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  1. Admittedly, it is basically finished. Originally I wanted a clean look, but the contrast between the coppery and silvery was too strong, and I did not like ti so clean, so I added rust/verdigris. Then I tried to fix the eyes and other details and screwed up, so now I have to fix it.
  2. And Bowser is how we call him indeed. =P I just need to find a good-sized Kart to put it in now.
  3. HAHAHAHAH I don't like it either, that, and the fact it has some similarities with Khanjira, is why I chose it to test what I had in mind for the big one. And thanks everyone, but I am not really new to the forum. I once posted a wyrmgear too (it is the red winged one on the shop site), but I don't know what happened to my old account... (Maybe I got the forums confused and had posted somewhere else?)
  4. 14493: Reptus Dragon Turtle Just finished painting the Dragon Turtle as a training/testing for Khanjira.
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