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  1. Infinity is my guess, too. Something in the face and gear hints at it to me. I did a couple searches, and Corvus Belli seems to often leave the tabs for the slotta base blank, so that tracks as well. But I've searched the current catalog, and nothing jumped out at me. @WhiteWulfe, aren't you into Infinity? Does this one look familiar to you?
  2. It's been a few months since I've had any goals. I'd managed to have a reasonably productive early part of the year, followed by some "summer doldrums." Things are a bit better, so it might be time to start stepping things up a bit. Goals for October! FINISH All Hallows Eve (x2). I kind of hit a wall with these two ladies. The assembly was a little difficult (clumsy fingers and fine parts), and fitting the themes into the minis has been a challenge. I've gotten some assembly done on my massive Genestealer Cult, but now it's time to get painting: Patriarch, Magus, Neophyte Hybrids, and Aberrants (17 models). I think that's ambitious enough given that I haven't painted in a few weeks. I've got a few other things in reserve should I somehow make it through all that (or suddenly decide I don't want to deal with any particular portion of my goals).
  3. I have been to several, now that I think about it: One of my cousins was married in the courtyard of an Italian restaurant (long since closed). I had a reasonable time. Mrs. Strawhat's aunt was married at a mansion in Florida. It was a nice place, Spanish moss dripping from the tree branches and everything. My future father in law and I did some of the schlepping for various things and generally tried to stay out of the way (and out of notice). The beer was pretty good, too, but I don't remember the brand. Not that I would be able to get it here, anyway, but sometimes I like to remember things like that. I had a reasonable time. Some other knucklehead I know managed to find a woman willing to be his wife, and her favorite aunt lives down in Florida (part of his family, too). So they did a destination wedding. The beer wasn't as good at this one, though. I suppose you could say I had an ok time.
  4. Wow, those gems! And the yeti are superbly disturbing.
  5. Very sorry to hear it. You and yours will definitely be in my thoughts.
  6. It is, indeed, a "thing." Although I don't much track the dates I can definitely tell you what I've painted over the last few years. The full version of paintRack makes it pretty easy to keep good notes about the colors used and there are notes sections that allow you the opportunity to detail information about mixes, blends, techniques, or anything else.
  7. That's a bummer. I get it, though, no matter how much it goes against my personal desires. On the other hand, it's much better for my finances.
  8. Festivals? With...other... No thanks. *shrug* Not generally my thing.
  9. I'm sure I don't know what you mean... I might get around to painting All Hallow's Eve as well. I doubt I'll get around to Willforts Todd or the Dread Rots this year, though.
  10. Hobbying helps...Of course, the irony is that when I'm stressed the most, it's also the most difficult time to find the focus/energy to hobby. I usually just end up playing silly app games which distracts me (for a bit), but doesn't actually do anything to help the stress levels. Mrs. Strawhat has even commented on it...and IIRC even flat out suggested it was time for me to start painting something again.
  11. I have a minor shake. I can usually brace my hands together to handle most of it. Cutting carbs and avoiding caffeine when I'm painting helps. If I've been painting for a while (2+ hours), or doing a lot of detail work, the shake gets a little more pronounced. I think part of it is related to how hard I try to physically fight the shake--the more force I put into the muscles to try to fight the shake, the more pronounced it becomes. I'm also very nearsighted, but it's correctible. I've noticed that when I'm doing detail work (or working in a tight space where I'm concerned about paint going onto an area that might be tough to fix) I have a tendency to look over the top of my glasses and only use my right eye. I usually try to avoid this as I'm already pretty right-eye dominant.
  12. Well, minis are my main hobby...I put that into collecting, painting, converting, and sometimes even playing. I also happen to particularly enjoy reading (although I read much less than I used to), building my movie collection, and that's about it. I used to be pretty focused on Clive Barker and Stephen King, but I really only read Jim Butcher these days. I did pick up Joe Hill's N0S4A2 (Hill also happens to be King's son). I used to read comics and collect comics, too. That got to be too expensive, and I switched (for a time) to picking up compilations/graphic novels. I haven't picked up anything in a few years, though. It wasn't a conscious decision, it just sort of tapered off. I'm already much choosier about the movies I acquire--It's mostly just the latest Marvel or Star Wars flicks lately. The "gotta catch 'em all" has diminished greatly for the movies/tv shows that I want to watch and rewatch. I used to pick up lots of things, almost anything that sounded interesting or that I'd seen and enjoyed. Those days are long gone, though. Most of what I get now comes in the form of birthday or Christmas gifts. If I can only keep one, it's going to be the minis. Minis give the best bang/buck ratio...and I may have a somewhat sizable stockpile of them.
  13. I try to manage the chaos and mayhem into something resembling "oh, hang on...I know where that is!" For paints, that means paintRack! I'm actually pretty consistent about getting everything entered, but since I don't branch out into many manufacturers like some people do, it's not as much of the proverbial Bugbear. I just use Reaper and Ceramcoat, but I'm looking at Turbo Dork more and more. The Reaper paints are stored in ArtBin Super Satchels. The Ceramcoat in a plastic shoebox. Minis, on three other hand, are a little more difficult. Minis for specific games aren't too difficult. I keep those in Super Satchels or related boxes if those work for storage. I usually have an inventory spreadsheet that has all the expansions, the names of the minis, counts, and whether or not the minis are painted. My 40k stuff also has a price calculation so I can see just how much I'm spending. Since I've been buying Start Collecting and Combat Patrols it's not too bad (comparatively speaking) but those will not remain effective buys for much longer. Minis not for specific games are the actual issue. I had started a spreadsheet once but it fell by the wayside. The intent was to fully catalog the collection with the details of each figure: race, genre, armor, weapons, equipment, etc. all while using consistent terminology and descriptive methods. Yeah, that didn't last long. Now I mostly count on memory for the important things. The Bones Kickstarter do not help with that. I try to look at the KS pages from tired to time to refresh my memory on what I've got, though. And to make things "fun" the non- game specific minis are in a couple large totes/tubs/bins...whatever. Mostly. There are a couple purchases from other than Reaper sources mixed in, and those are easy enough to remember as they're pretty specific to my tastes.
  14. These look really great! One thing I would suggest is pauldrons with the dots and lines number glyphs as well. The faces are very impressive, but may be a little difficult for the average person to distinguish. If I had these available when my no-GW willpower broke, I might have gone marines instead of genestealers!
  15. I like the concept, but not the time and effort required to get them going. When I first started rebuilding my Genestealer Cult I looked around at some of the options and just eventually decided it wasn't going to be worth the effort for the benefit I would receive. I looked at impcat(?) and decided against it. I downloaded the GW one, then uninstalled it a few minutes later. I don't want to paint only in GW Approved colors and schemes, so their app didn't seem to have much value. And their organization and availability of non- space marine options were awful as well. I would swear they actively hate their customers and regularly and deliberately look for ways to make the customer experience worse.
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