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  1. My second Reaper order arrived! I accidentally shipped it to Ma and Pa Strawhat's and the second order was because I botched up the ReaperCon coupon code on the first one and forgot about a couple minis coming out this month...But on to the good stuff! Headless Footman (x2) Fellclaw, Scarecrow Guardian Lone Star Leather Denim Blue Old West Rose Ghoulie Bag Asandris Nightbloom BCA Pink Also some penny sleeves for Ma and Pa's copy of Splendor because Pa Strawhat can be a little harsh on the cards.
  2. I've been busy "Ted Turner"-ing my prior creations. I thought that the colors would inspire me to create more, but they haven't really. Not yet, anyway. I also have trouble believing that they haven't gotten around to some basic fantasy/horror/sci-fi staples yet. We're sorely missing riding boars, old-time hockey masks, etc.
  3. Every time I see those floors my eyes cross and my brain just shorts out. Those are just incredible!
  4. 4 Death Troopers 4 Lothcat bases 1 "Retired" Clone Trooper 1 Devoronian Cyborg Kanan Jarrus Sabine Wren Ezra Bridger Zeb Orrelious Thrawn Hondo Ohnaka Mid-month update. I've stalled out a bit on the Lothcats. I just couldn't find any sort of inspiration, and I've been more tired/lazy than usual lately. But I have inspiration now! Tres is about halfway done. I felt her "official" blue scheme lacked flavor, so I've decided to use purple instead.
  5. It is a pretty ugly trophy. Beyond that, I don't really pay attention to it all that much. Some people go nuts for it, but it's just too expensive to go too. You seem like you're talking about Lord Stanley's Cup, but you cannot be. It's a dignified bit of history, and takes your breath away when you get near (or even lay hands on) it. That's another thing that makes it a thing of beauty...its accessible by the fans. When it came through town a while back (probably 15 years or so), I made sure we all got to see it. We even have a picture of the four of us with it! Unfortunately, it was getting late when we got there so they were limiting the time you could have with the cup (by the time we got to it, it was pretty much reduced to get a glance, get your hands on it, get your picture taken, then move on for the next group). But they stayed as late as they could (and then some) to get as many folks through the line as possible. You're not going to get that with just any piece of history (sports or otherwise)!
  6. I guess it's actually "a thing" to convert the Disney princesses (and others) into Mandalorians.
  7. I guess that depends on whether the 'Crons get a buffed or busted with the new codex... Acquisitions: Steering wheel cover (sun and my constant picking are tearing it up). Pet water bubbler (the motor in the old one died...after ~9 years)
  8. If they make it past another couple stretch goals, I think it will be very tempting. I do wish that they were offering male and female options for the unlocked characters, though.
  9. There was allegedly an issue with Canadian shipping that should now be fixed. I don't know how much it is, now, though.
  10. This depends on how much of the figure is blocked by the additional piece. Lately, most of what I've been painting is pre-assembled so I haven't had a real choice. But I waited til Rauthuros was mostly done before I started assembling him, and even then I jumped the gun a bit and probably should have held off assembly until I finished a couple other parts.
  11. Double-drop of shipments today. Non-fun stuff was a paper shredder and a gift for the granddaughter. She'll like it, but it's not exactly fun for me. Fun stuff: Cool Greens triad Arachnid Archer (x2) Yeti Chieftain Yeti Warrior Yeti Shredder Willow Greenivy Nemsera Ghoulie Bag Sir Rathos Jada Twinsuns BCA Pink The Nativity (which will be a gift for Ma Strawhat).
  12. 1 20 12 5 1 19 20 7 15 15 7 12 5 9 19 8 5 12 16 6 21 12
  13. I had a thought the other night, and I don't think I've shared it before, regarding OOP colors. Would it be possible to change the reference dot to a reference square? That would provide a visual break and wouldn't require another category or other such breakdown. But might it be a problem on the programming side?
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