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  1. Made some fudge, though it's not quite solid yet. Rather tasty if a bit rich. I used a Youtube video by Nimo's Home as a guide if anyone's interested in the source. The Victrix Vikings arrived and I built some, they're looking really nice. Lovely sculpts.
  2. Rather excited to start my Early Middle Age historical projects. The Victrix Vikings ought to arrive soon and I hope my Firestorm Games order will ship finally, it's been waiting for the Wargames Atlantic Irish to restock.
  3. Copper is antimicrobial so it prevents mold and whatnot from developing in a wet palette.
  4. Happy birthday! Hope your day is wonderful.
  5. Happy birthday! Hope your day is wonderful.
  6. Happy birthday! Hope your day is wonderful.
  7. Happy birthday, have a wonderful day!!
  8. Happy belated birthday, I hope your day was amazing!
  9. I have managed to somehow twist off one of the temples/arms of my glasses' frames. This is not a joyous occasion. I didn't know they were called arms or temples until now! I hope all of you have or have had a better start to the day than this!
  10. A LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! Very glad to hear you had a good day.
  11. Buying chewing gum is banned and also that there are a lot of fines. I haven't got any, so I'd say I'm... fine. 😬
  12. I started sessions with my personal trainer and it's really fun! The gym I go to is rather far away but I don't mind since the trains are nice and I can catch up on reading.
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