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  1. Took an online test this week and was first to finish with 25 or so minutes left to spare.... what does it all mean....
  2. Wow, good conversion and paintjob!!!!
  3. They might be short lived in a house with dogs or cats..... Another note, boba is turning out well. First batch didn't go well as the water wasn't boiling and the boba balls were too small. I also want to try making a better dough as this one was way too crumbly. Good way to spend time though rather than getting my eyes melted by hours of YouTube.
  4. @TheAuldGrump Hah, it took me until reading @Unruly's comment about it being a mask that I realised what it was. Funny stuff. Been doing some 40k stuff, did first sculpting in a while. Reasonably pleased with it, it's hair of a decapitated head so doesn't need to be extremely neat. Wanted to sculpt the neck today but stuff got in the way. Tried to make boba today after a pretty bad first attempt. Turned out reasonably well, need to boil it for a while. Will try to cook more and make a syrup come tomorrow to drink while I study. Also, watched To All the Boys: P.S I still love you today with some friends digitally. Not a bad movie but certain actions taken by the protagonist were well... neither the most moral nor the wisest ones. It was nice to have some friends to watch it with and take the heck out of it.
  5. Assessments for the week done! Now, the greatest challenge of them all which is trying to repair my sleep schedule. zzzz
  6. Good work, the model's looking great. I agree with Glitterwolf, some highlights and shadows would be an excellent progression and make your miniatures stand out more. The skin would lend itself well to trying it, with slabs of muscle clearly defined. Look forward to seeing more of your models!!
  7. Went to the hobby store to pick up a few things I'd need during the month's closure, and forgot to get superglue. Sigh. Not the hardest thing to get but I'd have liked to pick it up while I had the chance. Got a test today (In 22 minutes :O ) and an online Chemistry exam tomorrow, let's see how that goes.....
  8. Looking lovely! The paint choice makes the models pop.
  9. The ring of Swampheck, which when tapped thrice, summons forth a horde of swamp creatures, each with their own talent. For example, Terry Greenhop, a dragonfly, is a skilled jazz musician. He plays on Thursday and Friday nights, I hear. The swamp creatures return to the ring after a week or when they feel like it. You ask your local magically inclined frog very politely, and they will guide you to the ring's location. Maybe offering him a scone will help.
  10. Went to the FLGS before lockdown begins to get some Space Wolves stuff. Forgot to get super glue, doh. Going to make an order from Miniature Market for a hobby saw so I can repose these marines so they're not tiny compared to my Chaos guys.
  11. I tried some Hokkaido milk bread a few weeks ago, it turned out decently. Should make it again. I adore cinnamon rolls and cookies that are chewy. Mmmm.
  12. I'll have to say George Carlin. I've been enjoying the Smosh podcasts and Olivia Sui's new podcast Fish Cheeks. They're good and mature people and listening to them talk about stuff is pretty interesting and passes the time well. No, sadly, and I think it'll be many months before I can get my hands on some.
  13. Ordered an Iwata airbrush yesterday, hope it arrives soon. Will make it really convenient to get hobby stuff done. Moreover, online schooling has apparently led to some of my peers' loss of sanity, as evidenced by watching a dear friend cut her bangs on a private video chat while she was supposed to be working..... Life always surprises you. Doesn't it?
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