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  1. strawhat

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    I was looking for something else, and noticed that the Redstone Triad (09775) has the colors for the Olive Skintones Triad (09774). I should add that these are correct for Olive Skintones, just not Redstone. The individual Redstone paints look to be correct (as far as I can tell).
  2. I have the same gate on the cobra, and it will get the same treatment as Asuranshadow's (try to make it look like damage to the statue).
  3. More purchases: the last Codex Alera book (First Lord's Fury), a repurchase of a small latchmates (6.2 qt. from Michael's) storage tote as my first one is serving as a tote for some of my folks' medications, and a scrapbook paper storage box (also from Michael's, and only $10) which is serving as paint storage. The scrapbook paper organizer is holding ALL of my paint currently, and could easily go up to 170ish bottles. I just need to make some dividers out of some old matte board and this will be nigh-perfect.
  4. strawhat

    Highlighting Nightmare / Noir Black

    I treat Nightmare Black as an extension of the "Grey Blues" (Midnight Blue, Twilight Blue, and Snow Shadow). Depending on what type of painter you are (I'm strictly a "tabletop" level painter, and not worried about the smoothest blends), you might find some interesting options in that.
  5. strawhat

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Sure is. Any time after breakfast (or at least after work). I think it's worth noting that the saying "It's five o'clock somewhere" never specifies am or pm...
  6. strawhat

    Bones 4 Apemen as Barlguras

    I love it!
  7. strawhat

    Bones 4 Apemen as Barlguras

    That's a great idea! I might have to borrow it for the gorilla with the sword and armor.
  8. That reminds me that I still need to send off my email. Email has suffered this last week.
  9. strawhat

    Female Minotaur - Moo-Donna (Bones 4)

    I find it all rather a-moos-ing. Sometimes you just gotta go where your moos takes you...
  10. strawhat

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 1

    That's a good idea. I just might end up borrowing it...
  11. strawhat

    Youtube reaction videos

    I understand unboxing videos (when they're well done). Those give insight. But watching someone's jaw drop in response to the Endgame trailer, or other fumier du jour, is alien to me. I believe their sudden growth is directly related to YouTube cracking down on copyright violations. Basically, there were a lot of channels that would take something like the Endgame trailer and post it to their channel. Naturally, Marvel would not be happy about this. Nor would any other legitimate source for the trailer (MTV, Jimmy Kimmel Live, etc.) as it would compete for hits/views. However, since at least half of the "content" would now include the channel owners' reactions, YouTube can't force them to take it down and the "reaction" vid still manages to get some hits (and generate revenue for the channel owner). I won't say that I've never watched any reaction vids, but it has to be something "special" where I might be able to learn something (like all the vocal coaches watching Disturbed's cover of "The Sound of Silence" or a stunt coordinator rate special effects shots). Beyond that? No, not so much. I don't care what some schmo thinks a song or movie trailer.
  12. I did a bit of digging and found the Thunderstone wiki. It appears that we played the "Classic" Thunderstone base game (determined by the inclusion of cards which were allegedly rotated out in later editions). We didn't have any expansions, and used the special "beginners" set up in the rules.
  13. I honestly couldn't tell you, the game belongs to my friend. I guess it has to have been an older version, though, as I haven't been able to spot it online or in AEG's catalog.
  14. We got in a three-fer last Friday. First up was WizKids' Quarriors. It was pretty similar to Thunderstone, but with dice instead of cards. It played pretty quickly with just two players, and I think I preferred Thunderstone. But I did like well enough that I'm considering picking up a Dicemasters game or two. It turns out that I won...although I wasn't quite ready for it. Next up was Via Appia from Queen Games. This one had an interesting mechanic. The method by which you acquire stones to build the Via Appia is similar to a "coin pusher" game. If you manage to push any of the wooden discs off the apparatus, you can trade those in for small, medium, or large stones. You build the roads. Then you travel between the cities. I focused on advancing between the cities while my opponent focused on filling in the road to completion. It turns out that I won. My opponent did a quick check of the "public" games available, and pulled out Splendor from Asmodee. I gaffed a couple rules early on, but quickly caught on. Some rounds even felt like we were playing "speed" picking up jewels and making purchases at a reckless speed. It turns out that I won...although I wasn't quite ready for it. My opponent counted up his points, and had enough. I counted my points up, and also had enough to win. I just hadn't realized earlier (I guess I was too busy planning my next buys and figuring out how quickly I could acquire the third noble). I'm seriously considering picking this up for the wife's aunt and uncle...and maybe a copy for us...and maybe one for my folks to play with my nephews...
  15. Finally got Endgame in! I was pretty impressed by it. I could have done without two gratuitous "girl power" moments, but those were only minor complaints especially considering the number of "old friends" that we were able to catch up with. The wife got weepy during a couple parts. It wasn't quite a "cast of thousands" but it sure felt like it was close. I got a little confused near the end, though. I had to do some internet searching to find out who the lone figure (teenage boy) was.