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  1. Who is to say that the tongue is ... well... original equipment...as it were. Very creepy, and looks quite impressive.
  2. Outstanding. Now all we need is a deck of cards. I forgot to redo the pistons, but they're all sealed now. The drybrushing was, once again, a little heavy-handed. That's Muddy Green, Olive Green, and Pale Olive. Hudson, run a bypass. I really kind of lost my way on the terminals. I started with Foggy Grey for the shell and tables and Nightmare Black for the screens. I decided that I wanted to dirty things up as the Foggy was just too bright, so hit the terminals with a wash of Earth Brown and a semi-succes
  3. About $28 adjusted for inflation now. Those old boxes of Space Marines (RT1) that I bought for $20 would be about $50 now. I'm not even sure that would get you a 10-man squad anymore.
  4. And, because there is nothing quite as boring as boxes, I present: MORE BOXES! The red crates were done with Fire Red, Phoenix Red, and Fire Orange. The final dry brushing was a little too heavy and they ended up a bit too orange. The blue crates were done with Worn Navy, Soft Blue, and Heather Blue. They came out a bit darker than I had wanted. But it's all done now! At least the crates, anyway. Time to finish the terminals or the sentry guns.
  5. Well, I've been getting some work done. The last crates were finished earlier tonight. The sentry guns need work, though. As do the terminals.
  6. I opened the pictures from the first few posts just fine, if that's what you were talking about. Sometimes folks link images (like to FB or some such), and I've had those go bad.
  7. No, but also yes. Maybe. These are all hard plastic (polystyrene) which Prodos started, but never completed. I'm guessing that GF9 are leasing the sculpts. So the xenomorphs are highly likely to be the direct result of the KS. I think they were starting to show those frames. I remember seeing the cloaked predators. The USCMs are probably all sourced from the initial work.
  8. A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm! Every meal is a banquet. Every paycheck a forture. Every formation a parade! I love the corps. So, I've been hitting these a little at a time since the game was released. I haven't played the game (as I mostly want to recreate the old Leading Edge Games game), but I'm sure I will eventually. On with the show: These are from images I posted over in Off Topic. I just realized last night that I'd finished (or nearly so) over half the box! The eggs and facehuggers were
  9. Î never imagined that finishing some crates would give me such a sense of accomplishment! The yellow came out better than I hoped. I just hope the red and blue (or green) work as well.
  10. OK, gonna have to start a new thread tomorrow night. I think I might actually get all four yellow crates finished! Those ridges are a pain, though. And I think the Palamino Gold looks pretty good. It has a nice industrial feel on the crates.
  11. Jeez, that horse is so cock-eyed you would think I painted it!
  12. These are too disjointed to do any sort of coherent WIP, and not high enough quality or a large enough project to do a show off for the stage I'm at, so I'm dumping them here. Well, they're nothing special, but the first six crates are done. Ten more to go, but I don't think I can do any more grey. I was a little worried that the drybrushing would interfere with the WY logo and the drybrushing got a little heavy anyway, but there doesn't seem to be much issue. I'm not sure how the next batches will work as I'm going with some very different colors.
  13. My well is in the cargo area (compact SUV), so I'm not much concerned about environmental exposure. And perhaps "emergency kit" is a bit ambitious. It's just a few handy things (mulit-tool, mylar "blankets", something to write with and on, some gloves, whistle, mirror, etc.). I thought about a drybox, or even old ammo can (some of those have gaskets to help seal), but perhaps when I upgrade. The paint case was simply handy and more takes the place of a "get home bag." It just stays in the car.
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