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  1. Mmmm. I recently accquired a copy of I6 to run, but if this is the result of releasing Strahd on a group... I'll go look for a copy of I7.
  2. Arfo's eyes flit restlessly between Notal, Ifrith, and the gem. But to anyone paying close attention they obviously rest longest on the jewel, weighing and ascribing a value in gold pieces to the stone. His intent, to those in the know, is clear. To return later and to relieve the barman of the burden that this gem represents to a simple countryside inn barkeep. where, after all, would the owner of an obscure-out-of-the-way tavern realise the potential value of such a stone.
  3. Arfo, after a gulp of his drink, leans back in his chair and says to Drall, " I ate a cow called Daisy once. It was a most agreeable meal. I don't think Daisy enjoyed the experience though. I also don't believe that she returned from the dead."
  4. Arfo watches Notal walk towards the bar and says, to no one in particular. "Practical lot these Gnomish Space Marines. Whatever they are. "
  5. "Barovia. Now that sounds like a place in need of a locksmith. Especially if there are undead parasites all over, and wealth to be... Redistributed. When do we leave?"
  6. "I will join. A strange mixture of beings such as this," Arfo looks at Notal and Ifrith, "searching for a sword. It could only be the by the will of Trithereon that I am here. "
  7. The Human looked around the group, this is turning out to be an interesting day indeed, he thought. He turns his attention to Drall, "my name is Arfo Llethre," he said. "A humble locksmith looking to find a new opportunity to ply my trade." He turns his gaze to each of the people at the table nodding a greeting to each, then he looks at the newcomer and asks, "What help do you require?"
  8. "This may be worth listening to..." The music has started, thought the human. This sounds like something that may lead to an interesting opportunity. It's time to introduce myself. He stood up and walked across the room to the increasingly large group. "Forgive me good sirs, but I couldn't help but hear that you were interested in singing. It has been many months since I last had the pleasure of good wine, good song and good company. It would be most enjoyable if I may join you in your entertainment." He looked at his cup with a sour face, "while the wine may not be that good, I su
  9. Listing to this exchange brings a knowing smile to the face of a nearby human, as if he is remebering other days, and other drunken singing sessions. He is small for a human, and his clothing trousers, shirt and cloak are all dark greys and greens which seems to make him blend into the shadowy nook in which he sits. The nearby patrons nervously check their belongings, and try to keep an eye on him at all times. They hope he is a thief, but fear that he may be worse. The fact that they have noticed him at all though means that tonight he is not working. Tonight, after all, he wouldn't want
  10. I'd like to sign up if this is still possible.
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