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  1. I haven't posted here in a while, but the spirit of the holiday season reminded me of how sweet everyone was here back when I did post so I'm returning to show some love after a few years of improving my painting skills.
  2. I bought some of the bones mouslings for my wife to paint. Well she never got around to it and I needed a druid/animal mage who was going to animate a treant in our game so I slapped some paint of this little guy. Now I'm really looking forward to the bee keeper one. I also have the rogue and assassin set too. I stole the shooting star robe idea from someone who was doing an eye painting tutorial on youtube. Mine comes no where near his though.
  3. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I honestly feel like I accidentally painted this well haha!
  4. I'm jealous of how well you painted the back of the cloak!
  5. Wow! This is really nice. Thanks for explaining a bit on the process of the water.
  6. I love the creativity! If I had GM pull that out, I would immediately start bowing down and saying "I'm not worthy".
  7. Very cool! I love the conversions. I think that this kind of creative spirit is a great boon to this community. Keep up the great work and keep on posting!
  8. It was super easy. Just base coat with sun yellow, dry brush with fire orange, paint some lava orange where you want to darken it, then paint some heavily diluted volcanic brown on in layers to add the crispy dark bits.
  9. Attack of the speed painting.. Only took me 2.5 hours x.x Not so speedy. My favorite part is his booty!
  10. I painted this dude in about an hour. It came in the mail the morning before the game session I was planning to use him. I'm using this mini for a recurring character who previously lost an arm (space dragon bit it off during a spelljammer campaign). It's great because the half shark/half man is very mild mannered, but fierce in a fight so the mini has a great presence outside of combat just to remind the players of the other side of the coin. We're running Strahd and I replaced the mad mage with another recurring character and had him magically regrow the sharkman's arm. I may come back and cut one of his arms off later though.
  11. I painted this kenku today. I would have liked playing with other colors for the beak and feathers, but my players will be meeting their first wereraven in Curse of Strahd next week so I went with boring black on black. I was picking between this model and the owl bear from reaper bones. The owl bear has that fierce lycan look, but it was more expensive so the kenku won out. This is actually my first non-bones miniature to paint which added to my decision process. I used a grey brush on primer for it because I've been having problems with the humidity and the spray primer I usually use. This is my first time flocking a base as well. It turned out ok, but I'm sure there is a much better way to go about it. I'm going to clean the flocking up a bit once it completely dries. I was considering using a brush on sealer on it. My tests on the flocking show that the sealer completely ruins the snow look and makes it just look like slush so I'll probably just leave it be.
  12. Yeah I'm afraid to flock it due to wear. I was going to paint whatever details I was going to add. The past few game props I've made have been kind of a hassle to move due to fragility. I wanted to make something that I can just toss into the car and not worry about putting a seat belt on it. I was thinking about adding a suit of arms made from card stock over the door, but I really like your banner idea! Lot's of possibilities there!
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