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  1. You'd need something in the shotglass, too, right? And then you'd have to adjust the level in it, until it was proper. And try not to spill or over-correct the volume. 'Cause then you'd have to start over... Maybe this is why I don't get enough painting done...
  2. As satisfying as black can be, it's good to get into other colors. I can't imagine that everyone in history wore as much black as we tend to paint. FIFY.
  3. They're some great colors, but I just haven't found quite the right uses for them...yet.
  4. I would consider a lighter-to-medium grey for the trousers. Consider turquoise or teal, too, if you want a little added punch. White and black are usually good options for situations when you can't figure out what else to use.
  5. White and Blue is definitely a powerful combination! I'm thinking, though, that I'll likely go over the Foggy Grey with the slightly darker Rainy Grey. The scutes would still end up mostly Foggy Grey with the edges in Pure White/Sparkling Snow. I was wondering if I should revisit the spinal ridge with the Deep Ocean. The Sky Blue is so vibrant and I've not worked with much with Deep Ocean, so I'm having trouble "seeing" it mentally. As for the colors, I work strictly with Reaper paints. It's nothing against other brands, it's just the way that I have chos
  6. I haven't had an RPG going for years, and what little gaming I've done recently (pre-pandemic) has usually been with with store copies of various games. The exception to that was a regular Imperial Assault game. When we started, we used the Imperial player's game and minis (for obvious reasons). As I had just (re)started painting at that time I was able to paint up my copies of the party. I kept adding more and more (focusing on the characters we were playing and then moving out to the Imperial forces that the IP liked to use) as the campaigns progressed. I've now worked my way
  7. You put that in purple, but with the focus lately on unexplained aerial phenomena, you might be more right than anyone expects!
  8. I started Rimeblast a couple weeks ago. She's the first thing I've painted in some time. It won't be anything special (I've got to learn how to up my game one of these days), but it's a start. This won't be a real in-depth thread, just the "end of the night" update after a painting session. Well, that was where I started. I knew that the "white" dragon wouldn't be white. It's not the way things are in the world where Rimeblast dwells. But, this is the Ocean Colors triad (specifically Deep Ocean), which isn't just blue enough. So, after a c
  9. I suspect that Reaper are playing the odds that the containers will show up far enough ahead of that date, or soon enough after, such that juggling things around will not be a huge inconvenience. Then again, I'm Wave 18 and loaded with power-ups. So early or late likely won't matter a whit in my case.
  10. US shipping to begin the 28th regardless of the containers "gone walkabout." Details in the KS update.
  11. Why does Odin need a spear, or Ares a sword? 'Cause it's "cool," that's why!
  12. A sheet of blank paper will do... ... in a pinch! I vote for a King Crab pattern. Did you know that they come in blue as well as red?
  13. Don't worry about it--seriously, it ain't worth it. I just happened on it and the following (and some of the preceding) posts at the right time. It's been quite some time since the KS comments were worth reading on the regular. And if Oz gets theirs first, they're first. If Europe gets theirs second, then they're second. But I'm in Wave 18 anyway.
  14. Count on it being a troll. That one poster has been claiming to have received minis, tracking numbers, etc. for some time now.
  15. You also get what looks to be X-Wing (or slightly larger) scale Babylon 5 fighters! Missing Narns, Centauri, and the Non-Aligned Worlds. Man, I would dig an X-Wing-type game set in B5. Put in some realistic(ish) physics with turning (less so with firing, I can only take so much "reality" in my games) and I'd be sold.
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