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  1. I would just consider hiring tiny little people with tiny little shovels to help. #zoolander
  2. Yes! Im guessing this is likely why it is being used. Highlighting and pseudo wet blending. Sounds like I should give it a try
  3. I bet you could but the way I understand it is that the actual material used to "suspend" the pigment is important to be consistent. I know it's all water-based but it seems like you would just remove the benefit of the quality of the material. I found out that the heavy body stuff is also supposed to have a heavier density of the pigment so even less is required to get a strong finish. The way I saw it used is to just grab a tiny, tiny little dab on the end of the brush for a highlight, then blend in with whatever your second color is. Never just painted on by itself
  4. Yes! Im guessing this is likely why it is being used. Highlighting and pseudo wet blending. Sounds like I should give it a try
  5. While watching the painting Buddha series the painter mentioned using a heavy base titanium white paint from Germany from a company called Schmencke. Curious if anyone in the community has much experience with heavy base paints and if they are only using it in the same manner as the painter. For highlights and mixing with the model color or msp type paints.
  6. Just for cost comparison, I went to the local art store yesterday and found that W&N series 7 run about 30% more than DaVinci Maestro 10 brushes. While there though, I did find out that there will be a sale in October in which the entire store will be 25% off... I also ended up with a new DaVinci size 0. (I just had to, it looked so lonely since it was the last one they had) :)
  7. Yes! Next time, come join in! Everyone is friendly! So you just all introduce yourselves as your online profile? I can totally see a jersey made up with ALAKAI sewn Painted across the upper back
  8. I have used Testors Dullcote and absolutely love it. It's cheap, available at Michaels and craft stores, dries quickly and protects my models from handling (I use for tabletop D&D).
  9. I was considering backing them on Patreon as well. Other than the obvious benefit to support a channel I am starting to love, what other incentives come with it? I heard another perk is that they post a .pdf of the colors they used. Additionally, they have what looks like kits with DVDs in it, has anyone tried these?
  10. https://ks.reapermini.com/bones3 Does this mean that those of us who missed the Kickstarter can now pay more and get the same packages?
  11. I am a work in process, not my figures... Someday I hope to make it look as easy as a buddha!
  12. Well, it's a long ways away hopefully I will be painting away.
  13. I personally would like to see more general guards with a variety of weapons for RPG play. Cultists as well. Like the same types of cultists with again, a variety of weapons. One with bow, one with sword, one casting, etc...
  14. Okay so who can explain to the newb what Reapercon is? Many of you seem to know one another what about for someone who doesn't know anyone. Worth going?
  15. In which universe is that an unpopular opinion? Welcome to the forums, BTW. The universe populated by little weasels that are about to get their tails turned into paint brushes. This has the be the funniest thing I have read on these forums thus far
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