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  1. Alright, update. This week's going to be pretty busy for me, so I won't be able to post pictures until the weekend. I have changed the plan, however, and I've decided to use some Perry minis in the project. The diorama itself will be relatively simple, with some soldiers praying and a priest preaching about some sort of war god. 




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  2. So, I had a copy of this guy sitting on my desk with a few bits painted. I decided to make a little diorama using him and some other models. The barbarian's part of a statue that will be the centerpiece of the diorama, with some townsfolk going about their business and some bored guards. It's late now, so I'll post some sketches and painted minis in the morning. 

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    Hmm, apparently I still have just over $20 store credit with Paizo. Looks like it didn't end up getting used after they rejigged things with my order.

    Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to make another order to use it... :rolleyes:


    Wow sorry man, that's tough!


    I hope you have support in this trying time.



    The struggle is real.



    We are here buddy!


    I'm even willing to take your place here man..no don't argue, I could do that..


    I can't let you take that bullet my brother!  I insist that I stand in his place for this terrible burden!



    No my friends, I must bear the terrible burden of this responsibility alone. There comes a time in every man's life when he must take on great and terrible tasks, and I shall shoulder mine with grim dignity.



    ***Wipes a tear, hugs Dai-Mongar***


    I understand brother, we will remember this!


    Let's have one more drink together then.


    To Dai-Mongar! May he recover from this purchase, and if not, he'll be in our hearts forever!!


    ***Raises  glass, drinks and shatters it against the wall***


    Now go brother! Go and do IITTTTTT!!!!



    I go now to fulfill my destiny.

    I only hope that someday my son will understand why I had to do this.


    *Strides boldly off towards the Paizo webstore, chanting the death-song of his people*



    *Waves* Have fun!

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  4. Perry miniatures have some 28mm War of the Roses and Napoleonic plastic horses. They are in the Accessories bit of the plastic ranges, and should work perfectly for your needs.

  5. On a related note, there's a rumor that ForgeWorld is being reorganized into three divisions, one of which will focus on Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Count me pleasantly gobsmacked.


    I read somewhere on Warseer that there were two new people working on LOTR. It'll be interesting to see how that works out.

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  6. Weekend time! Woo!


    Question for Jan 2nd & 3rd: For movies with major points that can be spoiled (e.g. Crying Game, Sixth Sense, Star Wars) how long after the movie comes out should you wait before it's reasonable to assume that everyone who actually gives a hoot has seen the movie and you can start just talking openly about whatever the big reveal is without worrying about spoiling it for people?


    I usually talk first and think later. I don't watch many movies though, so that's a factor.

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