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  1. Terrainosaur

    Help identify big helmet samurai

  2. Terrainosaur

    Budoc Bloodybones by Magnificent Egos

    I needed a figure for an NPC, the Lunatic Samurai, who knows the secret of the Bamboo Trail. Identified by haldir in this thread.
  3. Terrainosaur

    Help identify big helmet samurai

    Impressive! TYVM Thank you I will have to dig for those. More horns is good.
  4. Terrainosaur

    Help identify big helmet samurai

    I see your point about Crucible ... it fits the style. But I didn't see this listed from them.
  5. Terrainosaur

    Help identify big helmet samurai

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of this miniature? The tab is blank. I doubt it's Reaper, GW or Iron Wind.
  6. Terrainosaur

    Dragon Statue (02457)

    I wanted an unfinished dragon statue, so I used an old metal one I had lying around. The figure is Amber Dragon (2457).
  7. Terrainosaur

    Spirit of the Forest (77184)

    Thanks. My Pathfinder players liked that too. I thought it might come out looking like a mistake.
  8. Terrainosaur

    Adventuring party!

    That's the actual party in my campaign! I can't very well make someone play a gnome. :)
  9. Terrainosaur

    Adventuring party!

    The adventuring party from my Pathfinder campaign: Reaper 14318: Cleric of Ishnar Reaper 02669: Oberon Half-Orc Reaper 89020: Harsk, Iconic Dwarf Ranger Reaper 77049: Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger
  10. Terrainosaur

    Spirit of the Forest (77184)

  11. Terrainosaur

    Ironbark Spitter - Privateer Press/Hordes

    The model is produced by Privateer Press for their Hordes game. Uh, I could have sworn I replied with a link. Now I can't find it. Was that not allowed?
  12. Here's my Ironback Spitter for Hordes. http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_2.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_3.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_4.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_5.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_7.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_8.jpg
  13. Terrainosaur

    14139: Krungbeast, Reptus Monster

    From my Pathfinder campaign: The oldest creatures still left over from the original settlers of the valley are lumbering beasts of burden, the krungbeasts. Their handler, the gnome Kiranora, rents them out wherever they're needed most ... pulling out huge stumps, dragging heavy loads, or working in conditions too dangerous for horses.
  14. Terrainosaur

    Megaraptor (02996 Carnosaurus)

    http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/megaraptor_3.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/megaraptor_4.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/megaraptor_5.jpg