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  1. Hello, Question from a beginning painter, How do I paint skin? I started with the fair skin triad, and used this method 1) Prime white 2) Basecoat with fair skin 3) wash/shade with fair skin shadow 4) highlight with fair skin highlights But so far im having poor results. Can anyone share their secrets?
  2. That tells me everything I need, Thanks!
  3. Hello, My recent holiday order came with an advertisement for a new paint series, the MSP bones line of paints. Is this just a new line of colors, or a specialized paint for just bones? Does this work as well for metal miniatures? Thanks
  4. One of my Holiday orders came in, where i decided to get my first few metal models. One of the models came with a very very bent sword, I know that for bones models you can use heat to bend it back into shape. Are there any similar ways to fix bent metal models?
  5. Hi, I was browsing the figure finder and i found several sophies that I really want to paint. However they are out of production, After doing some digging, I noticed that they were given away as a promotion during the 12 days of reaper event last winter. My question is, is there a list of reaper events/promotions that i could look out for to acquire these rare minis? Thanks
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