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  1. Got the Bones Black Mist yesterday, and the Perry archers came today, so woo!
  2. One of the things in my world is that everyone has a 'gray' morality, and the gods don't care about the world, and the gods and their enemies resolve all their conflicts with sentient dice, and sometimes these dice fall into the mortal world, and they generally become objects of worship for cults, and make nice dungeon bosses.
  3. (D) Get some new pegs and use the defective ones for projects.
  4. I remember Daniel Siskind had a set made by LEGO, it was rather nice. I like the British version better, feels more alive.
  5. I ordered some Perry English archers for a size comparison. Hopefully that works out.
  6. I prefer the Vallejo paints myself. Having never used Reaper paints, I can't say anything about them, but I find the Vallejo Game Colour works well, but some of their paints have a problem with consistency.
  7. I got a 'test' sprue of sorts of Perry English archers, for my bretonnians.
  8. Well, double post, but I did some more work on the Targaryen knight and started work on a Lannister one. I decided to strip the Baratheon mini because the yellow paint became horrible and splotchy. And sorry for the bad lighting, I had flash turned on and it messed the photos up. And I decided to paint the crests on their helmets bronze for some unity.
  9. Fireforge games has some excellent Mongols, you may want to check them out.
  10. I painted up some of those Bretonnians I mentioned in an earlier topic, to be GOT themed. I've done a Baratheon knight and a Targaryen knight, and hopefully can paint up more knights from the great houses.
  11. Current issue ones. The Knights Errant heads look quite historical, actually. Thanks! It's really helpful.
  12. Well, I ordered some Bretonnian Knights of the Realm, and wanted to make them work as knights next to some Perry miniatures. So I came here and would like some help.
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