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  1. 1 hour ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    I'm afraid to report that my dad passed away last late night. Got a message in the middle of my shift yesterday that while my dad was in the hospital in the Big CityTM, he was starting to get delirious and several of my family members were driving out there. I rushed that way as soon as my shift was over and managed to see him, though they could only allow 2 people in the room due to COVID-19 policies. The entire family managed to make it there and see him, and he rested a lot more peacefully after the nurses gave him a breakthrough. Most of us went to the hotel to rest, but I only got an hour of sleep before I got the message that he passed away. We were all there to say our goodbyes, and I'm relieved that he's at peace now. It's going to be a tough week, but there are things that need to get done.


    My condolences, I'm so sorry. May he rest peacefully, and I hope you and your family the best. Sending love from Singapore. 

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  2. 43 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

    I had my second Crazy Crow moment.


    Grump told me about his first encounter, and how Crazy Crow was making a whole lot of noise.


    This time was my turn, and I gave him scritchies.

    And gave him scritchies.

    And gave him scritchies.

    And his head feathers just kept fluffing out, floofier and floofier! And his beak open in what had to be a smile.


    I would never have pictured crows and floofy together until today. And he wanted scritchies for more than half an hour!





    Sounds so cool. I adore crows. Such a plucky and clever species, I've been seeing more of them in the past months. 


    Pre ordered the big box - Last mini purchase of the year..... I'm pretty good about sticking to personal bans on buying leisure items so I'm confident I won't succumb to the hoarder impulses,

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  3. 22 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    You're definitely right about the rules bringing up the price, and you have to remember that limited edition cover books from GW usually go for $100 CAD. Definitely a great deal all around. It should also be noted that this box is advertised as a launch set, it has been stated that a starter set will be released later.


    As a starter set I think it might be a little much for completely new players to handle in terms of model count. 


    1 minute ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    The rules bring up the price because they dictate it brings up the price.  Go back a few editions and it was only $100-110 CAD to buy in, get a full size rulebook (or the small, portable one in later editions, which was handy if you were travelling but it was still the full on rules), and still get a reasonable amount of miniatures.  It wasn't near the large amounts you get now, but still usually enough for close to 500 points, give or take, or at least would only need a box added in to get you up to such.  But this is also a company where they're charging a monthly subscription fee for the army building app, and there's still no discount on digital editions of codexes even if you buy the paper one.


    I'd love to get back into the game, but they sure make it a rather expensive pursuit just to get back in, doubly so when a new edition comes out and oh hey, you have to spend several hundred more just to keep playing.


    I think you get the digital codex when you buy a paper one henceforth. I definitely agree about the prohibitive cost. As for the earlier editions, I completely agree that GW was way cheaper and should be cheaper but releases now are priced with inflations, Covid-19 impact, Brexit and whatnot in mind. Not defending the costs, it's what I think about the situation.  

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  4. 6 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Kind of surprised the Canadian site isn't showing the new box set.. But after a bit of Googling yeah no, this fox dun want that box.  Too many Space Marines, too many Necrons, and waaay too many dollars required.  If the US price is $199 USD I don't want to know the Canadian price. 


    ...Says the fox who has no issues spending $300 USD on MDF terrain nthat looks really, really nice... And requires assembly as well as painting.  But boy does it look nice. 



    And yeah, if you're trying to get members here to not fuel to desire for a boxed set, even I'd be all "go for it!" - if you're interested in the factions and whatnot, yeah, I say definitely go for it. 


    I was being a little tongue in cheek with the original post, as the mini hoarder goblins are an influential faction in my brain. In all seriousness though, when I saw the discounted price I was pretty convinced. Going to be the last mini purchase of the year though, genuinely getting sick of the unpainted hoard. 


    This box isn't great for anyone who doesn't like either faction, yeah. I think the price is being driven up greatly by the rulebook in it too.

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  5. 18 minutes ago, TGP said:



    My usual sources are mum on the prices. So how much is the price of a facial treatment in Singapore or the box price? Either way I will have a reference.

    Not that I will be purchasing either one.



    I was going to tell you, HARD PASS, too many Necron-Things….



    The usual facial treatment I go for is $200, but it's also the "most advanced salon treatment for maintaining a balanced, healthy complexion" and my skin is acne prone so there's some painful extracting involved, pretty intense.  


    The box is actually more expensive at $244 than the treatment with the 20% preorder discount at the game store but it costs $305 normally. Planning to sell that horrid skull helmet sword model so that'll bring it down a little. 


     I have a 1000 point Necron army anyway, there are never too many Necrons..... ! :;,;:

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  6. 10 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

    I just got Diva back from the vet and....


    EVERYTHING CAME BACK NORMAL!!!!!:bday::bday::bday:


    Blood tests were all excellent, all x-rays were clear and she came through the procedure safe and sound! ::D:


    Vet has prescribed some anti mucus medication to see if that can help her symptoms, but I'm just so glad that it's not you know what and that she made it through the whole ordeal. She's a bit groggy and I'm sitting with her on the floor of my bedroom until she feels a little bit more lively. I'm so, so relieved and happy. 


    Great news. Glad she's well!!

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  7. 25 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Good to hear, 

    Take good care, it's better to stay on the safe side for a while.


    I'm okay over here, we're careful, we do have friends over and such but we will watch ourselves.

    I have not gone out for dinner for a while, and eventhought it is possible now, the restrictions that come with it make me reluctant to go.

    So I'll wait for a while.


    I work at home a few days a week and a few days at the base with less crew.

    All out of precaution.


    Been hobbying more since I bought a 3D resin printer.

    Cool scifi machine that prints minis.


    How do you fill the days?




    Glad to hear you're doing good and keeping safe. 3d printer seems cool, I'll likely succumb to getting one in about half a decade when all of the cool boutique mini makers turn to selling .stl files. :lol:


    I've been studying for the next academic year, though not as much as I'd like. Watching a tad too much YouTube and the like for my liking, but I've been doing some basic career research and preparation for life changing stuff as well. Got some of the new Lumineth elves and the Space Marine Heroes Series 2 which I've been working on, though the painting side of things has slowed a little. 

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  8. 11 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Welcome back!


    How are things in Singapore?

    Any restrictions/ social distancing there?


    Singapore's pretty good! It's election time and there's a lot of political activity here and of course, lots of memes being made from the election. Lots of restrictions have been lifted, though gatherings of more than five are prohibited but I was able to have four friends over for tea the other day which was quite nice. Going to avoid a lot of social gatherings from now on though to be safe. Hope you're doing well friend. 

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