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  1. That's so nice of you! She'll remember this kindness for a good while.
  2. Not that much at all. I've been tempted by some playing cards because of art on them. Does reading tarot count? Because I barely know anything about it either hah.
  3. It's less a shelf and more a good section of the room and desk that's taken up by unfinished minis. Longest might be the Bones Orc Archer and three goblin archers along with a Stormcast Lord-Celestant.
  4. Been raining here. About 29 degrees at the hottest time of day.
  5. A wonderful person. Thank you for everything.
  6. I'd try to correct them as gently and tactfully as I could
  7. Family and friends who have either passed away or moved elsewhere. On a less serious note, my good Size 2 brush and a new Winsor and Newton brush which have both gone missing from my desk.
  8. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was amazing!!
  9. Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day!
  10. Happy birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day!!
  11. Happy birthday! I hope your day was wonderful.
  12. I don't eat fast food too often but Old Chang Kee is a local brand which has some really nice local food. I usually get their curry puffs which are a hearty snack.
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