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  1. I backed the Bones 5 kickstarter and was informed that my wave (8) will be shipped out sometime in April. Do I have an option when it comes to how it will be shipped to me? I am having difficulty with mail at the moment. My monthly Reaper mini order was stolen last November and I have been wary about receiving packages at my address since. If the kickstarter package can be delivered via UPS, I can have it held at a contact point. If not, I'll have to put in a Hold Mail request to my local USPS, get a PO box or hope that I'm home when the package arrives. I live in an apartment building with no security and no one I can trust to leave my packages with. I have considered getting my mail delivered to my workplace, but would rather not get them involved. Anyone else have any problems receiving their mail and what kind of solutions can you offer.
  2. Can Sir Bobby Jackson be persuaded to sculpt more of those wonderful dark dwarves?
  3. Thank you Derek for the information and I'm sorry I didn't see your post sooner. He's an interesting sculpt and I found him a challenge to paint, but I'm quite happy with the result.
  4. I'd like to see a resculpt of 02988 Female Duergar Cleric and golem, to be more on par with Bobby Jackson's recent dark dwarves. Redo the iron golem, make it bigger and more menacing.
  5. Non-human player characters or NPC adventurers: goblins, hobgoblins, half-ogres, kobolds, etc.
  6. Hey folks, I was browsing the Reaper miniatures at one of my local game stores recently and something caught my eye. The price tags that the store put on were significantly higher than in the Reaper webstore; $1 more here, $2 more there. Some were even double the regular cost. Is this normal?
  7. I discovered Frostgrave about a year ago. I thought, "Oh! What fun! now I can actually have a use for all those painted miniatures on my shelves." Unfortunately, no one in my area plays, as far as I know. I'd like to get some inspiration and see what miniatures from Reaper people have chosen for their warbands. The official Frostgrave range really doesn't cut it for me.
  8. I came across these two as I was browsing. They're the same character: NANURANIDD, DARK ELF SORCERER. They're both very interesting sculpts with alot of character; one relaxed, the other casting a spell, one with his staff in the right hand, the other his left. Is there a backstory behind him? What's with the broken shackle on his ankle?
  9. After watching Reaper Live recently, I'm interested to know more about the Dreadmere battle. The miniatures look cool and I'm hoping for a battle report, a list of miniatures used and the results. Thanks
  10. Player characters in stages of progression, maybe sold as a set of 3 or 4 miniatures. Each miniature is the same character, but each one represents an advanced stage in their adventuring career.
  11. Many other miniature companies, it seems, are phasing out metal if they haven't done so completely already. Sad, really. It's very satisfying to hold a metal miniature, to feel the weight in your hand as you paint it. I don't mind paying a higher price for metal, as long as I am happy with the model overall.
  12. As the title asks, is it Reaper's intention to phase out metal completely?
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