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  1. something else to consider. I have been looking at prices. single dad on a tight budget i have to look at those things. I have noticed that the sets are more cost effective if you are in need of that many. if you only need one or two to fill out a group no worries.
  2. i have yet to get into a match. though i have been painting them up for friends and getting some as gifts. I enjoy painting them mostly. I itch to get my Crusaders into fight!
  3. THANKS EVERYONE. Those are definitely the answers i was looking for.
  4. Sorry i can see how my post was misunderstood. yes i have the purple hardcover. and i have printed a copy of RAGE rules with the changes. Let me ask my questions again. ; at the end of the RAGE download it has faction sections with all the revised character cards. 1) will the faction sections be updated with new character cards as they become available? 2) Were the lists provided ONLY as a revised version of what was in the purple book, at which no other cards will be downloadable?
  5. Thanks Reaper for the R.A.G.E. download. though i see that in the back of the "book" are all the updated character cards. now will this be updated in the rear section of RAGE book or will there be a different section to go to find stats/cost info? Or was that for just the figures that were already out and needed to have all the info adjusted to fit the new points totals? I am so new to Warlord that i don't know what i am doing. just wanted to start asking my questions now.
  6. That will come in really handy. thanks Chesme
  7. wow thanks for all the good links. and Kristof for the details. i will be putting this into practice this weekend.
  8. I would love to see examples. of anything. for me it would give me inspiration.
  9. for Stub, styrofoam, cardbox, small boxes, medicine pill bottles, plywood, sand, blocks, Thanks Spike. I will be kicking around with if for the next couple of days and if something starts to take form would you critique a pic? Vak, thanks for the ideas of making it mostly removable. it would be worth it in the long run.
  10. Hi every. I got the old starter set. What i am going to work on now is the creating of the game table. I have tons of material and am about ready to put them into use. I just would like some suggestions on sizing and scale. conversions, any examples stuff like that. thanks for the info before hand.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm new to the boards but have been a huge Reaper fan for some time. I'm not going to lie, i have figs from the other companies but I truely enjoy the painting. I heard about the reaper event last year and was wondering what the dates were for this one? is it too late to sign up if possible? thank you for your patiences with the new guy!
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