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  1. Happy belated birthday, I hope your day was amazing!
  2. I have managed to somehow twist off one of the temples/arms of my glasses' frames. This is not a joyous occasion. I didn't know they were called arms or temples until now! I hope all of you have or have had a better start to the day than this!
  3. A LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! Very glad to hear you had a good day.
  4. Happy birthday, have a wonderful and happy day!!
  5. Buying chewing gum is banned and also that there are a lot of fines. I haven't got any, so I'd say I'm... fine. 😬
  6. I started sessions with my personal trainer and it's really fun! The gym I go to is rather far away but I don't mind since the trains are nice and I can catch up on reading.
  7. First third post on the second page of the thread! Last exam tomorrow. So looking forward to getting this over.
  8. The fluffy coffee can be quite intense but I think icecream should be just as good. Let me know if you make it with ice cream, I haven't tried it like that!
  9. I've been making dalgona coffee these past days, really easy and tastes pretty good.
  10. Hey all, I haven't used my airbrush in a while and I'd really like to use it for a lot of my miniatures. I've been avoiding it for a bit because I've been worried about the paint particles. I airbrush in an area that isn't used by others at home but it's not a separate room. I keep the windows open and turn on a standing fan so hopefully all the gunk in the air is moved out. Is this safe? I'm only airbrushing acrylics. Would I need to get a spray booth with filter? Your help would be really appreciated, hoping you all are well.
  11. Ooh, I missed writing about that.. Yep, everything is there.
  12. I'll give you a three for one deal. Dropped off some books that I had long needed to return because I misplaced one of them. It happened so that it was nearly in front of me when I was searching my book case. Got my wallet back. Finished a tough exam, didn't feel as if I did badly. It really did hurt my hand when writing though, but I'm so glad it's over.
  13. Cups of tea and dalgona style coffee, which is a cute thing to serve and doesn't take too much effort with a hand mixer. Some biscuits and some cake as well! We'll just chat, maybe watch a movie.
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