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  1. An idea has come into my head.... Inspired by a joke I saw, an elephant PC for D&D. Perhaps Rogue?
  2. I've sworn off of buying new models until May when my final exams are over. I think the new Warhammer Quest and Lumineth stuff is coming out then, so the wallet is far from safe. Of course, there's the Daughters of Khaine that need to be expanded.... The wallet winces with despair!
  3. Exams are over!! Unfortunately, multiple walks to and from the exam hall in the heat gave me a cold. Better now, but hope the heat doesn't kick my butt this weekend. Hoping everyone is doing well!
  4. I read a lot as a kid. Loved it, and was known in my grade as the kid who liked to read. Reading has slowed these days, but once I get some time I'll be glad to read again.
  5. Pizza Hut has come up with a pizza with tapioca pearls, brown sugar milk tea sauce, marshmallows and mozzarella cheese. Of course, I will buy it. I will post about it in a day or two.
  6. From what's shown in the video, the spraying wasn't too messy. This seems interesting, but I already have an airbrush so this isn't something I really need to buy. More environmentally friendly products are always welcome though.
  7. New spell miniatures not very easy to assemble. Spent quite a few hours, way more than I expected, building them. The Viper's still not finished but the Bladewind Vortex is done and looks pretty nice. I think the Iron Heart of Khaine will be easier and I hope I can get some Witch Elves assembled. Interestingly enough the brown skin painting recipe in the Daughters of Khaine battletome is pretty much the same I wanted to use for my miniatures, which is a nice coincidence. Hoping everyone is well especially in these tough times.
  8. I now have: The new Battletome Daughters of Khaine and Endless Spells as well as a box of Witch Elves. Now I have enough to play 1000pt game without a Medusa or Ironscale as a general, which is exciting.
  9. Battletome: Daughters of Khaine and the Endless Spells will be ordered tomorrow. Hopefully arriving by Saturday but the shop has been getting a few late deliveries. Rules seem pretty nice. Lots of contention on certain online forums about the change but I think it'll be fun to play this army at the very least. Hope everyone is doing well. Chinese New Year long weekend is finishing so that's only slightly odious.
  10. Hey all!! Past week was quite busy, but with Monday all my assignments are done and only the big scary final exams are left. In mini related news, I've put together some Witch Elves and preparing to build my Daughters of Khaine minis for the release of the new Battletome and Endless Spells. I'm really excited but I do hope they don't make this army really terrible to play.
  11. May he rest in peace. Will miss him.
  12. New GW preview was interesting. Quite a few things I want to get, elves near top of the list. Need to get painting soon, very stressed with academics. Doubt it'll get better before final exams, which may be the very death of me.
  13. Hello everyone! Hope all are doing well, have been away for a wee bit due to real life stress. Now, back to the regular schedule of not enough sleep and WAY TOO MUCH TEA and stress.
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