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  1. looks good! My next mini is an origen one, and even putting it together has been a chore, as there are quite a few places where the bits don't match up too well so need filling... and on something with such tiny details as origen, that has been prooving tricky.
  2. So I finally got around to painting my first bones mini! Decided I'd get this guy and paint him up like a battered old warforged, as I just love those tin cans. Can't say the material was much different than metal to paint after I primed him, just the weird sensation of him weighing nothing in my hand. His paint turned out a bit bluer than I'd envisioned, I wanted a hint more green in there for a more turquoise look, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Also my first time trying some OSL, I think I could have gone brighter on the shade, and slightly thinner in places (I was using around a 10
  3. after reading your blog, yeah ceramite white is thick as tar from the pot, I threw a whole load of thinning medium in the pot to make it more useable, as ain't nobody needs it that thick.
  4. Looking good, face and beard are great. With the cloak try and go for smoother transitions from light to dark, blend the paints a bit more and get some transitional layers in there, I wouldn't dry brush an area that's as large and textureless as a cloak personally. At least that's how I'd do it (not that I have much experience either XD).
  5. Hello again! Another mini for you all today. I actually painted this guy up a week ago, but never got around to taking some photos, and have since moved on to another project. This guy was somewhat of a rush job, as my girlfriend's wizard had an unfortunate run in with the business end of an ogre's falchion, and lets just say his head and body had a "parting of ways". So she decided to roll up an good old fashioned elven ranger for the next week. So we had to pick out a new mini, order him, prep, base and paint him up in a week. Not the paint scheme I'd have gone with for this mini personally,
  6. Thanks! I've actually got a bones mini that I'm working on at the moment, aside from reshaping with some boiling water and more mold line cleaning that I've done, I haven't found it that tricky to work with so far. Other than it feels so much lighter than metal minis I'd gotten used to, unnaturally so... Also thats a pretty gnarly miscast there, I had a similar one on a dwarf barbarian I recently painted, so bad I also had to turn it into a scar/wound
  7. So I recently got my first bones figure, I thought I'd try and get used to the material before Bones 3 arrives next year. I know generally people don't prime bones as it doesn't need it, or use the reaper brown liner to prime with. I was going to use some of the brown liner for an initial coat, but apparently getting hold of any reaper paints here in the UK is a massive pain, I eventually found 1 online distributor in the whole country that sells them, the alternative of importing them is really pricey. So I decided I'd have a test with my old faithful Wilko own brand Primer Spray (This stuff:
  8. Not painted many mini's but so far I pin the mini and superglue the pins to a cheap plastic base, then blu-tack (the blue name brand type, the white stuff dries out) said base to the top of a glass prescription bottle with some water inside to give the whole system some inertia, I find I like that. Once the mini is done I cut away/break off the base and transplant the mini onto it's final base which i paint separately. Haven't done anything large so far though
  9. If you're stuck with citadel paints like I am, (I could order from amazon but there is a GW just around the corner so eh...) Try their new gold paints, Retributor Armor and Liberator Gold. Retributor is quite a bit less vibrant, than auric armor, and a more brownish gold. Liberator is a silvery gold color. They both seem to have a lot more pigment in them than GW's older golds and stick really well in 1 coat, even thinned. Retributor in particular covers really well, and I love the color.
  10. fantastic piece, the scale work is brilliant, they really pop. A well deserved 1st place! Congratulations
  11. Back with my second mini! This guy is the dwarf berserker lord / slayer from the Avatars of War line. It was only after I'd primed him that I realized what poor quality the casting seemed compared to my previous mini, I filled in where I could with GS, but unfortunately nearly half of his face was missing... But rather than try and sculpt him a new left eye and cheek, I took the lazy way out and made it a feature. I tried a lot of new things on this mini, blood, snow, aged bronze/brass, and was my first time painting so much skin and hair. I'm not totally happy with how he came out, overall h
  12. I do love me some kobolds, and this guys shades really make him. Great job painting him, I'm probably going to end up buying one of these fellas now ;)
  13. Thank you all very much! I had real trouble with the fire on the sword, kept looking too yellow, or too uniform, sorry, but what is OSL? As I mentioned in my post, before this I have painted maybe 5 or 6 of a friends space marines when I was in my early teens. Other than that, I own a few assorted minis for d&d, but never painted them, this is the first of my own I've painted.
  14. First time posting here, but not technically my first mini, I think i threw some paint on half a dozen space marines about 12 years ago, not touched a brush since then. Decided to get back into the hobby with the most recent bones kickstarter, as we play alot of D&D, and thought I'd best have a practice before then. So here is my paladin of St Cuthbert for a friends D&D shackled city campaign, and given the volcanic, dungeon-crawly setting, I wanted to try and go for a darker look for the mini, rather than traditional blingy shining look. I didn't feel confident with my skill tryin
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