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  1. Happy new year!! I raise a cup of hot tea to new prospects and send my well wishes to all!
  2. My vast pile of unpainted models - The great horror would surely impress even the klingons.
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  4. I was with family watching fireworks and performances for a live new year's celebration. Got some tea at the local Starbucks and had that, sent messages wishing my friends well and went to bed. Massive crowds last year so will likely just watch fireworks from home. Tea might still be on the menu though! Will be doing personalised new year messages a bit in advance so I can send them on time. A very determined slug.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Happy holidays to all who don't celebrate Christmas! Sending well wishes to all.
  6. I haven't. Santa should use tigers!! They're very adorable.
  7. Myself. Perhaps my friends might argue against the 'funniest' part...
  8. Merry Christmas Eve to all! I raise a cup of tea to everyone's good health.
  9. Perhaps a little cheesy, but I'm going to try and change my study habits and whatnot because a lot of my stress this year has been from academics and whatnot. It'll get worse next year so trying to be more organised and productive is the only gift I'd really want haha.
  10. I'm the wrong person to ask such a question so uh - Paper confetti! Great questions, @Glitterwolf ! Thanks for doing this month. :))
  11. I play Night Lords in 40k though most of them tend to view the Ruinous Powers with disdain, so I'm covered on the Chaos front. More pressing a threat for me than Chaos is the pile of unpainted miniatures I've accumulated - And it calls for more boxes to add to the pile, haha.
  12. Neither, actually! I got bit by the Cities of Sigmar love (or iterations thereof) I've had since the very beginning of my miniature career. Bought one Drusa Kraeth's Shadowpact, a Wood Elf Blood Bowl team, and a Freeguild General on Griffon who will be the leader of my CoS army. I'll convert the Wood Elves into Cities of Sigmar troops, or even Lumineth.
  13. Summer with a good bit of rain, which is mostly what the weather here is anyway. Woo for the climate! I've never actually been to a country which has had the conventional snowy winter or an autumn, which is why I chose pretty much the same climate as here. I have a soft spot for elves which I've had for years. They're generally aesthetically pleasing to me, which is mostly from a Warhammer view. I do like humans though as I am one, shh don't tell anyone though! And as @CaptainPete said, I'm not fond of settings where other species are just humans who all only like one thing.
  14. Happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. :) !!
  15. Age of Sigmar stuff, looking at the Drusa Kraeth's Shadowpact and some bits to assemble custom troops.
  16. @malefactus sculpts and converts many of his miniatures, but I think his log has great example of whimsical fantasy miniatures. I think the GW Gobbapalooza is pretty whimsical, albeit a wee bit terrifying.
  17. Looking good! I love this period, and chariot warfare is so fun, if a little expensive in my usual 28mm scale in both historical and fantasy.
  18. I'll say the one that's beginning now. Now I have no clue if I have made a terrible mistake, but most of my favourite musicians are making music now. If not cash, I'd prefer a GW or mini related voucher - Will be pretty useful and appreciated.
  19. Shaved my head today! Did it for a Hair for Hope initiative I started. Was reminded why I did it when I saw news that a 6th grade boy died after his PSLE (Board exams) finished this year. Saw on Instagram a young woman who need carbon ion treatment in Japan to treat her cancer in her face. Reading good @Kangaroorex's thread made me want to show solidarity in whatever way I can. I don't regret shaving my head one bit. And as an aside, @Pezler the Polychromatic was right when he said my last Warhammer purchase this year probably wouldn't be the last. Dagnabbit!!
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