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  1. One of the things in my world is that everyone has a 'gray' morality, and the gods don't care about the world, and the gods and their enemies resolve all their conflicts with sentient dice, and sometimes these dice fall into the mortal world, and they generally become objects of worship for cults, and make nice dungeon bosses.

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  2. Question the 29th of August: Given a Square peg & Round hole, do you:




    A) Apply increasing amounts of force until it somehow fits...B) Bring it back to the store; it was a defective peg...C) Carve on one or the other until the fit is perfect...

    D) ??

    (D) Get some new pegs and use the defective ones for projects.
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  3. Hm, both of these are fantastic, but more on the tribal monster end. I'm thinking more like buckskin and fur, and they could look very different from orcs. One thought I've had is to get some plains indians from wargames foundry and do headswaps with something slightly monstrous. Or some Mongolian warriors if I can find a 28mm source



    Fireforge games has some excellent Mongols, you may want to check them out.


    Did you order current issue KoR or some from eBay?


    If you assemble the knights in stock condition they will look like they are kitted out for a jousting tourney. Trimming things away like helmet crests will go a long way toward making them look like Frankish knights on crusade.


    Current issue ones. The Knights Errant heads look quite historical, actually.



    The G.W., as TGP mentioned, may be a bit larger than the Perry miniatures. Here's a long, scale comparison article from L.A.F. that you might find useful:




    The only other issue with the G.W. pieces is the raised shield patter in the four quarters of the horse's caparison. It should be fairly easy to sand off, but it may take a bit of your hobby time to accomplish.





    Thanks! It's really helpful.

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