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  1. It says “updated often” but it hasn’t been updated in months. Are there no new releases planned after April 2022?
  2. One of the biggest problems I have with a color drop is I make up my own triads. For example, my Chestnut Gold triad consist of that color, Tanned Leather, and Amber Gold. So with Chestnut Gold discontinued, I have to come up with a completely new triad, which is more difficult than it sounds. At least, for an idiot like me. As was helpfully mentioned, there are some colors that come close to Chestnut Gold, but they are too far away for me to simply slot them into my existing ad hoc triad. I understand the need to keep inventory SKU’s to a manageable level; I really do. But Reaper, please just be a bit more customer conscious and give us a month or so to stock up on colors that will be discontinued. That’s all I’m asking. To spring surprises like this just causes unnecessary angst.
  3. Thank you Gadgetman. There is more than one lesson to be learned here. Just this week, I recommended Reaper on two miniatures boards. One person asked about painting palomino horses, and I suggested using the (now unavailable) Reaper triad that included Chestnut Gold. Another asked about painting ACW Union troops, and I recommended the Worn Navy/Soft Blue/Heather Blue triad. A bit ironic, isn’t it? I won’t be making any future recommendations with regards to Reaper paint. I like Reaper Paint, and will continue to use it, but I am not a happy camper.
  4. Like Chestnut Gold (one of my go-to colors) and Khaki Shadow? Or was it announced and I just missed it? I would have stocked up had I known. Aw, nuts.... Worn Navy and Soft Blue, too? Come on, Reaper!!
  5. ReaperBryan; I noticed a number of colors in the swatches that aren't shown on the website (Copper Verdigris, Tarnished Copper, New Copper, Rach Red, etc.). Are these paints available for order? Also, any ETA when the Bonz HD Paints will be available? Many thanks; EB47
  6. I order approximately $100 in Reaper paints each month. The last two times I have ordered, the paints appear to have been tossed into a box, and several of the bottles in each order had lost their caps. Many more were loose. Thankfully, the tips were sealed so there were no spills, but it's a bit concerning. My orders are received promptly - no problems there at all - but the packing seems careless. Has anybody else had this problem?
  7. Folks, you paint miniatures. Tiny miniatures. You have steady hands. You really do. Open a pot of paint. Plop in several drops of flow improver, several drops of distilled water, stir to the preferred consistency (this is the key) and then tip the contents of the pot into the dropper bottle. Easy peasy. Just trust those steady hands.
  8. Sir Dibblet, our UK friends call this funk, "a visit from the black dog." I think we all get it from time to time. Everybody seems to have a different way of sending it packing, and what works for me probably won't work for you. To me, painting is a form of meditation; a way to concentrate fully on this one thing, and tune out the world. The simple act of painting is the destination, and not the journey if that makes any sense at all. For you, it may be exercise, a good book, or maybe something as simple as painting something different. So hang in there Pal. You're not alone in this, and the black dog will run away soon. It always does.
  9. Thank you all very much. This is wonderful information. So, MissMelons, when will we mere mortals be allowed access to Dragon Black?
  10. What are the differences between Reaper's various black paints? Pure Black, Nightmare Black, R.A.M. Black, Solid Black, and Noir Black? Opaqueness? Consistency? Actual color? Are some more of a dark gray rather than a true black (notwithstanding the presence of light)? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. The tax refund goes into the house renovation, but the "must haves" for the remainder of the year will be: The full set of the new Reaper Bones HD Paint when they become available. I don't have a lead mountain; I have an acrylic mountain; Another round of the Vallejo "Game Air" metallics, which I very much like; Several more W/N Series 7 brushes when I can catch them on sale; and A good, focused LED lamp. At my age, no Optivisor/no good light source = no painting. (I have a focused light I can mount on my Optivisor, but unfortunately you either have to keep adjusting it to illuminate the are in which you are working, or hold hold your head at odd angles.) Definitely a + 1 on Micro Mart being hobby porn. I'm starting to view those catalogs in my mailbox as coiled rattlesnakes. But it's a great source for such things files, pin vices and drill bits, small saw blades you can substitute for a #11 hobby knife blade, and those wonderful little tools that allow you to place superglue exactly where you want it (plus about a 1,000 more goodies).
  12. I've always received excellent customer service from Reaper. I order paints on Friday and receive them the following Tuesday. Just FYI, I'm in Kentucky.
  13. Consider buying "The Color of Horses" from Amazon. The book consists of full color paintings, and is a primary source used by breeders here in the Bluegrass. Inexpensive and highly recommended.
  14. Okay, got the paint. Added an agitator (always get the mental image of a little bitty guy holding a protest sign). Shook the bottle. Shook the bottle some more. And some more. Shook the dickens out of the bottle. Uttered a string of profanity that the Merchant Marine would envy. Shook the bottle again.....and still get medium with a bit of pigment tossed in. Now my arm is too blasted tired to paint. So what am I doing wrong besides not shaking it enough?
  15. Does anybody know when the Bones HD paint line will be released? The last time I spoke with Customer Service at Reaper, the reply was, "Sometime in 2016."
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