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  1. Hey all,


    Wishing you all safety and good health in these times. I've been working on some War of the Roses miniatures I've received recently and I'm having a lot of fun kitbashing them. These kits are very fun to work with and easy to get good looking models out of.


    I have the Mounted Men at Arms and the War of the Roses Infantry Boxes along with a Mercenary box I've got a while ago. These first are some infantry. Not particularly most interesting but they're the bread of this project. Not going to spend tons of time on them with paint but they'll get love for sure.




    Then, the Mounted Men at Arms. The Perrys really did well with these miniatures. You can get really dynamic and interesting models with very little effort.






    This rider here is the second of these I've done and I really like his pose. Looks better in real life but the photo's a bit bad as well sadly. Super dynamic, so thinking he's involved in a cavalry battle. Historically, not often the case that massive cavalry engagements occured but Bosworth was one of those cases. Could be set in one of the many skirmishes that occurred during the war. 


    This one is the first one I've built, and very happy with him. The pose came out very energetic and implies he's a leader of his men, so going to be egging his troops on to pursue the enemy. 






    This rider is one I'm pleased with because I thought the pose I'd given with the arm was going to look awkward, but the axe in his hand saved the model. He'll be another leader, going after some fleeing troops or going after cavalry.




    I know there's lots of stuff still on the models I should scrape off. I'll do that! Would love some feedback, been a while since I've posted a WiP thread in a board. (Don't have a good track record maintaining these but I think this will be better)


    Cheers, Badgers




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  2. Hope everyone is staying safe. Singapore is quite good for the COVID 19 but I'm very worried for disabled people like my little bro. May this pass without any further loss. 


    Read about an Italian priest, Don Giuseppe Berardelli, who gave his ventilator to a younger patient and passed away at 72 years old and Dr. Riaz, a Pakistani doctor who passed away after being in the hospital for a long time. May their noble souls rest in peace. 

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  3. Some Perry models I ordered a while ago came on Monday, assembled a few of them. Its really good to be getting back into the hobby, I've missed assembling models. Going this evening to buy a respirator for the airbrush so that I can hecking paint them. Sick of grey plastic hah.


    A friend is leaving to Japan so going to buy a little gift for her this afternoon. Always sad when a close friend moves away. ::(:


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  4. 42 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    All in all the whole virus is nothing more than a severe flu.

    Everybody panics since it's new and we have no vaccine yet.

    Your best defence against it is taking good care of yourself so you will be in a good shape.


    When we get an outbreak of the  "normal" flu approximately 2000 people die in the Netherlands alone.

    Mostly elderly and people with little resistance.

    We should take care of course, but I think most people will survive this.


    Advised to wash hands and wear masks if sick. That'll be enough for it. The government here is good about epidemics here since SARS, so there's not really much reason for fear for me. 

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  5. Sigh, very upset.


    The school trip I was going to go on to Nepal next week got cancelled due to the virus spreading. It sucks that it's cancelled. This was going to be the last one for the IB, and I was really looking forward to going and trying new things. Helping people of the village we were going to visit was also something I was looking forward to. 



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  6. 26 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

     Welcome to the top experience in gaming!


    If everyone is a new player, expect many little mistakes, even from yourself. Not finding correct rules, not properly understanding some of the rules, being overly obsessed with sticking to those rules, constantly forgetting some little detail or ability. We all went through that at one time or another. It gets better. We improve. First we adapt to the game, then the game adapts to us.


    As the game master, you have the lion's share of the work associated with the game, but you also get unique rewards to the experience. You get to stretch your creativity, your storytelling abilities, your improvisational skills, your craftsmanship (painted minis, decor), your management skills, your personal relationship skills.


    I found that being the game master is a role that makes you grow as a person.


    You see the characters grow. Your story slowly unfolds. You throw challenges at the players, asking yourself: "How are they gonna get out of this one?", sometimes by being amazed at their creativity or sheer brutality if they go all murderhobo (it's a phase for many of us). And everyone has fun doing it!


    The best long term reward is when years later the players retell the events of the game with the same fondness as any warstory. "Hey, remember when we fought [blank]. Escaped from [blank]. Tricked the [blank]. Stole the [blank]... That was EPIC!"



     I'm really looking forward to that. I'll be doing a game with friends of mine and some people I don't know, so getting to make new friends is always incredible. If the game continues beyond four weeks I'm really looking forward to putting down a bunch of minis on the table so I finally get to use them! (Need to paint them first though!) :)


    Matt Mercer has been the inspiration and also helped break down the nervousness I had after watching some of his videos and episodes of Critical Role. I know for the first time I won't be as good as a DM with years of experience but that's quite obvious. Having fun is the most important part of the game after all.

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  7. 54 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:


    Someone in the group has to do it!  You go and provide the world for your group yo play in and don't be afraid to ask any of us for help or suggestions.  One's a the first DM in my group when I was 12  and they began to explore the keep on the borderlands and the caves of chaos.  We had read about DnD but there was No one to teach us and we wanted to play.


    I'm not perfect but keep 2 rules in mind. Keep it consistent and keep it fun.  If a rule doesn't work for your group, change it but remember to keep the change.


    Carry on and have fun!


    Thank you for the advice! I'll definitely try to do both. I also have to introduce to people what DnD is, which is something I'm looking forward to. Doing it for a school project for a short session each week for four weeks, and I hope if the players have enough fun we can continue! Getting into DnD is pretty easy these days too with stuff like DnD Beyond making it easier to keep track of things. 

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