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  1. 14 minutes ago, TGP said:

    Never understood the appeal of Gummi candies.......that there are people dumb enough to eat those things :wacko: :unsure: :upside: is dumbfounding. 




    Perhaps it appeals to the parts of our subconsciousness that still desires to eat worms and maggots like the good old days. 

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  2. Heading to bed now, been a tiring day after having a friend over for tea and a chat. Also collected the National Day Package that the Government is giving out this year, lots of nice stuff in there, like a can of chrysanthemum tea, which ended up being an empty can in a short time. Isn't that odd? 


    Can collect the Indomitus box on Saturday, and seeing the FLGS post a picture with a staff member next to about 18 boxes certainly didn't help my eagerness.


    Good night, everyone! :) 

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  3. 13 minutes ago, TGP said:

    Here is one more...


     Normally a Chaos Warrior does not ride a scaly lizard thing, so that is a bit weird, even by the standards of the setting. But this one is only half painted. The scaly beastie is only primed black. I have no idea where that patch of bronzey highlight on his nose is coming from. 


    Huh, I remember Jurassic World looking a little bit different. ::P:::P:

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