage Friday night there were several people caught posing for the camera (I assume those shots went to social media) in the background. It's definitely a set of priorities I do not understand. Let out of the office early again. One of the protesters was killed Saturday in an altercation in front of a business, and the prosecutor announced earlier that they were not currently pursuing charges. Lots of factors in play here, but I do not want to get too involved in the topic. The curfew is still in effect, and there is talk about extending the duration. Things were pretty quiet tonight, though, despite things getting heated when the protests were less than willingly dispersed. It blew over quickly, and there were fewer arrests...so..."good news"?
  6. I actually have a goal this month! More than one, actually. Finish Heart of the Empire (AT-DP , Ahsoka Tano) Finish Imperial Assault Core (AT-ST, Rebel Saboteurs, Rebel Troopers, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and some other clean-up) Work on other miscellaneous characters (R2-D2, C-3P0, Boba Fett, a few others). Bonus: Get Twin Shadows well under way! Why does this month matter? Because it's been almost three years since I started painting IA.
  7. This happened to me before face masks were everywhere. When a teenager, I worked all day with a girl and didn't recognize her because she'd gotten a haircut. When...not...a teenager, I failed to recognize to the gentleman behind me in the grocery store and we'd been sitting next to him at hockey games for several years. It wasn't until he said something while I was looking at him that I put it together. People at the office recognize me all the time, and it's a little disturbing. I mean, I'm tough to miss. I'm one of only a handful of guys my size and I'm the only one in a Star Wars face mask, but still...
  8. Mrs. Strawhat and I are handling things fairly well. Her office closed up shop early on during things and shifted to a work-from-home format. She loves it. We stuffed a desk into the spare room, and she's using that as her office. My office is supposed to be on a rotation of in/out. I've kind of ignored the directive for the most part. The bosses know, and I haven't been told to do anything different yet. Additionally, I do not think I could handle being in the house with Mrs. Strawhat all day, every day. The house is too small and overloaded with things--there's simply not enough room. Ironically, I'm the more classic introvert and more than a bit asocial (not anti-social: I'm a hermit, not Hannibal Lecter), but I'm the one needing to get out. I do a little more of the shopping and errands, but we both still get out to do some things. We're eating at home more. For the most part, it doesn't much bother me and my routine has changed little. But there have been days when it's all seemed a little too much and I feel extra-raw. So far the feeling has faded after a couple days. Extra painting time has helped. And sometimes I crash a little early (10 or 11 as opposed to 12 or 1) for a day or two to try to help me recharge. I think my life would have been very different if I could have figured that out while still in high school (as opposed to a couple decades after). I know people tried to tell me, but sometimes things just don't get through.
  9. Still hanging in there. Work let us go early in anticipation of protests Friday evening. The protests started off calm, then ended up with property damage and vandalism, and obscenities shouted at the reporters trying to cover the news (frat boy meme stuff). The police keep using tear gas and pepper bombs, with rumors of rubber bullets being fired. I'm not exactly keeping close tabs on things, so I might have missed any video evidence. Last night another round of protests downtown that went down about the same. We're about midpoint, but still not terribly close, to those locations. There might have been some sleeplessness otherwise.
  10. I'm hardly what you'd call an "advanced" painter, but I've recently worked on a mini with a large scaled area (dewback from Imperial Assault), and while I normally don't drybrush, I found I just couldn't get away from it. It was the right tool for the job. As I thought about it, there wasn't a real reason why I avoided it other than it just felt odd after not having done it in so long. I'd better get over it, though, I've got wookiees to revisit. You are right about the beastie's face, though. It's great! This is Kenai (sounds like "Keen Eye"). He's the alpha for our local animal park's pack, and getting to be an old man these days. This is an older picture (he's faded a lot recently, and the blacks have turned to browns and greys). If I were to offer a critique of your werewolf, it would be that the fur is too monochromatic over most of the body. Kenai is just an example, and patterns vary, but notice that he's got a light blaze on his chest and that the fur fades to grey around his paws.
  11. Sounds like our geriatric cat and Mrs. Strawhat. The cat knows it takes a lot of yowling to get me to consciousness, so she goes straight to walking on Mrs. Strawhat's face. In the evening, it's usually me that the cat clings to. In other news: The A/C works again! I acquired the unit and a new furnace in late fall, but it was too cool to really give the A/C a thorough test-fire. Well, come this spring, the A/C can't keep up and just blows warm air. Fortunately, it's been fairly dry and not yet H-O-T. Well, we're supposed to hit the 90s next week. The guys came out today, and told us there was some sort of outlet/fuse issue. Less than $30 for the fix, and I came home to experience that sweet, sweet cool air!
  12. I say "ignore it, and maybe it will go away." Especially Wisconsin... I kid. I have family up there.
  13. Thank you! I try to keep close to the lore, but every once in a while I have to go off the beaten path and do something just for grins and giggles. Thank you! I always go for "tabletop," but if it's a nice tabletop that's good, too.
  14. Thank you, sir! There's still more to come (Heart of the Empire, the core set, Twin Shadows, and Tyrants of Lothal)...
  15. I finished Hera a few days ago, then Chopper earlier today, and finally the Dewback Rider this evening! I'm not feeling up to writing out a little story or dragging out the tiles for the game, so it's straight up pictures. Even the pictures are lacking in quality tonight with too much light and bad focal ranges. Still, you'll get the idea. Regular and Elite Jet Troopers. FFG sent two flight pegs with each base, but honestly that's a lot of height. Although I admit I thought about having the Elites on two pegs. Regular and Elite Gamorrean Guards. I varied the colors on the fur pants and through their skin tones. Weequay Pirates. Again the skin tones and uniform colors were tweaked a bit. The rifles are a bit flimsier than they look. I just about broke one by accident. In order: Onar Kona (an Aqualish bodyguard), Shyla Verad (Mandalorian bounty hunter), and Vinto Hreeda (Rodian gunslinger). The art has Onar as green, but I defaulted to blue and by the time I realized my mistake it was too late. Onar is one of the rarer four-eyed Aqualish. I used the Twilight Purples for Shyla. I'd been looking for an excuse to use that set. Her cloak is grey-white and the Beskar shines brightly. Vinto was a bit of a splurge in terms of colors I wanted to use. A little louder than most Rodians we see, but I don't think it's outlandish. I'm going to have to get back to "regular" green for Rodians pretty soon when I get back to "Hired Guns." I wanted one Dewback for each configuration, so I've got the regular rider and Captain Terro. The regular dewback is a little lighter than I wanted, but I think it works well enough. Captain Terro's dewback is based on a lizard I saw in the central part of the state. I originally dropped the first Terro torso and snapped the tip of his flamethrower straight off. I was not happy. The Jawa Scavenger (or Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight) might well count as my first speed paint! Only about an hour and a half on it, and I think it looks like a solid enough job for tabletop. Jabba the Hutt. We saw him back in The Bespin Gambit, but this is his home. Easy enough job, lots of drybrushing. I started trying to highlight, but quickly realized that the skin texture would lend itself to the drybrush well enough. Alliance Rangers. I was surprised when I realized that they were women (you pretty much have to look up from under the arm or straight down from the top to notice). The rifle gets in the way of the painting. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight. I used Muddy Soil to bring up the black on the jump suit. The tunic is a grey. The lightsaber blade is too short, and the handle too long. Nothing I can do about those things with my current skill set. Luke was another speed paint, or close to it. I tell you, finishing two minis in under five hours made me feel like a king! C1-10P (aka Chopper, aka Spectre 3) and Hera Syndulla (aka Spectre 2). I'm not that into Rebels...It's kind of fun and fluffy. And that lack of engagement has hurt my ability to focus and get things done on these two. Plus there was more green, and as a rule I do not much care for green. I used one of the bone triads on Chopper as I felt his age and general bad attitude would keep him a bit dingy. Hera's not quite the right shade of green, and I should have really worked some freehand circles for the designs on her lekku, but I think it works. Which leaves us at the Rancor. This thing's huge. The base is a little undersized at about 2.5" x 1.75" (instead of the full 3"x2" that it should be). It went faster than I thought. I used two different brown triads on the Rancor, one for the "armor" plates and the other for the flesh. It's tough to see in the picture, but it's more obvious in person. Up next: Ahsoka Tano and the AT-DP from Heart of the Empire or the nagendra from Bones IV. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for stopping by! PS: I forgot about BT-1 and 0-0-0. They were done, but even though I actually picked them up, I forgot to include them. D'Oh!
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