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  1. Seldom have I seen so much "nope" in a single place.
  2. Buy them again, paint them again! The fun never stops! Especially since the regular wraith release is green translucent, and the B4 versions were opaque. Which makes me wonder...Was it ever said if Murkillor and the riders would be opaque or translucent?
  3. Ahhh, someone finally recognizes my genius! I'm glad you've got another project going!
  4. Ah, so that's why olde New York was once New Amsterdam. But why did Constantinople get the works?
  5. Thank you. Pa Strawhat has decided to keep it (at least for now), which was a pleasant surprise.
  6. It looks like West Wind Productions: Panzer Mech Weird WWII. Nicely done, BTW.
  7. I actually finished this some time ago, but frankly wanted to get it over to Ma and Pa Strawhat's ASAP as we knew that Ma wouldn't be around too much longer. As such, I didn't have the option to get pictures (as soon as I finished sealing it, I went to bed, then boxed it up the next evening as soon as I got home from work and ran it out there). I grabbed Ma's phone one afternoon while I was over there waiting for hospice to arrive and took a few pictures. I had hoped that Ma would post them so I could grab them, but she didn't. The pictures are a little dark (I'm not real good at using other phones), but I think the idea comes across.
  8. Whoops. I haven't been following these too closely. 29116 Arkos Green 29117 Roogtarki Red 29118 Cyberist Orange 29119 Mercury Fliers Blue 29120 Grimm Grey 29121 Regulators Scarlet 29122 Green Titanium 29123 Blue Titanium 29124 Tungsten Plating 29125 Hot Blue 29126 Aoki Steel 29127 Afterburn
  9. 29101 Plasma Red? 29102 Plasma Blue 29103 Plasma Yellow? 29104 Rodi Soil 29105 Skysmog Haze 29106 Ion Soot 29107 Gutter Grime 29108 Carbon Scoring 29109 Hardsuit Blue 29110 Mantis Grey 29111 Deflector Shield 29112 Viceroy Crimson 29113 Synth Flesh 29114 Roogtarki Flesh 29115 Radiation Burn
  10. Didn't someone (maybe @OneBoot) experiment with diluting the liner in a quantity of water and then "soaking" Bones in it? That could help with such large sections. I thought the experiment ended well, but I'm not 100% certain of it.
  11. Where did you find this stuff? I’m not finding it on the reaper site and the reaper virtual site is very mobile unfriendly. They're in the store. Just search "expo".
  12. Red touches black, a friend to Jack.* *Offer valid only in Eastern North America. I like the way the white comes off the brow ridges and down the snout. A neat little detail!
  13. Believe me: If I can figure out how to send it, you're getting it.
  14. I haven't been updating lately, because we don't really change things up. When Ma Strawhat was still herself we'd play Splendor twice when Mrs. Strawhat and I would go over for visits. We've still been playing since she passed. I think Pa Strawhat likes it. Although he's been getting a little grouchy as he hasn't been winning very often. I get my competitive drive from him. Well, we had the Strawbonnet (granddaughter) with us today. She's only five, but she likes to try to play (with a little help from Mrs. Strawhat or myself). Strawbonnet won today--and by a hefty margin (although Mrs. Strawhat's decision-making helped). I'm pretty sure that Ma Strawhat, if she were able, would be laughing with glee and pride.
  15. I think that there are several greens that would be nice substitutes for Dark Angels Green. I would probably look at Pine Green or Forrest Green first. Those are the closest (green) matches according to paintRack (a handy app available on iOS and Android). If you wanted to go a bit darker, Peacock Green is nice. I don't think I have any decent pictures of those greens, though. PS: All hail the Four-Armed Emperor!
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