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  1. Did some painting today and nearly finished a Perry test figure. Pleased with him, will finish tomorrow and post it in my thread. It's very good to be back in the hobby after months of nothing. Though, the pile of unpainted miniatures is not going to be completely fun to deal with, ha.
  2. Thanks. Going to go for metallics, NMM is far beyond my skill level and would be a real pain in the butt with the amount of metal on these.
  3. Thank you! Will try to get some of the infantry painted tomorrow as they'll be easier to do by brush alone.
  4. Doing online school has been exhausting, surprisingly. Feeling odd the whole day and, lonely since I'm so used to talking with my friends. Going for a walk tomorrow to clear up my head a little rather than staying in the whole time.
  5. Hey all, Wishing you all safety and good health in these times. I've been working on some War of the Roses miniatures I've received recently and I'm having a lot of fun kitbashing them. These kits are very fun to work with and easy to get good looking models out of. I have the Mounted Men at Arms and the War of the Roses Infantry Boxes along with a Mercenary box I've got a while ago. These first are some infantry. Not particularly most interesting but they're the bread of this project. Not going to spend tons of time on them with paint but they'll get love for sure. Then, the Mounted Men at Arms. The Perrys really did well with these miniatures. You can get really dynamic and interesting models with very little effort. This rider here is the second of these I've done and I really like his pose. Looks better in real life but the photo's a bit bad as well sadly. Super dynamic, so thinking he's involved in a cavalry battle. Historically, not often the case that massive cavalry engagements occured but Bosworth was one of those cases. Could be set in one of the many skirmishes that occurred during the war. This one is the first one I've built, and very happy with him. The pose came out very energetic and implies he's a leader of his men, so going to be egging his troops on to pursue the enemy. This rider is one I'm pleased with because I thought the pose I'd given with the arm was going to look awkward, but the axe in his hand saved the model. He'll be another leader, going after some fleeing troops or going after cavalry. I know there's lots of stuff still on the models I should scrape off. I'll do that! Would love some feedback, been a while since I've posted a WiP thread in a board. (Don't have a good track record maintaining these but I think this will be better) Cheers, Badgers
  6. Hope everyone is staying safe. Singapore is quite good for the COVID 19 but I'm very worried for disabled people like my little bro. May this pass without any further loss. Read about an Italian priest, Don Giuseppe Berardelli, who gave his ventilator to a younger patient and passed away at 72 years old and Dr. Riaz, a Pakistani doctor who passed away after being in the hospital for a long time. May their noble souls rest in peace.
  7. Took some time to put together some miniatures. Will either post some up now or tomorrow depending if the photos I can take are terrible or not. These Perry plastics are a joy to work with.
  8. Just done with the first draft of a report due very soon. Been worried for last week about it and glad its over. Can do miniature stuff again (Except for that I've got school tomorrow and it's 10:07 p.m) !! woo!!
  9. Very well done! I echo the statement that if you're having fun, you're doing it well. Hope to see more of your miniatures on here.
  10. Taking a short interval now for lunch. Party made short work of the first boss, Klarg. I'm basing this off of Lost Mines with most of it being my own creation. It's been really fun!!
  11. Going to start DnD session in a few minutes. First session with minis! First time I've used minis for a tabletop game in about five years since I've started...
  12. Got a game of D&D tomorrow in the morning, so got to wake up early and leave the house not looking like a ragamuffin. Have to prepare some minis and maps before that though this evening as well as finish some work I've got pending. Fun times! On another note, to all friends here I hope the virus situation works out and that all of you are well!
  13. This afternoon, saw some bottled hand sanitiser zip tied to the stair railings and lift support beam (Definitely not phrasing that right). One high school nearby has made some home made hand sanitiser and is putting them around the community so that people can use them if they don't have access to it. I found that very kind.
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