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  1. I rarely am a vegetarian, but with Indian food it's much easier.
  2. First day of Navaratri, the nine nights before Dasami when Durga vanquished the buffalo demon Mahisha. I'm vegetarian for these days and I'm liking it! Praying for all on here to be happy, healthy, peaceful and having calm and wisdom evermore. :) @Kangaroorex Enjoy yourself! :)
  3. Looking forward to seeing more! Scraping off moldlines is an absolute pain so getting through that is good progress.
  4. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day. :)
  5. Got the new 40k Codices and the Sister of Battle model that was made to order. Now to paint them, which will be a long process.
  6. The new Necron codex is pretty fun! If you want to level out the playing field a bit, the Ork side of Saga of the Beast has some nice rules but will be invalidated once the Ork codex comes out.
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