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  1. It's here: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/sku-down/77390
  2. Yeah, I noticed that, too. I'm going to go back over it with a matte varnish. I guess I missed some spots. Thanks. :)
  3. From one of my Friday Pathfinder games, I present Ojar. He is our cavalier, and has several children with the queen, but we refuse to call him "king" on account of how terrible a leader he has proven himself to be. He is mounted upon his noble elk steed Ozmataz and wields his legendary falchion Buckshank. He flies the flag of our kingdom Arcadia, which we have built up over the past few irl years using Kingdom building and Downtime rules. The colors and designs are by the player's request, except for the red horse armor, which I painted red because the original metallic made it all look washed out. I tried to use static grass, but I haven't figured out how to make it not look awful. This took entirely too long to finish, but life happens. Comments and criticism requested. This is a conversion piece. The horse is from Lord Vandrian (14186) with the antlers from Beastmen of the Wyld (02900). The body is the Pathfinder Iconic cavalier (60045), and the falchion is from a weapon pack, but I don't remember which because I just have a pile of weapons. On a somewhat related note, do any of you have a good way of transporting larger minis like this? It doesn't fit in my small Chessex foam-lined box, so I've been carrying it in a cardboard box with bubble wrap. I have several larger minis I regularly use in my tabletop games and would like a better solution. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thank goodness for having two months. Life is finally settling down and I finally have a chance to paint.
  5. I'm in for the painted minis, but I can throw my preferences up here based on what I've seen other people post. I have no allergies, but I can't stand pineapple and pineapple-flavored foods. Chocolates and gummy candies are great, and generally soft snacks are better than hard ones. Hot chocolate is always welcome. I do drink tea, but not coffee.
  6. Is it bad if I don't want food-type things and just want to exchange minis? Does that make me some kind of Grinch figure?
  7. Quite a few people don't seem to like the color scheme, but I like it. I also think it's well-executed. I love how the blue/white complements it, as well as the freehand cherry branches. Lots of depth, and each part is discrete. I do think that on some of them there is a bit too much pink that isn't balanced out by other colors, but based on the models I understand why. Well done! I hope your client appreciates them!
  8. I sent in a PM. Hopefully I did it right. This'll be my first exchange. Do these have to be themed or is there anything special for it being a Secret Sophie thing?
  9. Very nice. I love the transitions, and how following from the tail forward gets you a nice smooth gradient that ends in terrifying teeth. And maybe this guy lives in someplace like Fuyun Multi-colored Bay in Hotan, Xinjiang :D
  10. Nicely done. This very effectively shows the difference between where my painting skill is now (right) and where I want it to be (left). All those skills that make the new one stand out are the things I'm trying to figure out now.
  11. Nice job. Would that I could be so grossly incandescent.
  12. Thank you all. Your kind words helped to reassure her that her effort wasn't bad at all. She was very hard on herself for her "sloppiness" caused by her shakiness, but I assured her that it was something we all deal with, and her first attempt was far better than my own. When I told her BLZeebub's suggestion of using the shakiness to her advantage, she admitted that she had started to figure that out by the end.
  13. I took a trip out to visit a friend while she's in the States. One night we sat down and painted some Imperial Assault miniatures. She loves Star Wars, so I introduced her to the hobby. She was pretty discouraged because her hands were shaky, but I thought it was a great start, and I'd like to share them with you.
  14. I really like how this turned out. Especially the shield. Can you describe what you did to get that effect?
  15. I agree with them. That leather is fantastic. I don't know how to do leather like that. Can you describe how you did it? I love that mini, too, but the dagger on mine snapped off and it's so small that I don't know how to securely replace it... Ah well. I think a cobblestone base would look really cool and thematic for him, but I get that basing can be hard. I'm still working on that myself. Overall I think you did a great job on him! I like the backstory, too. I'm a sucker for backstories.
  16. Thanks! I will try the deep shadows and brilliant highlights (reference anyone?) thanks for the advice! I've got 8 more goblins to play around with so I'll give them a shot! I generally leave HIM out of my painting discussions... I second (or third, or whatever) the highlights. The minis are very cleanly painted, so having more highlights will really make the minis pop and give them lots of character. The basing is nice, too. Having (relatively) longer grass and sand really makes the goblins seem like small creatures. Keep it up! I'd love to see more of what you paint!
  17. Hey, I know I'm late to the party, but since I've started posting in the forums I figured I might as well go all in. Better late than never, no? My goals this month are to finish miniatures for my Kingmaker Pathfinder group. -Fallon, aka Jimli, dwarf sorcerer - Finished this month -(Shifty) Chan, kitsune rogue - Finished this month -Ojar, cavalier and consort to the queen - Mini is still in the mail -Ojar, mounted on his elk - Assembled and nearly ready to paint -Griffon, our ex-bear, mythically-lycanthropic weretiger griffon - Primed and ready to paint -Dr. Danys, physician and inquisitor of Sarenrae (my char) - Painted, but I want to swap out shield for Sarenrae shield (in mail) -Our new alchemist, whose name eludes me - Mini is in the mail -Soporah, samsaran druid - Previously painted -Iskanderun, wizard, and Issa, ranger were made by someone else. Optional goals: -Amrunlara, elf-turned-drow, kingdom spymaster, and love interest of Danys - Ready to paint -Karin Volkos, cleric cohort of Danys - Pin the tiny sword blade and paint -Danys Medical Security Forces - purchased and ready to set up in the event of a siege against our kingdom -Mae, samurai mother whose children have been stolen by drow fleshwarpers - Ready to paint if player comes back It's probably a lot, but I'm really feeling painting right now, so I'm going with it. I'm also facilitating or running several events at our local game stores to provide an introduction for beginners and an excuse for experienced painters to get their butts to a table to start painting. We've had decent turn out, and I've gotten to revisit a lot of the basics.
  18. I'm not convinced you didn't use real leather and ivory... Fantastic work!
  19. Wow, I love this. Especially the face. The teeth, the shadows on the face, the stubble... I agree with vegascat that he's got tons of character. Nice job!
  20. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and encouragement. <3 Here is one of the Pathfinder adventuring parties I've made minis for. These minis have been put together and painted as needed over the past couple years, so my painting skills have changed quite a bit. They have also seen regular use on the tabletop. Most of the minis I've done are heavily modified to fit the specific idiosyncrasies of the character they're representing. There's lots of pics, which are in an imgur album here: https://imgur.com/a/C1v5U I am trying out new tricks for photographing minis, and while it's far from perfect, it's a lot better than what I have been getting. Thanks to @Guindyloo for pointing me in the right direction on that. I don't have a lightbox built yet, as evidenced by the edges of the paper in some pics. Sorry about that. C&C welcome. Here are the highlights: This is our party as we usually run Aether Fromm, good sorceress gone bad (cobbled together from four different Reaper minis, I think) Vald the Skald, whose mighty voice can be heard across all of Golarion. It's mostly songs about mead. (Commissioned, Reaper Mini 03309) Aramis del'Rothir, disenfranchised swashbuckling noble (Reaper Mini 50054 body with 02775 head) Brennan, ancient reincarnated druid (Reaper Mini 02915, modified) Brennan's standard wild shape form, huge air elemental with gorilla arms (WizKids Thunderblast Cyclone with 03052 Ape Lord arms). The paint job is unfinished, but I'm including it for completion's sake and because it's fun. Gaius Falkner, technically still a paladin (Reaper Mini 02883, modified) Xkylino, or Butts McStickface, wyrwood wizard (Reaper Mini P60147B, modified). Pulling this out, I see how badly this mini has weathered. Ah well, same can be said for the character :P Rathian, half-elf ranger and Chosen of Acavna (Reaper Mini 03652, modified) Rathian when forced to cover herself in public (Reaper Mini 03469, modified) Definitely showing wear. Hue Mann, warrior, deceased. His body remains animated by Aether's magicks and a bound spirit of some kind. (Reaper Mini 03048, modified)
  21. This is my first time posting on the forums, but I've been lurking and admiring the talent and the friendly C&C. I've been painting for a bit, but I'm nowhere near the skill I'd like to be yet, and any advice is welcome. I paint minis for my fellow party members in my Pathfinder games, and this is my most recent. I'm sorry for the low-quality photos, but all I've got right now is my iPhone. This character's player described him as having black hair, green eyes, tan skin, and brown everything else. I like this mini so much, though, that I didn't want to have it look like poop, so I took a lot of time to try to make sure that each brown thing was distinct and interesting. I think I did alright. Without further ado, here is Jimli, newly-dwarven sorcerer.
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