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  1. I've been making slow progress on these minis, and finally got around to taking photos of a few more: Rocco and Rose, two of the player heroes: The abominations and controller of Greed: The huge Greed Avata - very enjoyable to paint, but too many teeth :-) Hero Karl, in both his human and wolf forms. (I'm really happy with these - probably my favourite skin/face details I've ever painted.) The slow progress continues!
  2. Next one completed - the enormous Avatar of Pride! Lots to enjoy in painting this one - amazing details and texture in the mini, so it's hard to go wrong. Particularly happy with the transitions between the green and flesh-coloured parts of the body.
  3. Well, I can tell you it's going to take me muuuuuuuch longer than a few weeks to get these done, at the rate I'm going so far. I'm certainly spending more time than is really necessary for play - I'm seeing these more as a way to learn new skills than as something I need to get done for it to be used in the game! Who knows if I'll ever actually finish the process, but I'm learning heaps... But thank you for the kind comments.
  4. I've embarked on painting the miniatures from the boardgame "The Others" (subtitled "7 Sins" in the Kickstarter), which has been getting delivered in recent months. For anyone who hasn't heard of it, it's a mid-apocalyptic scenario of heroes with unusual powers fighting against tentacled Cthulhu-like horrors that are the embodiment of the seven deadly sins. I mainly bought it because the tentacled enemies were amazing - but it turns out it's a pretty good game as well. I got the basic pledge, which has something like 110 miniatures in it, which means that what I've posted below is the tip
  5. Yep, my (old) unpainted minis basically consist of the rest of the Planescape and Castles Forlorn boxes. Before that, I'd painted the Ravenloft, Dragonlance and Mordenheim boxes, and many of the individual Ravenloft blister packs. Since then, I've picked up the Ravenloft boardgame, and I managed to get the Bones 2 core set on eBay - so now I've got bucketloads of choices. Many thanks for the all of the support and suggestions - I look forward to sharing more in the future. Stu
  6. Hi everyone, I've been lurking over recent weeks on these forums, after hearing about the Bones 3 kickstarter reignited my interest in painting miniatures. I did a bit of miniature painting about 15-20 years ago, largely for D&D games (painting Ral Partha figures), and still have a pile of leftover unpainted figures. So after I came across the Reaper Learn To Paint Kit, I decided to dive back in and have a go. I've now finished the three LTPK figures, and done a few of my old Ral Partha items. Learning to paint is sooooooo much better these days, having access to all of the discuss
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