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  1. YouTube video: https://youtu.be/s7VYJKgXLMI
  2. You probably don't want this. Yes I'm creative but when you add mania, restlessness and impulsiveness, my brain burns too hot.
  3. You wrote 120 words to complain. Also, my channel isn't monetized nor will it ever be. There are no ads.
  4. Thank you. Vallejo Water Effects on monofilament line.
  5. More pics here: http://www.terrainosaur.com/blog/2020/07/25/wet-stone-troll/
  6. This is a plastic Huge Fire Elemental by WotC, from the 2006 War of the Dragon Queen set. It's chasing a lead Zombie by Grenadier, from the 1980 Dungeon Monsters box set. I woke up abruptly at 2:30 am after only a couple hours sleep and my brain said ‘Take that big transparent fire elemental, you have two. Cut a hole in the bottom. It’s hollow. Put an LED taped to a battery in the hole. Paint Citadel Mordant Earth on the outside. It’s a black crackle paint and will look like lava.’ I said ‘You’re right brain, that’s a good idea, but was I thinking about fire elementals? Where did this come from?’ Brain said ‘You can sleep while the crackle paint dries.’ More pics here: http://www.terrainosaur.com/blog/2020/07/27/i-am-the-god-of-hellfire/.
  7. This video shows how to make natural looking bases without expensive texture paints. https://youtu.be/_ccfvOqjd38
  8. This fellow's name is Harrowretch. He has a reputation as a terrible, hungry brute. But he's actually a level 7 druid and his favourite meal is bugbear. The base is 4" square. More pics here: http://www.terrainosaur.com/blog/2020/07/28/tendriculos-miniature/
  9. Vallejo Transparent Water. I thought if it can make waves, it could make flames.
  10. This miniature is only 2.25" tall. I added the custom smoke, and painted the model with cross-hatching. (I'm calling the hashtag #warhatcher!) More pics on my site: http://www.terrainosaur.com/blog/2020/07/21/adeptus-titanicus-imperial-knight/
  11. I added the custom flames, and painted the model with cross-hatching. (I'm calling the hashtag #warhatcher!) More pics here: http://www.terrainosaur.com/blog/2020/08/02/bringer-of-the-jade-flame/
  12. In this video, I show how I built an overland map. My goal was to see if it could be done for D&D or Warhammer campaigns. Watch to see how it turned out! https://youtu.be/uctTt8o44Pg
  13. In this video, I show how to paint cobblestone textures on bases. No texture paints or green stuff involved! https://youtu.be/kDQ8N4rwwCY
  14. 1 The Spiritualist. Interesting skin tones. The focus is the face. I like the cloth patterns. I normally avoid putting green and red together because when I do it, it comes out Christmasy. Yours didn't.
  15. Here's my mindwitness for D&D. I turned it around because I thought the blend on the back was more interesting. The video how to make the pool of acid is here: https://youtu.be/8KpCZMrYScg
  16. https://youtu.be/Ost_MF5gf_o I've been painting Reaper Miniatures for a long time. I'm going to make hobby videos and my new video shows some of my favourite projects, including six Reaper minis. If you'd care to like, comment, share or subscribe, I would appreciate it. Eyebeast 2712 Mangu Timur 02483 Orc Marauder 77042 Urn of Ashes 02767 Skeleton Archer 02013 Po Wi Set Nagendra Warlord 14419
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