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  1. Looks good! I've been thinking of putting together a boat for a display board, but covid and academics put a halt on that plan. I don't have any suggestions about the masts, but I look forward to see progress. :)
  2. It's been a stressful week and glad tomorrow is Friday, looking forward to the probably stressful weekend but some time to recuperate is appreciated. Hope all are doing well. I haven't posted in a while.
  3. May she rest in peace. This came as a shock, she seems like a good woman.
  4. @Kuroneko I think it's a hotel, I've never seen it super close. @ManvsMini Singapore has some historic sites but you need to dig a little deep to find some, though I feel the main appeal for me is the cleanliness and order in the city as well as the really interesting local spirit and culture. @Corsair Good to hear about the new stuff! @WhiteWulfe Sending my sympathy.
  5. Have a great birthday! Enjoy yourself.
  6. Happy birthday! Have a lovely day! :)
  7. Love the pictures, @Kuroneko. Thanks for sharing, brigtened my day.
  8. I really like teh tarik and teh c peng, though without peng is better, I prefer not to drink hot drinks here.
  9. Have you tried masala chai? I've found that it has the intensity of flavour that makes me like it better than many other teas.
  10. The tendrils of Starbucks reach far and wide! Singapore's local kopi is pretty good, but I prefer the tea.
  11. No coffee machine here, and not too fond of instant coffee but I do enjoy a cup of fresh tea.
  12. Sounds unpleasant, most bugs here leave us alone. Not the mosquitoes though!! Got a few bites from yesterday.
  13. I like bottled coffee, there's a bunch in the fridge but I think it's going sour.....
  14. Adore the wild, yesterday was a reminder that human civilisation exists alongside the beautiful and dangerous natural world. Your garden sounds great! I'm not in the wasp hatred faction though I understand why it exists, saw a beautiful one with metallic blue wings yesterday (Could have been a Scolia dubia). A less wholesome fact about butterflies is that there's a species native to Malaya which has as a slur for a common name, that gave me a nasty shock when I was looking at a list of different Singapore butterflies.
  15. Super late, but happy birthday! Hope you had a great day. :)
  16. Spent 6 hours yesterday looking at butterflies and flowers at a park for a lab report, which was great but the heat and humidity were awful. Did see a few cool bugs, lizards and birds like a waterhen that came pretty close to me, that was cute. I adore butterflies though so it was nice to see them.
  17. Been away for a while, hoping you have all been well. Is a Hindu holy day today so hoping and wishing that everyone has peace, happiness and prosperity. :)
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