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  1. Don't get me wrong I do see where you are coming from. I followed Definace's projects and in fact chatted with Tony a lot when I first got started out, he pointed me toward a lot of resources that helped me get started, like where to buy bases. Then things went nuts for them after that. I've backed around 40 campaigns myself and so far I haven't had any issues, except maybe Robotech, but at least I got the base game there. And yeah, I knew my 2 late campaigns would be red flags for people which is why I have been working hard to get them done and better than expected and have been posting updates to let the backers know exactly where we stand. I've always been honest and transparent with the people who back my projects, I don't lie or try to cover up or conveniently forget to mention things, I own any mistakes and let people know what's going on and how I'm fixing things. Some creators who run into problems just go dark and disappear, I don't. We had a 6+ month delay for BWG due to the caster developing really bad back issues. He's a good guy but a solo operation, but I wasn't going to just take my ball and go elsewhere, I wanted to give him time to finish. It's obvious he can't, so this is why we are switching to Valiant to finish the campaign. Blackwater Gulch , the whole game itself, has been in limbo because of this campaign, I have many new releases planned for it, but cannot release them until that campaign is fulfilled. I do have about 1/3 of the product on hand, and have been shipping what I can to some of the backers who ordered what we did get in stock. I didn't turn around and try to sell that stock online or at conventions just because I wanted the money. The Gangfight rulebook was on track to be released on time, but it would have been an inferior project. I decided to hire Taylor to rewrite the game and make it awesome, because I want it to be awesome. Nearly 1000 people backed that campaign and they deserve to have something great, not a book that was rushed out and barely tested. In the end we will have an easy, fun, and competitive skirmish game system that you can use with any miniatures you want. The original plan was to launch Runerunners right after we start shipping the Gangfight books. But as I had the downtime this winter due to the BWG delays, I was able to stay productive and get that game put together. I've been sharing my progress online and on social media building a following. So, if I choose to just sit on it and do nothing, I lose all that momentum. People will forget about it, because the internet is all about new shinies. Then I'll have to start the whole process over 4 months from now, and end up spending a lot more money advertising it to get it back on people's minds. I'm really not in this to make a buck, in fact, until GF, every campaign i have done has been in the red, yet I still delivered them and made up the difference with my own personal savings, and will continue to if necessary. Luckily, I have a good day job :)
  2. As we mentioned to you in the Kickstarter comments, both the Gangfight rulebook and the Blackwater Gulch miniatures are in production, there were unforeseen delays that we are working through. If you look back at our Kickstarter history you will see many projects fulfilled, and we don’t intend to stop now. Some of our campaigns have been late, others have been early. It’s not unheard of for many companies to have several campaigns on deck. As of right now, CMON has 5 unfulfilled, for example. The production delays we had with Blackwater Gulch gave us the time to work on Runerunners ahead of schedule, and we decided to be productive rather than sitting around waiting. At this point, Runerunners is ready to be launched, it feels like waiting for waiting’s sake is counter productive, and with each project being produced by different entities, none will interfere with each other. Blackwater Gulch is on deck to be delivered in the next couple of months, with the Gangfight rulebook coming soon after. It just feels foolish to hold off and let Runerunners collect dust for the next 3-4 months. I understand you are upset that you have to wait longer to receive the book you pledged for, but we are working as hard as we can to get it finished and in your hands, and bigger and better than we originally planned. We’re sure you will enjoy it, but as we have said before, we are happy to offer complete refunds to anyone who is unhappy in any way. If you would like a refund, please message us on Kickstarter.
  3. For now, they will just be available in the boxed game, in PVC plastic. However, if it is successful enough we may be able to offer them separately in resin at a later date, though that would be quite a while away and would only be able to happen if we can get the game funded high enough to be able to afford those extra production costs. We have plans to one day invest in a few high end 3D printers and offer a kind of print-on-demand service for all of our miniatures, in a variety of different scales ranging from 15mm to 54mm since it's just a matter of shrinking or enlarging the 3D source files. But anyway, that's something that would only be happening later on, probably next year if we can afford it.
  4. Planning to launch tomorrow, around noon EST! Here is a preview of the campaign (still tweaking some things though). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gangfightgames/480616070?ref=814265&token=27486828
  5. Runerunners, the Pulp Fantasy Jazzpunk Boardgame is coming to Kickstarter on April 30th! Runerunners is a skirmish board game set a fantasy world, but with a 1920's big city gangster era twist. Prohibition has banned the use of magic, and you are on the hunt for missing magical artifacts hidden throughout the city. The object is to collect the most loot, either by searching, stealing or defeating your enemies and making off with the goods! For more info, check out our website at https://www.skirmishgames.com/runerunners. You can also sign up for our email list to be notified as soon as the campaign is launched! Of course, i'll also come back here and update this post when the campaign is live too :)
  6. To me, the printed resin feels just like normal resin, it's not too brittle or too bendy, and the details are as good as they can be.. the mini is made directly from the 3D file on high res DLP and SLA printers (Form 2 and Solus). Little to no chance of warpage or shinkage. I'm really impressed with the results. It takes a little bit longer to produce, but resin production is already slow to begin with so it's not so bad. I think you'll like the minis a lot when you get ahold of them :)
  7. So, is this just a reprint of the game from the previous campaign? Doesn't look like there's anything new unless I missed it
  8. Last day! We are approaching the $22,000 mark .. I wonder if we'll make it to the last stretch goal? It might be a close one :)
  9. Campaign ends on Sunday! We just passed the $17,000 mark and are zeroing in on the last stretch goal for the Super Hero supplement. This campaign has gone really great, looking forward to see how it does in the last couple of days :)
  10. Yesterday we unlocked the Zombie Apocalypse stretch goal at $15,000.. Next up, Super Hero Setting Supplement at $19,000 :)
  11. Campaign just crossed the half way point, 2 weeks down, 2 weeks to go! As of right now we are just shy of our $15,000 stretch goal for the Zombie Apocalypse setting supplement. We changed things up a bit with the stretch goals. We dropped the loot cards, and instead added in a Super Hero setting supplement at $19,000. If we hit that, we are considering adding another goal for a modern/near future supplement. The loot cards will still be produced, we are going to have them be released when the book is finished, as print-on-demand decks through Wargame Vault. Hopefully later this week we'll be able to get the preview version of the sci fi setting supplement finished up :)
  12. Adding new content shouldn't take so long, for the most part all of the weapons and skills are the same in each setting. Things just get renamed for fluff. There are a few unique things though, but the core rules won't change. We'll playtest of course, but I think it's safe to say that part shouldn't take as long as if we were to make a whole new game each time. I think getting the artwork for the cards could take longer, but I think what we will probably do is add 1 more setting as a stretch goal, and keep the cards too, but we will offer them as print-on-demand cards through Wargame Vault. Also looking into doing smaller decks of maybe 20 or so cards, but with a specific theme. So fantasy games could have a potion deck, enchanted weapon deck, etc. You can mix up the decks you want for your game, or build special decks if you wanted to play a special scenario or encounter.
  13. Right now we are about 5 backers away from the next stretch goal for the Pirate setting supplement :) Things are going really well. Hopefully in the next week or so we will also be able to get the Zombie stretch goal unlocked too! We're trying to decide which settings we want to do next. Thinking about adjusting the later stretch goals to drop the loot cards and just keep adding new content and settings to the book, and then doing the loot cards as another project later on.
  14. You can use them as equipment reference cards if you like, but the way it works is when you take someone out of action or capture an objective, you get to draw a loot card as a reward. Then your character can equip and use that item for the rest of the game, and/or save it for the end of the game where the item's rarity/level will add some extra victory points to your score. Even if your gang might have taken heavy casualties and it looks like you lost, if your surviving members happened to make off with some really good loot, you might actually win the game instead :)
  15. First stretch goal down! Steampunk setting supplement will be added to the rulebook :) Next up we have the Pirate Setting Supplement at $12,000. We should be able to get that one unlocked soon. We're also going to start doing a series of update posts on the campaign page that talk about how you can use the minis from a variety of different games to build gangs. First one will be tonight, with a small starter gang using Dungeon Saga minis.
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