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  1. Age of Sigmar stuff, looking at the Drusa Kraeth's Shadowpact and some bits to assemble custom troops.
  2. @malefactus sculpts and converts many of his miniatures, but I think his log has great example of whimsical fantasy miniatures. I think the GW Gobbapalooza is pretty whimsical, albeit a wee bit terrifying.
  3. Looking good! I love this period, and chariot warfare is so fun, if a little expensive in my usual 28mm scale in both historical and fantasy.
  4. I'll say the one that's beginning now. Now I have no clue if I have made a terrible mistake, but most of my favourite musicians are making music now. If not cash, I'd prefer a GW or mini related voucher - Will be pretty useful and appreciated.
  5. Shaved my head today! Did it for a Hair for Hope initiative I started. Was reminded why I did it when I saw news that a 6th grade boy died after his PSLE (Board exams) finished this year. Saw on Instagram a young woman who need carbon ion treatment in Japan to treat her cancer in her face. Reading good @Kangaroorex's thread made me want to show solidarity in whatever way I can. I don't regret shaving my head one bit. And as an aside, @Pezler the Polychromatic was right when he said my last Warhammer purchase this year probably wouldn't be the last. Dagnabbit!!
  6. Colour changing skin. Tattoos would be really banal and probably TMI for anyone seeing them.
  7. Keep in mind I didn't say last hobby purchase ! I need to get an Iwata cleaning kit to degunk my airbrush.
  8. Got the Shadow and Pain box, a Company Command box and a Blood Angels upgrade sprue. Last Warhammer purchase for a good long time/
  9. I prefer to do it right away, but I tend to postpone it. Get a nice house, make sure my parents and brother are set up comfortably. Other than that, I'd spend my time writing and doing creative things in the arts. A furnished house. You know what? It's magic too, it walks around on two giant human legs, contains a self replenishing supply of great food and sings well. A rightful punishment for being cheeky with the first one. A friend. I had coffee and spent some time at tuition! Pretty productive, which usually helps me feel relaxed.
  10. Hugs, being able to help others, sleep, and more hugs!! Being supported and that was really .. breathtaking.
  11. Dandelions by Ruth B makes me happy, Hurt cover by Johnny Cash makes me really really sad.
  12. I usually am quite energetic once I return home around 4pm, I just relax which entails hobby or destressing.
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