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    I lost two hours today. Last saw them on YouTube near the words "Levan polka".


    Yeah, maybe I'm late to the whole party on that. I blame my kids.

    Loituma is (was?) a fun band.


    Got caught on the vocaloid version, which led to others, which became two hours. Borderline crazy right now. Has happened before, with nyan cat. Only cure for me was a three hour long binge of the song. Feeling that might have to happen again.


    Melt the brain from orbit. Only was to be sure.


    Leek Spin version? :D



    With every spin of the leek, with every incomprehensible note, my power grows stronger. The time has come.  This is my fate. I am the Lord of the Leeks, and all shall bow before my leekiness or fall!

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  2. I just found a mini I had been searching for a week for.  And it was in my paint shelf the whole time. That's what you get for procrastinating. At least I'll be able to post a WiP later in the day. 


    EDIT: And now I can't find it again. <_<


    EDIT 2: And I just found it on the windowsill. The Black Mist mini lives up to his name.

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