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  1. Personally, I think there's a lot to appreciate about the colder months. Like many others have noted, there's only so much a person can take off (in public), but adding a sweater or curling up under a blanket is much easier. I appreciate the drop in the bug population. Then there's Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's also hockey season. And time for chili and hot chocolate. I can also stop mowing the yard.
  2. There has been much drama in the House of Strawhat over the last few months. It's been good to have Strawbonnet #2 around. She's grown so much in the time she's been here: all the way from "pretty much inanimate" to a rambunctious toddler. And some extra time with Strawbonnet #1 has been nice, even if it's been overwhelming at times. I will happily put Autumn behind me, and hope for a better Winter.
  3. I don't think I could choose just one. Mostly, I think it comes down to what's my favorite movie [at that instant]. I'd be pretty excited to have a lightsaber, though. Although lots of other things would be amazing to have.
  4. We get the occasional bug or spider. Oh, we had a mouse once, as well. The mouse was scooped up and removed from the location. I don't put that level of effort into bugs and spiders. Those are handled with extreme prejudice. The first couple years at the new house saw a problem with stink bugs, but I discovered that I just needed to close the screen door to keep them out.
  5. I did. It wasn't much, but it did get done. I managed to glue a couple sets of arms onto the appropriate bodies. The first was the stone giant champion, whose arms had fallen off. I also attached the Avatar of Courage's arms. Oh, and I re-glued a genestealer hybrid neophyte to his base. No pictures this time.
  6. There is a small vase sitting on top of the TV cabinet. In that vase are two artificial roses: a simple fabric rose and a carved wooden rose. The carved wooden rose is something that Youngest bought for Strawbonnet #1 at a ren-fest. The fabric rose (I doubt that it's actually silk) belonged to my great-grandmother. When Mrs. Strawhat and I discussed potential names should we decide to have children, my input was that any potential daughter would have been named for my great-grandmother. Although that possibility never came about, Youngest happened to take a shine to the name we had chosen and asked to use it when the time came for 'Bonnet #1. So that vase holds two roses. One rose for my great-grandmother and the other for my granddaughter and they share the same first name. I guess it brings me a measure of peace, joy, or hope but I like that it's there.
  7. The last time I remember fasting was about three years ago. Fasting was necessary for a medical procedure. Feasting was accomplished yesterday! Turkey, ham, a couple dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and dressing! Along with a mini-cheesecake and some apple crisp for dessert. No more feasting until closer to Christmas, thank goodness. Too many carbohydrate-rich food throws my system off.
  8. Just the usual things. Without going into too much detail: time with family, continued health, employment, etc.
  9. No real mentors as such. I absolutely still look up to my parents and grandparents as they did a lot and often with very little.
  10. Y'know, I'm not even sure it's been so long.
  11. I mostly use sales, but I do have a couple synthetic brushes that came as part of a pack and some from Ma Strawhat's crafting supplies. As far as I can assassinate a regular brush, I can get a synthetic brush to hook its tip even faster.
  12. I'm not really one for scents, too many of the chemical/man-made scents irritate my nasal passage or make my lips go numb. At a prior office location, I was seated near the restrooms and the deodorizing spray was just awful. There were many a day when I left the office with a burning throat and tingling face. I do appreciate the smell of cooking beef, though. Oh, and a decent cigar can be a nice smell, too. I'm not a smoker, but I have been wanting a cigar recently. Unfortunately, I am tragically mundane.
  13. There are just too many to easily pick one. Maybe I watch too many movies, or am too early amused... I guess I'll go with one of my favorites from a comedy, and say, "I want my two dollars!"
  14. I have a couple. Plain old spaghetti (meatballs or meat sauce, I'm good with either) and frog eye salad.
  15. I think the best hobby purchase I've made is the vortex mixer. I picked up a refurbished one from Typhoon and that thing is a t-a-n-k. For the most part, though, I'm pretty "low-end" when it comes to hobby purchases. I think that the least useful hobby purchase I've made is some masking tape. I thought it would prove somewhat useful, but it just didn't end up being the case.
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